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Families covered: Blewett of Broadclist, Bluett of Greenham, Bluett (Blewett) of Holcombe, Bluett (Blewett) of Raglan

(1) The Bluett family site at http://bluett.com contains a page on the Descendants of the Walter Bloet (Bluett) which appears to have been prepared by Valerie White who is to be congratulated for her work on this family. That page has been used as the Main Source for this family. Sadly, the sources used by that site have not been identified but a review of the page on 15.02.19 using Vivian's work confirmed the view (previously obtained from cross-references to the famly from other sources) that the site is reasonably reliable. However, we view the early generations with caution.
(2) Vivian spells the family name as Blewett. The site suggests that the name Bloet is of Viking orgin. Wikipedia ("Robert Bloet") reports that the undermentioned Bishop of Lincoln was "a member of the Norman noble family that held Ivry in Normandy". The first mentioned in the family site is ...
Walter Bloet
1. William Bloet (a 1066, to England with William the Conqueror)
  William is the first mentioned by Vivian who identifies him, wrongly/misleadingly, as 'Earl of Salisbury'.
  A. Sir Rowland Bluett
  m. Loretta or Lettice Ragland (dau of Jeffrey Ragland)
  i. Sir Edmund Bluett
  m. Isabel Bawen (dau of Sir Humphrey Bawen) identified by Vivian as Isabell, sister of Sir Humphry Bowen
  a. Sir Roger Bluett
  m. Joan de Powis (dau of Sir Lewis de Powis)
  (1) Sir Thomas Bluett
  m. Edith Wood identified by Vivian as Edith, sister of Owen Ward of Penalton
  (A) Sir Ralph Bluett of Ragland or Raglan, Monmouthshire
Vivian shows Ralph as father of Walter (John is not mentioned) by "Hawys, sister of Gilbert de Monthermer, Earl of Hereford and Gloster." The family site shows as follows.
  m1. Isabel de Clare (dau of Richard de Clare)
  (i) Sir John Bluett of Raglan (d 1314)
  m. Catherine Wagan
  (a) Elizabeth Bluett (d 1404)
  m1. Bartholomew Pyest
  m2. Sir James de Berkeley of Raglan (d 13.06.1405)
  (ii) Sir Walter Bluett (b 1296)
  Vivian identifies Walter's wife as Christian, dau/coheir of Symon Grantham of Grantham in Somerset.
  m. Christina de Greenham (dau/heir of Simon de Greenham of Greenham by Julian, dau of Jordan de Rogus)
(a) Sir Walter Bluett
  m. Elizabeth Malet (dau of Sir John Malet by Alice Trevet)
  ((1)) John Bluett of Greenham, Berkshire (b 1404)
  m. Agnes Beaupen (dau of Sir Thomas Beaupen (Bewpenny) by Jane, dau/coheir of Sir Stephen Delamore)
  ((A)) John Bluett of Greenham & Holcombe (b 1440)
  m. (1430) Maude Chestledene (dau of Sir John Chestledene or Chesilden (by Margaret, dau/heir of Jordan Rogue or Warne) son of Nicholas Chisldeon by Joane, dau/heir of Walter Fattifer)
  ((i)) Walter Bluett of Holcombe (d 1487) - continued below
  m. (1464) Jane Seymour (dau of John Seymour or St. Maure)
  m2. Nesta de Monthermer
  (B) Walter Bluett
  (C) Petronella Bluett
  m. William de Feteham
  b. Robert Bluett
  Vivian identifies this Robert as Bishop of Lincoln which appears to be confusion with the Robert shown by the Bluett family site below, 2 generations earlier.
  B. Sir Robert Bloet, Lord Chancellor, Bishop of Lincoln (d 1123)
  Wikipedia ("Bishop of Lincoln") shows a Robert Bloet or Bluet who was Lord Chancellor 1092-1093 then Bishop of Lincoln 1093-1123.
