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Families covered: Stephens of Eastington, Stephens of Over Lypiatt (Lipiate), Stephens of Sodbury

Henry Stephens of Frocester, Gloucestershire (d before 06.03.1552)
m. _ Lugg (d 1552, dau/coheir of Edward Lugg of Herefordshire)
1. Edward Stephens of Eastington, Gloucestershire (b c1523, d 22.10.1587)
  Whilst Betham, BEB1841 & BLG1886 all suggest that Edward bought Eastington, VCH (Gloucestershire, vol 10, 'Eastington: Manors and other estates') reports that he succeeded his brother Richard who bought "the chief house and site of Eastington manor" from the Stafford family.
  m. Jane Fowler (b c1524, d 08.1587, dau of Richard Fowler of Stonehouse)
A. Richard Stephens of Eastington (bur 24.12.1599)
  m(1). Margaret St. Loe (bur 08.03.1591, dau of Edward St. Loe of Knighton)
  i. Nathaniel Stephens of London & Eastington (b 19.05.1589, d 22.05.1660, MP, 2nd son)
  Some details on Nathaniel come from HoP ('Nathaniel Stephens'). The information on the continuation of Eastington in the family comes from VCH (reference as above).
  m. (by 1617) Catherine Beale (dau of Robert Beale of Barnes, Clerk of the Council)
a. Richard Stephens of Eastington (d1678-9, 2nd son)
  m. (1654) Anne Cholmley (bur 12.11.1712, dau of Sir Hugh Cholmley, 1st Bart of Whitby) mother of Anne, presumed also of ...
  (1) Nathaniel Stephens of Eastington (d 1732)
  m. Elizabeth Pemberton (d c1742, dau of Sir Francis Pemberton, Chief Justice)
  (A) Richard Stephens of Eastington (d unm 1771)
  (B) Nathaniel Stephens, later of Eastington (dsp 1776)
  m. Mary
  (D) Henry Stephens, later of Eastington (dsp bur 25.02.1795, 4th son)
  m. Anne Huntly (bpt 09.1718, d 1801, dau of Richard Huntley of Bixwell)
  (E) Nathaniel Stephens, later of Eastington (d 1776)
(E)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (d unm 1777, rector of Eastington), Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary, Frances
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Willis
  (A) Henry Willis, later Stephens of Eastington (a 1806, dspms?)
  (3) Anne Stephens (b c1662, d 12.07.1722) probably of this generation
  m. (c02.1684/5) Sir Charles Pye of Hone & Clifton Camvile, 2nd Bart (b c1661, d 12.02.1720/1)
  (4) Elizabeth Stephens probably of this generation
  m. John Packer of Shellingford (b 1656-7, d 1687)
  b . Margaret Stephens (a 1658) 
m. (07.08.1638) Sir John Fitzjames of Luton
  c . Catherine Stephens (bpt 05.03.1618)
  m. Thomas Bromfield of London (alderman)
  d . Sarah Stephens (bpt 15.01.1625)
  m. John Stawell of Bovey Tracey
  e . Hannah Stephens (bpt 11.04.1626)
  m. (20.04.1654) Peregrine Palmer of Fairfield
  f. Abigail Stephens (bpt 25.09.1628)
  m. Sir Edward Harley of Brampton Brian
  g.+ other issue (a 1623) - Henry (b c1617, dvp unm), Robert (bpt 25.07.1622, d unm 04.11.1675, Serjeant-at-law), Nathaniel (d 1628), Edith (b 1617-8, d 08.09.1632)
ii. Hester Stephens
  m. _ Warburton
  iii. Abigail Stephens
  m. William Hill of London
  iv. Sara Stephens
  m. John Gyles of London
  v.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 26.011.1587, bur 26.07.1590), Johanna (bpt 30.06.1583)
B. James Stephens of Eastington (d 19.02/10.1590) had issue
  m. Catherine Browning (dau of Richard Browning of Coley) ## see here ##
  C. Thomas (or John) Stephens of Over Lipiate, Gloucestershire (b 1557-8, d 26.04.1613, Attorney General) shown by Visitation as 2nd son
  Named Thomas by Betham, BEB1841, Visitation & HoP but John by BLG1886.
  m. Elizabeth Stone (dau/(co)heir of John Stone of Over Lipiate)
  i. Edward Stephens of Little Sodbury, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b 23.04.1597, d c1661, MP)
  Betham & BEB1841 suggest that Edward b 1590, d c1670. The dates we show come from HoP ('Edward Stephens').
