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Families covered: Fox of Bingley, Lane-Fox of Bramham Park, Fox of Chacombe, Fox of Fullwood, Fox of Grete (Worcestershire), Fox of Smalfield, Fox of Yardley

(1) We know of no connection between the following 3 families but have them share the page for convenience only.
(2) Commoners, which provides the early generations below, identifies the arms of the following family, quartered with those of Lane, as "a chevron between three foxes' heads erased gu.".
William Fox (a 1475)
m. Sibil de Grete (dau/heir of John de Grete of Grete)
1. John Fox of Grete (in Yardley), Worcestershire (a 1523)
  m. Alice (d 10.07.1539)
  A. John Fox of Grete (d 09.05.1545)
  m. Agnes Partridge
  i. Thomas Fox of Grete
  m. Ann Smallbrook (dau of Richard Smallbrook of Birmingham)
  a. Richard Fox of Mosely (dspm 1634)
  m. Mary Birch
  b. Thomas Fox of Yardley had issue
  c. John Fox of King's Northon
m. Alice Chambers
  d. Henry Fox of Yardley
  m. Mary Collier
  e. Edmund Fox of Birmingham (d 01.1640) the only one of this generation mentioned by BP1934 & BLG1886
  m. (17.11.1603) Elizabeth Grossbrooke (d 02.1628, dau of Hugh Grossbrooke (Greysbrooke))
  (1) Richard Fox (dsp)
  (2) Edward Fox had issue
m. _ Windham (dau of George Windham of Wantage)
  (3) Joseph Fox 'of Graige' (b 27.02.1617, Major)
  m. Thomasine Blayney (dau of Henry Blayney, 2nd Lord of Monaghan (by Jane Moore), widow of Sir Henry Pierce)
  (A) Henry Fox (d 1719)
  m1. Jane Oliver (dau of Robert Oliver of Clonodfoy)
  (i)+ "several sons" (d young)
  m2. (1691) Frances Lane (d 1724, dau of Sir George Lane of Tulske, 1st Viscount Lanesborough)
(ii) George Fox, later Lane-Fox, Lord Bingley of Bingley (d 1772, MP, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. (12.07.1731) Harriet Benson (bpt 04.02.1704/5, d 07.04.1771, dau of Robert Benson, Lord Bingley)
  (a) Robert Fox (b 05.08.1732, dvpsp 05.1768)
  m1. Mildred Bourcher (dau of John Bourchier of Beningborough)
  m2. (1761) Bridget Henley (d 03.1796, dau of Robert Henley, Earl of Northington)
  TCP ('Bingley') reports that possibly an illegitimate son of Lord Bingley was ...
(b) _ Burgoyne (General in the American War)
  (iii) Sackville Fox (youngest son)
  m. Ann Holloway of Birmingham
  (a) James Fox, later Fox-Lane of Bramham Park (d 07.04.1821, MP)
  m. (23.07.1789) Marcia Lucy Pitt (d 05.08.1822, dau of George Pitt, Lord Rivers)
  ((1)) George Lane-Fox of Bramham Park (d 11.1848) had issue
  m. (20.09.1814) Georgiana Henrietta Buckley (dau of Edward Pery Buckley of Minestead Lodge by Georgiana West)
((2)) William Augustus (or Pitt) Lane-Fox (b 1796, d 1832) had issue
  m. (31.12.1817) Caroline Douglas (sister of George Sholto Douglas, 16th Earl of Morton)
  ((3)) Sackville Walter Lane-Fox (b 24.03.1797,d 18.08.1874, MP)
  m. (22.05/6.1826) Charlotte Mary Anne Georgiana Osborne (d 17.01.1836, dau of George Osborne, 6th Duke of Leeds)
  The barony of Conyers passed to their elder son along with a claim to the barony of Darcy de Knayth.
  ((4)) Thomas Henry Lane-Fox (cleric)
  ((5)) Marcia Bridget Lane-Fox (d 10.06.1826)
  m. (05/06.08.1813) Sir Edward Marmaduke Stourton, later Vavasour, 1st Bart
  (iv)+ other issue - Henry (d young), James (dsp 22.10.1753), Denny Henrietta (d young), Jane, Frances, Anne
(B) Penelope Fox
  m. Hugh Morgan of Cottlestown (d 1753)
  (C)+ other issue - Mary, Jane, Catherine
  (4) Thomas Fox (b 04.03.1622)
  MGH (NS3 vol 3 (1900), p159) suggests that Thomas (a 1663) was of Moat House, Tamworth, and was an MP. He did not appear in HoP (17.11.21).
  m. Judith Boothby (dau of Sir William Boothby)
  (5) Timothy Fox (b 12.120.1628, Rector of Drayton Basset)
  MGH (NS3 vol 3 (1900), p159) identifies Timothy as ancestor of the Foxes of Osmaston
  m1. Lettice Buckburg (dau of John Buckburg)
  m2. Frances Richardson (dau of John RIchardson)
2 f. Joan Fox
  m. Henry Pretty
  g. Dorothy Fox
  m. Henry Sevenhall



