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Families covered: Pemberton of St. Alban's, Pemberton of Peterborough, Pemberton of Trumpington
[This page was originally launched as Pemberton02. It was renamed to allow for a new Pemberton02 to cover what appear to be earlier generations.]

(1) Visitation (Northamptonshire) starts with Jeffrey, father of the Roger who m. Elizabeth Moor, noting that he "came from Whiston in Lancash: and settled at St Albans being descended from the Pembertons of Pemberton Hall in co: Lanc:". However, Visitation (Hertfordshire) shows the parents of the Roger who m. Elizabeth More as Robert & Catherine.
(2) The reference to coming from Whiston suggests that Jeffrey (or Robert) was connected to the Pembertons of Halsnead, some of whom were also of Whiston. Visitation shows arms of the family, quartered with several others (including 3 dragons' heads), as "a chevron between three well-buckets" (colours not clear) which indicates a connection also with the Pembertons of Rushden.
Robert or Jeffrey Pemberton of St. Alban's, Hertfordshire
m. Catherine
1. Roger Pemberton of St. Alban's, Sheriff of Hertfordshire (a 13.09.1627)
  m. (c05.1579) Elizabeth More (bpt 18.03.1564-5, dau of Raffe More of St. Alban's)
  A. John Pemberton of St. Alban's & London (b c1579, d c1643, grocer)
  m1. Katherine Angell (dau of William Angell of London)
  i.+ issue - John (b 1621), Robert (b c1623), Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Martha
  m2. (c02.1632-3) Elizabeth (widow of William Audley of London)
  B. Robert Pemberton of London (b c1584, d c1629)
  m. Susanna Glover (d c1630, dau of Roger Glover of Beaucote)
  i. Roger Pemberton of Brill, Buckinghamshire (b c1619, a 1681, dsp?)
  m. Rebeccah Pim (bur 29.10.1668, dau of Jonathan Pim of Brill, widow of Robert Pleydell)
  ii. Robert Pemberton of Peterborough (b c1621, d 26.10.1695)
  m. Cecilia Trevilian (bur 27.02.1712-3, dau of Hugh Trevilian of Yarnscomb)
  a. Roger Pemberton of Peterborough (b c1653, bur 09.12.1709)
  m1. (20.12.1681) Margaret (bur 28.01.1684-5, widow of _ Hawkins of Peterborough)
  (1)+ issue - Roger (bpt 02.02.1682-3), Robert (bpt 26.01.1684-5, bur 27.10.1685)
  m2. Rebecca Holmes (b c1658, d 18.12.1712, dau of Robert Holmes by Mary)
  (3) Robert Pemberton (bpt 26.08.1696, d befoer 01.02.1739)
  m. Sarah
  (4) Gilbert Pemberton (bpt 01.09.1698, d 06.03.1754, 5th son)
  m. (31.08.1721) Rachel Miller (dau of William Miller of Spalding)
  (A) Roger Pemberton (bpt 26.09.1722)
  (5) Rebecca Pemberton (bpt 11.01.1691-2, bur 31.05.1747)
  m1. (17.04.1707) William Wigmore (d 1707, rector of Paston)
  m2. (29.06.1710) Joseph Sparkes (bpt 16.12.1682, d 20.07.1740, rector of Northborough)
(6) Mary Pemberton (bpt 14.03.1692-3)
  m. (25.04.1710) _ Royce
  (7)+ other issue - Daniel (bpt 26.08.1696, bur 28.08.1696), Jacob (bpt 20.04.1700, bur 24.04.1700)
  b.+ other issue (a 1681) - Robert (b c1659), Francis (b c1667, bur 02.11.1700), Cecilia (b c1660), Eliabeth (bpt 27.05.1665), Adriana (b c1672), Christabella (b c1675)
  iii. Elizabeth Pemberton (bpt 12.10.1617)
  C. Raffe Pemberton of St. Alban's
  m. Frances Kempe (dau of Francis Kempe of London)
  i. Sir Francis Pemberton (bpt 18.07.1624, d 10.06.1697, Lord Chief Justice)
  m. (1667) Anne Whichcote (dau of Sir Jeremy Whichcote, Bart)
Visitation ends with this generation. The following comes from BLG1886 ('Pemberton of Newton') & BLG1886 ('Pemberton of Trumpington') which provide little information about the family's ancestry other than to confirm that they are descendants of Lord Chief Justice Sir Francis.
  a. ?? Pemberton
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
(1) ?? Pemberton
  (A) Francis Pemberton of Trumpington House, Cambridgeshire father of Christopher & presumed father of ...
  (i) Francis Charles James Pemberton of Trumpington
  (a) Frances Maria Sophia Pemberton
  m. Henry Williams Hodgson, later Pemberton of Trumpington (b 1819) @@ below
(ii) Christopher Robert Pemberton (d 1822)
  m. (07.1794) Eleanor Hamilton (d 1846, dau of James Hamilton of Woodbrook & Strabane 'by Eleanor Hamilton')
  (a) Christopher Robert Pemberton of Newton, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire (b 1801, d 26.06.1884, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (13.06.1829) Henrietta Peach (dau of Nathaniel William Peach of Ketteringham Hall)
  (b) Walter Hamilton Pemberton (b 1806)
  m. Maria Lee-Warner of Norfolk
  (c) Stanley Pemberton (b 1811, d 07.1880, 6th son)
  m. Marianne Haggitt
  (d) Cecil Charlotte Pemberton
  m. H.S. Russell
  (e) Mary Pemberton
  m. Rev. Sir John Lighton, 4th Bart of Merville
  (f) Harriet Pemberton
m. Thomas Henry Musgrave
  (g) Eleanor Pemberton
  m. Rev. Hervey Machell
  (h)+ other issue - John James (b 1796, d unm), Richard (b 1802, d unm), Alexander Samuel (b 1810, d 1826), Charlotte (d young), Charlotte Maria (d young), Eleanor Charlotte (d 1843)
  (iii) Charlotte Pemberton probably of this generation
m. Rev. Edward Hodgson
  (a) Henry Williams Hodgson, later Pemberton of Trumpington (b 1819, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (1855) Frances Maria Sophia Pemberton (dau of F.C.J. Pemberton of Trumpington) @@ above
  b. ?? Pemberton presumed to have been a different son from the son whose descendants inherited Trumpington
  Identified on various web sites as a grandson of Lord Chief Justice Sir Francis was ...
  (1) Jeremy Penderton (b 1741, d 14.07.1790, Chief Justice of Nova Scotia)
  c. Anne Pemberton probably of this generation
  m. George Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
  d. Jane Pemberton probably of this generation
  m. Edward Gould (b 1677)
  e. Elizabeth Pemberton probably of this generation
  m. Nathaniel Stephens of Eastington (d 1732)
  ii.+ other issue - Ralfe of St. Albans (b c1646, a 1681), Elizabeth, Frances, Anne
  D. Tecia Pemberton
  m. Robert Wolley of St. Albans & Harpsfield Hall

Main source(s): Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, 'Pemberton of Peterborough') with input as reported above plus just a little support from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Pemberton of St. Alban's')
[Part of this page was first launched on 03.07.08 on a Temporary page (55), then being based on Visitation (Hertfordshire) with additions from BLG1886. It was moved here when it was found that Visitation (Northamptonshire) covered the family.]
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