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Families covered: Smyth of Campden, Smith of Cawood, Smith of Osgodby

Thomas Smyth of Campden, Gloucestershire
Visitation shows that Thomas's wife was Catherine, dau of George Throgmorton, widow of Robert Winter. However, we think it not unlikely that various Visitation records are repeating the same mistake which may have confused the identity of Robert Winter's widow, that being (we think) his 3rd wife rather than his 1st.
1. Anthony Smyth of Campden (a 1593)
  m. Joane Martin (dau of Sir Roger Martin, Mayor of London)
  A. Thomas Smyth 'of Campden'
  m. Elizabeth Fitzherbert (dau/coheir of Eustace Fitzherbert, widow of Edward Smyth of Cressing Temple)
  i. John Smyth (dsp)
  ii. Grisegon (Gregoson) Smyth
  Visitation shows Grisegon as m1. (sp) Edward, son of Sir John Smyth of Cressing Temple m2. Andrew Jenour. Provisionally, we follow Visitation (Essex, 1558, Jenour) as showing her as just married to Andrew Jenour, presuming that the other marriage is a confusion with one of her mother marriages.
  m2. Andrew Jennor of Bigotts
  B. Grisegond Smyth
2. Richard Smyth (youngest son?)
  m. Mariane Elston (dau of Hugh Elston)
  A.+ issue - Sylvanus, Mary
3. Anne Smyth
  m1. Humfrey Ashfield
  m2. John Ashfield
4. Elizabeth Smyth
  m. _ Walsh of Herefordshire
5. Catherine Smyth
  m. Samwell Tracie
  A.+ issue - Samwell, Catherine
6.+ other issue (dsp) - Sir Thomas, Paul, Lucius, Daniell



James Smith of Cawood, Yorkshire
m. _ Ashton
1. John Smith of Cawood
  m. Ann Suger (dau of Nicholas Suger of York)
  A. James Smith of Cawood
  m. Ann Torre (dau of James Torre of Snydall)
  i. Nicholas Smith of Cawood & Leeds (b 01.08.1722, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Halstead (dau of Rev. Richard Halstead by Elizabeth Wadsworth)
  a. Nicholas Smith of Gower Street (b c1752, dsp 1819, 2nd son?)
  m. Frances Anderson (dau of Sir Edmund Anderson, Bart of Kildwick, by Frances Batty)
  b.+ other issue - James (d infant), Elizabeth (b c1748, d unm c1786)
  ii. Anne Smith (b 01.12.1718)
  m. Stephen Buckle of York (silversmith)
  a. Stephen Buckle
  b. Ann Buckle
  m. Richard Smith
  iii. Sarah Smith
  m. _ Nicholson of Cawood
  a. Lucas Nicholson
  m. Eleanor Peacopp (dau of Richard Peacopp of York)
  (1)+ issue - James (town clerk of Leeds), Eleanor, Richard George, Elizabeth, Sarah
  b. Sarah Nicholson
  m. John Prince of York
  c.+ other issue
  iv. Eliza Smith
  m. Samuel Staveley of York (bookseller)
  a. Eliza Staveley
  m. m. Edward Prest of York
  (1) Edward Prest
b. Ann Staveley
  m. William Barf of Carlton & Wakefield
  (1) Thomas Barf of Wakefield
  m. _ Todelle
  (2) Ann Barf
  m. Ben. Wood of Wakefield Outwood
  (3) Jane Barf (b 1794-5, d 09.07.1834)
  m. (1816) Jos(eph) Charlesworth of Lofthouse
  (4)+ other issue - Samuel, John
  v. daughter
  m. _ Buckler
  vi. daughter
  m. _ Nicholson of Cawood
  vii.+ other issue (d unm) - James (b 22.12.1720, d young), James (b 05.02.1723-4), Jane
  B. William Smith (rector of Rither)
  m. _ Hall
  i. Mary Smith
  m. _ Relf (?)
  ii.+ other issue - Nicholas of Condon, William (d unm), James of Holtby, Isaiah, Peter of York then of Bury St. Edmunds, Elizabeth (d unm)
  C. Nicholas Smith of Selby
  m. _ Wilkinson of Cawood



John Smith of Muchwarlingfield, Suffolk
m. Laetitia
1. Jeremiah Smith of Canterbury, Kent
  m. Catherine Wilkinson (dau of Daniel Wilkinson of Canterbury)
  A. Sir Jeremiah Smith of Osgodby (in Hemingbrough, East Riding, Yorkshire) (d 03.11.1675)
  m1. Frances (bur 03.09.1656)
  i. Francis Smith (bpt 06.08.1656, bur 09.07.1659)
  m2. Ann Pockley (dau of John Pockley of Burton Agnes by Helen, cdau of Robert Taylor of Crambe)
  ii. George Smith of Osgodby & York (bur 28.08.1681)
  m. (22.10.1674) Lennox Harrison (d 06.03.1699-1700, dau of Cuthbert Harrison of Acaster by Lennox, dau of Marmaduke, Lord Langdale), m2. Sir Lyon Pilkington, Bart)
  a. Harrison Smith of Osgodby (b 16.02.1675-6, bur 15.03.1696-7)
  b. Jeremiah Smith of Osgodby (bpt 01.05.1677, dsp 02.09.1714)
  m. (c10.1697) Mary Skinner (bpt 19.10.1681, d 22.03.1742-63, dau of William Skinner of Hull by Mary, dau of Timothy Fulthorpe of Tunstall)
  c. George Smith (bur 09.03.1678-9)
  iii.+ other issue - Francis (bur 18.09.1683), John (bpt 25.069.1667), Jane (d 21.04.1674)
  B. Sarah Smith
  m. _ Bonner
  C.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Mabilla

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(1) For Smyth of Campden (uploaded 11.10.10) : Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Smyth)
(2) For Smith of Cawood (uploaded 14.01.10) : FMG (vol I, MS 113, Smith)
(3) For Smith of Osgodby (uploaded 16.07.16) : 'Parish of Hemingbrough' by Thomas Burton (James Raine, 1888, 'Pedigree of Smith of Osgodby, etc.', p324)
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