  m. (by 1619) Anne Crewe (dau of Sir Thomas Crewe of Stene, sister of 1st Lord Crewe)
  a. Sir Thomas Stephens of Sodbury (b c1619, a 1681)
m. Catherine Coombes (dau of W. Coombes of Stratford-upon-Avon)
  b. Temperance Stephens (d 1705) probably of this generation
  m. Robert Packer of Shellingford
  c.+ other issue (a 1623, dvp?) - John, Edward
  ii. John Stephens of Lypiatt (b 26.09.1603, d 04.08.1679, Serjeant-at-law, MP)
  Named Thomas by BEB1841 but John by Betham, BLG1886 & HoP and various cross-references.
  m1. (11.07.1630, sp) Mary Ram (dau of George Ram of Great Braxted) named Elizabeth by Betham
  m2. (22.02.1631) Grace Browne (dau of John Browne of Frampton)
a. Grace Stephens (b 1633)
  m. George Tipping of Draycott
  m3. (30.05.1636) Anne Moulson (dau of John Mouslon of Hargrave, sister/coheir of Thomas)
  b. Thomas Stephens of Lypiatt, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b 08.08.1639, bur 06.05.1708, MP)
  m. (c05.1662) Anne Child (d 1685, dau of Thomas Child of Northwick)
  (1) Thomas Stephens of Lypiatt (b 1675?, d 24.02.1719/20, MP, 3rd son)
  m. (before 1699) Anne Neale (dau of John Neale of Dean)
  (A)+ 2 sons and 4 daughters
(2) John Stephens of Bourn House, Stroud (d 1704, youngest son)
  m. Rebecca Davies (dau/heir of Thomas Davis of Stroud)
  The following connections kindly provided by a contributor (CV, 03.02.14).
  (A) Anne Stephens (b c1701, d 1780)
  m. (25.07.1719) Thomas Ridler of Edgworth
  (B) Sarah Stephens
  m. (c1726) Henry Windlowe of Churchdown alias Chosen (d 1745)
  (3) Anne Stephens (d 03.03.1689-90)
  m. Sir Edward Fust, Bart
(4)+ other issue - Edward (d young), Henry (d young), Nathaniel (d 1679), Edward (d unm 1711), Grace (d young), Catharine (a 1694, d unm?)
  c. Anne Stephens (a 1676)
  m. John Delabere of Southam (a 1676)
  d.+ other issue - John (d infant), John (d infant), Edward (d unm 1674)
  m4. Hester Barnes (dau of Thomas Barnes of Aldborough Hatch, sister/coheir of James)
  a. Elizabeth Stephens (d infant)
  b. Hester Stephens
  m. John Neale of Dean (b 1648)
  iii. Nathaniel Stephens of Horton & Cherington, Gloucestershire (b c1610, d 1640)
  m. Elizabeth Tiringham (dau/heir of Robert Tiringham or Tyringham of Weston-upon-Pavell & Barkby)
  iv. Mary Stephens the only daughter mentioned by Visitation, shown as married to ...
  m. Thomas Shelley (son/heir(?) of Henry of Pacham)
  v. Elizabeth Stephens the only daughter mentioned by BLG1886, shown as married to ...
m. Samuel Codrington of Dodington
  vi.+ other issue - Anne, Joane (d before 1613)
  Betham names all 4 daughters but shows Anne as the wife of Samuel Codrington of Dodington.
  D. Elizabeth Stephens (bur 02.12.1581)
  E. Margeret Stephens
  m. John Packer of Barnwood
  F. Alice Stephens
  m. _ Willcox
  i. Sarah Willcox (a 1613)
2. Richard Stephens of Eastington (bur 21.11.1577, of the Middle Temple)
  m. (03.10.1561) Dorothy Miles (bur 03.03.1571)
3. Alice Stephens
  m. (before 1565) William Fowler of Stonehouse
4. Anne Stephens
  m. _ Clutterbuck
5. Elizabeth Stephens
  m. Thomas Higges of Cheltenham
6.+ other issue - Walter of Frocester (d before 30.01.1565), William (d before 27.10.1565, of the Inner Temple), Robert of London (d before 09.01.1592/3), John of Frocester (d by 03.1558, married)

Main source(s): 'Baronetage of England' (Betham, vol IV, 1804, '#421. Stephens of St. Faith's Norfolk', p264+), BEB1841 ('Stephens of St. Faith's'), BLG1886 ('Stephens of Eastington') with some input/support from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, 'Stephens') and as noted above
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