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Families covered: St. Maur (Seymour) of Rode

Milo de St. Maur (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Peter de St. Maur of Weston and Kingston Seymour (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  A. Maud de St. Maur
  m. Simon de Ludgate
  i. _ de St. Maur
  a. Milicent de St. Maur
  m. Sir John de Perceval
After providing the above, BE1883 reports "Returning to the male line, though the connection between them does not appear, the next is .." and then reports the following Geffrey "and after him" Laurence, father of the 1st Lord. TCP does not contradict this but starts with Nicholas, son of Simon, brother of Geoffrey who is presumed to be the same person as the Geffrey mentioned by BE1883. Hence, whilst the following mainly comes from TCP and may beviewed as having some security, the connection above should be treated with caution.
2. Geoffrey de St. Maur
  m. _ de Rughdon (dau of William de Rughdon)
3. Simon de St. Maur
  A. Nicholas de St. Maur (d after 04.1267)
  m. Isabel
  i. Sir Laurence de St. Maur of Rode or Road (d 02.1296/7)
  m1. Emma (d by 1275/6)
  a. Nicholas de St. Maur, 1st Lord (d 08.11.1316)
  m1. (by 1303, div?) Eve de Meysy (d before 04.1314)
  (1) Thomas de St. Maur, '2nd Lord' (b c1304, dsp 07.1358)
  BE1883, whilst noting that Thomas was never summoned to Parliament, shows him as the 2nd Lord. TCP admits that, according to modern doctrine, he would be viewed as 2nd Lord but identifies his half-brother Nicholas as 2nd Lord. As cross-references from other sources vary as to which numbering system to follow, we show both.
m. Alice
  (2) Beatrice de St. Maur
  m. _Worthy
  (A) John Worthy
  m2. (by 04.1314) Ellen la Zouche (b c1286, dau of Alan la Zouche, Lord)
  (3) Alan de St. Maur (d before 07.1358)
  (4) Nicholas de St. Maur or Seymour, 2nd/3rd Lord (d 08.08.1361)
  m. Muriel Lovel (dau of James Lovel, son of Richard, Lord of Castle Cary)
(A) Nicholas de St. Maur or Seymour, 3rd/4th Lord St. Maur, Lord Lovel (b c1351, d by 01.1362)
  (B) Richard de St. Maur or Seymour, 4th/5th Lord St. Maur, Lord Lovel (d 15.05.1401)
  m. Ella de St. Lo (d 1409/10, dau of Sir John de St. Lo by Alice de Pavely)
  (i) Richard Seymour, 5th/6th Lord St. Maur, Lord Lovel (d 01.1408/9)
  m. Mary Peyvre (d before 26.07.1410, dau/heir of Thomas Peyvre of Toddington, widow of John Broughton)
  (a) Alice Seymour or St. Maur (b 24.07.1409, a 1430)
  m. (before 08.03.1423/4) William la Zouche, 5th Lord of Haryngworth (b by 1402, d 25.12.1462)
(ii) Sir John Seymour
  The following all comes from BE1883.
  m. Margaret Erlegh (dau of Sir John Erlegh, son of Sir John by Margaret, sister of Sir Gui de Bryan)
  (a) John Seymour
  BE1883 identifies John's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Thomas, Lord Cobham. We originally speculated that she was Elizabeth Cobham but, noting that that Elizabeth was heiress of a barony which has not (to our knowledge) been claimed, we now follow the suggestion (kindly brought to our attention by a contributor, DS (20.09.09)) that she was misdescribed by BE1883 and was in fact ...
  m. Elizabeth Brooke (dau of Thomas Brooke, sister of Edward, Lord Cobham)
((1)) Sir Thomas Seymour (a 1488)
  m. Philippa Hungerford (dau of Sir Edward Hungerford)
  ((A)) John Seymour of Rode (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Chocke (dau of Richard Chocke of Long Aston, judge)
  ((i)) William Seymour or St. Maur
  m. Margaret Edgecombe (dau of Sir Richard Edgecumbe)
  ((a)) Joane Seymour (dsp 1517)
  m. Sir William (not Robert) Drury of Hawstead (d 1557)
((ii)) Anne Seymour
  m. Robert Stawell
  ((iii)) Margaret Seymour
  m. William Bampfylde
  ((2)) Jane Seymour probably of this generation
  m. (1464) Walter Bluett of Holcombe (d 1487)
  (iii) Nicholas Seymour
  The following comes from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, St, Maur) although it requires the notes of the Harleian editor to make it clear that the following Thomas was of this generation. Thomas is identified as the 3rd son, after Lord Richard & Sir John.
  (iv) Thomas Seymour 'of Cleveland'
  m. Mary (widow of Robert Broughton)
  (a) Alice Seymour (heir)
  m. George Maltby (a 1364)
  m2. Sibyl de Morewick (d 26.07.1298, dau of Hugh de Morewick)
  ii. ?? Joan de St. Maur
  m. Henry de Crammaville
  iii.+ other issue - Ralph, Nicholas

Main source(s): TCP (Saint Maur), BE1883 (St. Maur)
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