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Families covered: Fitzjames of Leweston, Fitzjames of Redlynch (Redlinch)
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John Fitzjames
m. _ Morgan
1. James Fitzjames of Redlynch, near Bruton, Somerset (d c1391)
  Visitation identifies James's wife as Elinor Draycott of Redlinch. VCH identifies her as follows. VCH suggests that James d c1391 and was father of James (d by 1423) father of John (d 1476) father of ?? (dvp) father of John (d 1510) whilst Visitation shows that the John who d 1510 was son of this James & Elinor. We presume that Visitation omitted some generations and follow VCH.
  m. Eleanor Draycot (dau of Simon Draycot of Redlynch son of John probably son of John probably son of Robert de Draycott (a 1284) possibly son of Richard son of William son of Robert de Draycott (a 1189))
  A. James Fitzjames of Redlynch (d by 1423)
  m. Isabel name found on various web sites
i. John Fitzjames of Redlynch (d 1476)
  m. Alice Newburgh (dau of John Newburgh) name found on various web sites
  a. ?? Fitzjames (dvp)
  Possibly the 'Fitzjames of Redlinch' who married a daughter of Walter Mervyn of Fonthill Gifford?
(1) John Fitzjames of Redlynch (b 1443, d 1510)
  Visitation identifies John's first wife as a dau of Bluet of Som(erset). Various web sites identify her as ...
m1. Elizabeth Bluett (dau of Walter Bluett of Holcombe)
  (A) Sir John Fitzjames of Redlynch (d 1542, Chief Justice)
  m1. Joan More (dau of Thomas More of Melpash)
  (i) John Fitzjames
  Visitation identifies John's wife as Elizabeth Baskett of Berkshire. VCH (Somerset, vol 7, Brewham) identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Basket, heiress of Brewham (dsp 1550, dau of John Basket by Joan, dau of Thomas Beauchamp of Brewham, son of John, 1st Baron of Powick)
  (ii) James Fitzjames (rector, Chancellor of Wells, prebendary of St. Paul's)
  (iii) Christian or Dorothy Fitzjames
  m. Rob(ert) Moreton (Morton)
(iv) Joan Fitzjames
  m1. John Marshall of Ivythorn
  m2. Sir James Percivall of Weston in Gordano
  (v) Elizabeth Fitzjames mentioned by VCH (Bruton)
  m2. Elizabeth Conningsbye (d 1546, widow of Sir R. Berkley of Stoke Gifford)
  (B) Mary Fitzjames
  m. Thomas Michell of Cannington (d 1503) shown by some web sites as son of Walter by Agnes
  (i) Thomas Michel
  (ii) Isabel Michel probably the Isabel who married ...
  m. Thomas Malet (d 1541)
  (C) Elizabeth Fitzjames
  m. John Gilbert
  (D) Joan Fitzjames
  m. Richard Fortescue of Filley
(E)+ other issue - Alice, Jane
  m2. Isabella (d 1527)
  (2) ?? Fitzjames
  m. Mary
  (A) Nicholas Fitzjames of Redlynch (d 1549-50)
  (i) Robert Fitzjames
  m. Jane Arundell possibly here?
  (a) Thomasine Fitzjames
  m. Thomas Turbervill of Bere Regis (d 1587)
  (ii) Sir James Fitzjames of Redlynch (dsp 1579)
  m. Jane Newton (dau of Sir John Newton of E. Harptree)
  (iii) Richard Fitzjames of Redlynch, Shepton & Brewham (d 1595)
  m. Mary Francis (dau of Sir W. Francis of Comb Flory)
  (a) John Fitzjames, last of Redlynch (a 1617)
  m. Jane Younge (dau of Sir John Younge of Bristol)
  ((1))+ issue - John (a 1617), Joan
  (b) Mary Fitzjames
  m. G. Prater of Nunney Castle
  (c)+ other issue - James, Richard
  (iv) Alice Fitzjames
m. _ Radbord of Lambrooke
  (B) Aldred Fitzjames of Uphill, Somerset (d 1555) shown as 'of Uphill, Somerset' in Visitation (Dorset, 1677, Fillyoll)
  m. Joan Colepeper (d 1579, m2. John Leweston)
  (i) Sir John Fitzjames of Leweston, Dorset (d 1625)
  m. Joan Trenchard
Some details in the following come from HoP ('John Fitzjames') and connected pages.
  (a) Lewston or Leweston Fitzjames of Leweston (d 1638)
  m. Elinor Winston (dau/coheir of Sir Henry Winston of Standish)
  ((1)) Sir John Fitzjames of Leweston (b 31.12.1619, d 21.06.1670, MP, Colonel)
  m. (07.08.1638) Margaret Stephens (dau of Nathaniel Stephens of Eastington, MP)
  ((A)) Grace Fitzjames
  m. Sir George Strode (d 1701)
  ((B)) Elinor Fitzjames
  m. W. Freeman
  ((C)) Catherine Fitzjames
m. G. Hadley
  ((D))+ other issue - John (dsp 1679), Frances (d 1674), Margaret
  ((2)) Thomas Fitzjames of Nursling, Hampshire (b c1624, d 1705, MP)
  m. (14.02.1657) Katharine Mill (dau of Thomas Mill of Fullerton)
  ((A)) Catherine Fitzjames
  m. _ Chetwynd
  ((B))+ other issue (dvp) - 2 sons, daughter
  ((3)) Dionis Fitzjames
  m. William Luppingcot of Wybery
  ((4)) Joan Fitzjames
  m. _ Goddow
  ((5))+ other issue - Sir Henry, Sarah
  (b)+ other issue - John, Aldred, Thomas, Ralph, Robert, Grace, Joan
  (ii) Dorothy Fitzjames
m. Robert Ludlow
  (iii) Elizabeth Fitzjames (bur 12.10.1606)
  m. William Filloll
  (iv) Margaret Fitzjames
  (3) Richard Fitzjames, Bishop of Rochester then Chichester then London (d 15.01.1521/2)
  (4) (Jane) Fitzjames
  Visitation shows an unnamed daughter m. _ Bluet. We presume that this was the Jane, dau of John of Redlynch, who married ...
  m. Nicholas Bluet of Holcombe & Greenham (d 1523)
  b. Christian Fitzjames possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Hussey of Shapwick (a 1478)
  B. Elinor Fitzjames shown by Visitation as sister of the James who m. Elinor Draycott, possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Horsey of Clifton Mawbank (d 1469)
  C. Agnes Fitzjames possibly of this generation
  m. John Lyte of Lytes Cary

Main source(s): Visitation (Frederic William Weaver (1885), Somerset, 1551+1575+1591, Fitzjames of Redlinch nr. Bruton), VCH (Somerset, vol 7, 'Bruton')
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