  i. Simon Bloet (b 1110, Dean of Lincoln)
  a. Roger Bloet
  (1) Simon Bloet (b 1152, d 1189)
  (A) William Bloet



Walter Bluett of Holcombe, Devon (d 1487) - continued above
m. (1464) Jane Seymour (dau of John Seymour or St. Maure by Elizabeth Brooke)
1. Nicholas Bluett of Holcombe & Greenham in Somerset (d 22.07/08.1523)
  m. Jane Fitzjames (dau of John Fitzjames of Redlynch)
A. Richard Bluett of Holcombe
  m. Mary Grenville (dau of Sir Thomas Grenville of Stowe, m2. Thomas St. Aubyn)
  i. Sir Roger Bluett of Holcombe (b 1503, d 07.05.1566)
  m. Joan Rowe (d 19.08.1583, dau of John Rowe of Kingston (Sergeant at law), m2. John Kaynes)
  a. John Bluett of Holcombe & Greenham (bur 26.03.1585)
  m1. Dorothy Blount (dau of William Blount, Lord Mountjoy)
(1) Richard Bluett of Holcombe (d 03.03.1614/5)
  m. Mary Chichester (d 1548, d 02.1613, dau of Sir John Chichester by Gertrude Courtenay)
  (A) Arthur Bluett (b 07.06.1573, dvp 12.11.1612)
  m. (26.08.1595) Jane Lancaster (dau/heir of John Lancaster of Bagborough by Dorothy Carew)
  (i) John Bluett of Holcombe (b 31.08.1603, d 29.11.1634, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Portman (b 1604, d 07.07.1636, dau of Sir John Portman)
  (a) Anne Bluett (b 08.09.1625)
  m. Cadwallader Jones
  (b) Mary Bluett (b 04.10.1627)
  m1. Sir James Stonehouse of Berkshire
  m2. Sir William Lenthall
  (c) Dorothy Bluett (b 11.04.1633, d 1704)
  m. Henry Wallop (d 1678)
  (d) Susannah Bluett probably the Susannah who married ...
  m. John Basset, younger of Heanton Court (b c1630, dvp 1660)
  (e)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 14.04.1629, d 07.04.1633), Grace (b 12.09.1630, d 11.11.1630), Margaret (b/d 27.01.1631)
  (ii) Francis Bluett of Holcombe (b 1609, d Lymme 04.1644)
m. Joan More (d 14.07.1692)
  (a) John Bluett of Holcomb (b 14.03.1638, dsp bur 16.10.1700)
  m. Elizabeth Buckland (d 14.07.1692, dau of Sir John Buckland)
  (b) Rachel Bluett
  m. _ Davison
  ((1))+ issue (a 1698) - John, Rahcell (m. _ Cheeke), Elizabeth, Anne
  (c)+ other issue - Francis (b 12.03.1639, d 21.10.1691), Rachel (bpt/bur 30.03.1641), Jone (bpt 19.06.1644, d young)
  (iii) Dorothy Bluett probably the Dorothy (b 1611-2, d 06.07.1654) who married ...
  m1. Giles Poyntz
  m2. (c10.1633?) Francis Risdon of Bableigh
  (iv) Mary Bluett (bpt 08.12.1599)
  m. Allan Mallett of Preston
(v)+ other issue - Arthur, Amy (b 20.05.1602), Anne (b 23.01.1605, a 1626)
  (B) Francis Bluett (b 15.09.1582, bur 21.05.1626, 6th son?)
  (i)+ issue - John (b 14.03.1638), Francis (b 12.03.1639), Rachel (b 1641), Joan (b 16.06.1644)
  (C) Gertrude Bluett (b 04.12.1576, a 1626)
  m. Thomas Bawen of Gawen of Murdcott
  (D) Amy Bluett (b 22.01.1577, a 1626)
  m. (12.08.1599) Henry Ashford (d 1649)
  (E) Joan/Johanna Bluett (b 19.08.1581, a 1626)
m. Henry White of Piddleford
  (F)+ other issue - Roger (b 18.08.1575, dvpsp?), John (d 20.07.1577), Walter (b 15.05.1579, dvpsp?), Charles (b 08.08.1580, d 27.03.1587), Charles (b 15.10.1587, d 30.12.1588), Anne (b 20.10.1583), Charlotte (b 04.12.1576), Dorothy (b 24.10.1584, d 04.03.1585)
  (2)+ other issue - John, Dorothy (bur 02.04.1569)
  m2. (03.11.1572) Elizabeth Polkinghorne (widow of John Cosworth)
  b. Nicholas Bluett or Blewet of Broadclist, Devon (d before 03.10.1598)
  m. Ellin Tilley of Pointington
  (1) Roger Blewett of Broadclist (a 1628)
  m. Bridget Wynell (dau of John Wynell of Crediton)
(A)+ other issue - Roger (b c1606, a 1620), Henry (a 1626), Nicholas (a 1620), Robert (a 1620), William (a 1626), John (a 1626), Elizabeth (a 1626), Ellinor (a 1626), Bridget (a 1626), Susan (a 1626)
  (2) Nicholas Blewett
  (3) Elizabeth Blewet (bur 20.03.1613-4)
  m. Thomas Beaumont (a 1620)
  c. Roger Bluett or Blewett
  d. Katherine Bluett "daughter of Roger", shown of this generation by Vivian, a generation earlier by the web site
m. (06.1543) Richard Warre (son of Thomas)
  e. Elizabeth Bluett shown of this generation by Vivian, a generation earlier by the web site
  m. Henry Beaumont (son of Humphrey of Combe)
  ii. Francis Bluett of Colan, Cornwall (d 1572)
  m. Elizabeth Colan (dau/coheir of Tristan Colan)
a. John Bluett (vicar of Colan & New Lyn East)
  m. _ Locke (dau of Michael Locke) ## see here ##
  (1) Colan Bluett of Colan
  m1. (23.02.1611) Martha Loveis (dau of Richard Loveis by Frances Rolle)
  The web site shows Martha Loveys as mother of Colan's children but Vivian shows that they were children of ...
