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Families covered: Parker of Astle, Parker of Basingbourne, Parker of Gravesend, Parker of Northfleet

John Parker (d 1778)
m. Alice Smith (dau of Thomas Smith of Breightmet)
John & Alice were identified as parents of the following John in VCH (Lancashire, vol 5, Townships: Breightmet).
1. Rev. John Parker of Astle Hall, Cheshire (d 1795)
  m. Jane Gartside (dau of Robert Gartside of Manchester)
  A. Thomas Parker of Astle (dsp 1840)
  m. (14.09.1795) Dorothy Cholmondeley (dau of Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal, sister of Thomas, 1st Lord Delamere)
  B. Jane Parker (dsp)
  m. John Baskervyle Glegg of Withington & Gayton
  C. Alice Parker (dsp)
  m. Sir Peter Warburton, Bart of Arley Hall (b 27.10.1754, dsp 14.05.1813)
  D. Lydia Parker
  m. (13.07.1784) John Dixon of Gledhow (b 27.06.1753, d 1825, Colonel)
  E. Anne Parker
  m. Roger Barnston of Churton Hall
  F. Mary Parker
  m. Peter Patten of Bank Hall (uncle of Lord Winmarleigh)



BP1870 reported that "This family is of considerable antiquity, descended from Archbishop Parker, and members of it have uninterruptedly, for full a century and a half, been highly distinguished in our naval annals." Wikipedia reports that William Parker (1504-1575) was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1559 to 1575.
Christopher Parker (a 1712, Rear Admiral)
1. Christopher Parker
2. George Parker
  m. _ Gore
  A. Sir George Parker (b 1767, d 24.12.1847, Admiral)
m. _ Butt (dau of Peter Butt)
3. Sir Peter Parker, 1st Bart 'of Basingbourn' (Essex) (b by 1721, d 21.12.1811, Admiral of the Fleet)
  m. Margaret Nugent (d 18.01.1802, dau of Walter Nugent)
  A. Christopher Parker (dvp 26.05.1804, Vice Admiral)
  m. Augusta Barbara Charlotte Byron (dau of Admiral John Byron, son of 4th Lord)
  i. Sir Peter Parker, 2nd Bart (b c1786, d 30.08.1814, Captain)
  m. (1809) Marianne Dallas (dau of Sir George Dallas, Bart of Petsall by Catherine Blackwood, dau of Dorcas, Baroness Dufferin & Claneboye)
  a. Sir Peter Parker, 3rd Bart (b 02.11.1809, d unm 17.03.1835, Comm. RN)
  ii. Sir John Edmund George Parker, 4th Bart (b 18.12.1788, dsp 18.11.1835, Captain RA)
  iii. Sir Charles Christopher Parker, 5th Bart of Basingbourne (b 16.06.1792, dsp 13.03.1869, Admiral RN)
m. (19.09.1815) Georgiana Ellis Pallmer
  iv. Juliana Maria Parker (d 23.07.1854)
  m. Charles Parker Ellis (Colonel)
  v.+ other issue - Margaret Antonetta (d 1803), Augusta Georgiana (d 1802)
  B. Walter Parker (d young)
  C. Antonetta Parker (d 09.1829)
  m. (06.01.1785 (sb 1795?)) John Ellis (brother of 1st Lord Seaford)
  D. Anne Parker (b c1773, d 26.08.1862)
  m. (10.09.1800) George Ellis of Sunning Hill (cousin of 1st Lord Seaford)
4. Eleanor Parker
  m. (Arthur Jones) Nevile of Furnace



Edward Parker of Whitchurch, Cheshire
1. Henry Parker of Northfleet, Kent
m1. ??
  A. Christopher Parker of Yorkshire
  m2. Margaret Davie (dau/heir of William Davie or Davy of Northfleet, son of Richard of Northfleet)
  B. Richard Parker of Northfleet
  m. Elinor Dudley (dau/heir of _ Dudley of Stoneplace)
  i. Richard Parker of Shorne, Kent (a 1620)
  m. Priscilla Edolphe (dau of Robert Edolphe of Hinxhill, sister of Sir Robert)
  a. John Parker (b c1610)
  m1/2. _ Robinson of Gravesend
  (1) John Parker of Gravesend
  m. Mary Griffith (dau of John Griffith, Governor of Cleveland)
  (A) John Parker (of the Exchequer Office)
  (B) William Parker of Gravesend
  (C) Bridget Parker
  m. _ Bayley
  (D) Elizabeth Parker
  m. _ Petty of Gravesend
  m2/1. ?? (widow of _ Rainsborough)
  b. Henry Parker (3rd son)
  (1) Jane Parker
  m1. Richard Parker of Shinglewell
  m2. ??
  c.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Frances
  ii. Elinor Parker
  m. Rev. William Franklyn of Shorne
  iii. Margaret Parker
  m. John Clarke of Kemsinge
  iv. Elizabeth Parker
  C. Margaret Parker
  m1. _ Swanne
  m2. _ Franke
  D. Alice Parker
  m. William Surin of Northfleet

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