  m2. Margery Ley alias Kempthorne
  (A) Colan Bluett (b 14.09.1630, dsp, Major)
  m. (1655) Elizabeth Wrey (dau of Sir William Wrey)
(B) Richard or Robert Bluett (bpt 12.05.1631)
  m. Elizabeth Arundell (dau of Thomas Arundell)
  (i) Robert Bluett, last of Colan, later of Holcombe (b 25.01.1653, d 30.11.1725, 2nd son)
  m. Korenhappuch Wood (b 1665, d 27.12.1759, dau of Robert Wood)
  (a) John Bluett of Holcombe (b 1696, d 12.07.1725)
  m. Ann Hart (dau of Percival Hart)
  ((1))+ issue - child, Percival (b 11.01.1725, d 12.11.1725)
  (b) Robert Bluett (b 1702, d 18.12.1749, Rev.)
  m. Jane Webster (b 1708, d 1772, dau of Sir Thomas Webster)
  ((1)) John Edward Bluett (b 1749, d 21.11.1766)
  (c) Buckland Bluett of Holcombe (d 1746)
  m. Hannah Nutcombe (dau of Richard Nutcombe)
  (d)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 1693, d 08.02.1769), Frances, Catherine (d 31.07.1777), Martha, Martha, Isabella (b 1704, d unm 23.08.1732), Mary (b 1710, d 10.07.1739)
  (ii)+ other issue - Colan, Elizabeth, Mary
  (C)+ other issue - Valentine (Major), John
  (2) Francis Bluett of Trevethan (d before 12.07.1678)
  m1. _ Killigrew
  m2. _ Godolphin (dau of Captain Peter Godolphin)
  (A) Edward Bluett
  (i) William Bluett
m. Mary
  (a) James Bluett
  m. Anna
  ((1)) Peter Bluett, later of Holcomb (b 25.07.1768, dsp 23.03.1844)
  m. (20.09.1794) Elizabeth Phelps (d 1841, dau of E. Phelps)
  ((2)) William Bluett (bpt 09.01.1772, d 15.02.1811) had issue
  m. (15.09.1802) Elizabeth Maria Clarke (b 1775, dau of J. Clarke of Cornwall)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Bluett (bpt 02.11.1764)
  m. John Walsby
  ((4)) Anna Bluett
  m. Stephen Bell (Captain)
  (B)+ other issue - Francis, John, Judith
b. Agnes Bluett
  m. Robert Nicol
  c. Grace Bluett
  m. John Harris
  d. Frances Bluett
  m. Harry Wolock
  e.+ other issue
  iii. Jane Bluett
m. Nicholas Ashford (Ayshford of Ayshford)
  iv. Phillipa Bluett
  m. John Rowe (son/heir of Sergeant John of Kingston)
  B. Edith Bluett
  m. John Bonvile
  C.+ other issue - Nicholas, Walter of Cathay
2. Richard Bluett of Cothay & Kittisford (d 1524)
  Vivian shows Richard of Collsham, Somerset, as ancestor of Blewetts in that county by a dau of Varney of Farfield.
  m. Agnce Verney of Stoke Couray
  A. Nicholas Bluett of Thorne St. Margaret
  m. Ann Wykes
3. Elizabeth Bluett probably of this generation
  m. John Fitzjames of Redlynch

Main source(s): http://bluett.com (see link at top of this page) with input/support from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Blewett of Holcombe Rogus', p92+), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Blewett of Colan', p35)
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