Michael Fox, 1st of Chacombe Priory, Northamptonshire (d 1568)
Michael purchased the priory from the Crown at the dissolution of religious houses.
m(2). Clemence Hawton (dau of John Chawton)
1. Richard Fox of Chacombe Priory (b 1530, d 1599)
  m. Alice Gibbons
  A. Michael Fox of Chacombe Priory (b 1565, d 1649)
  m. Catherine Bigge (dau of Sir Thomas Bigge)
  i. Charles Fox of Chacombe Priory (d 1661)
  m. Mary Shirley (dau of Thomas Shirley of Preston)
  a. Charles Fox of Chacombe Priory (b 1661, d 1722)
m. Mary Martin (dau of John Martin of Ripe)
  (1) Charles Fox of Chacombe Priory (b 1687, d 1749)
  m. Frances Bradley (dau of John Bradley)
  (A) Charles Fox of Chacombe Priory (b 1737, dsp 1810)
  m1. Anne Elizabeth Egerton (dau of Rev. William Egerton of Farthingo)
  m2. Jean (relict of Dr. Scott)
  (B) Mary Fox
  m. Richard Wykeham of Sulgrave (d 1805, vicar of Sulgrave & Chacombe)



William Fox of Fullwood, Sheffield (bur 09.07.1580)
m. Margaret
1. Robert Fox of Fullwood (b c1548, a 1624)
2. William Fox of Fullwood (bur 01.05.1611)
  A. Ulysses Fox of Fullwood (a 10.1648)
  m. (04.02.1612-3) Elizabeth Green (dau/heir of William Green of Smalfield (who d 26.09.1640))
  i. William Fox of Fullwood (bpt 12.12.1613, bur 21.08.1648)
m. (08.09.1636) Ann Morewood (dau of John Morewood of The Oaks, m2. Henry Balguy of The Hagg)
  a. George Fox of Bradfield & Fullwood (bpt 08.02.1642-3)
  m1. Dorothy (bur 11.08.1676)
  (1)+ issue - Henry (b 1667, d 1669), William (b 1668), George (b 1670), Henry (b 1676, a 1700), Anne (b 1672), Elizabeth (b 1674)
  m2. (25.11.1679) Mary Pole (dau of Francis Pole of Park Hall, m2. Robert Blackburn of Bate Green)
  (7) John Fox of Fullwood (b 07.12.1682, glassmaker)
  m. Elizabeth Wood (b 1684-5, d 07.04.1757, dau/coheir of Edward Wood of Sheffield)
  (A) Michael Fox (b 1718-9, d 15.03.1758)
(B) Elizabeth Fox (bpt 04.11.1708)
  m. _ Broomhead
  (8) Mary Fox (bpt 22.06.1690)
  m. (13.07.1718) William Finney of Catcliffe
  (9)+ other issue - Francis (b 10.02.1680-1, printer), James (bpt 04.04.1684), Michael (bpt 24.08.1687)
b.+ other issue - John (a 1648), Jeremy (bpt 18.01.1645-6), Joseph of Rowlee in Derbyshire (bpt 25.07.1647, d 04.08.1669), Mary (bpt 22.07.1641), Elizabeth (a 1648)
  ii. John Fox of Smalfield, Bradfield (bpt 24.03.1615-6, bur 13.07.1659)
  m. Mary Morton (d 12.05.1691, dau/coheir of Christopher Morton of Wightwistle, m2. Robert Ward of Woodseats)
  a. William Fox of Smalfield (d unm bur 12.12.1672)
  b. Mary Fox (b 1645, bur 26.06.1681)
  m. (28.10.1675) John Woodhead of Woodseats
  c. Ann Fox
  m. Henry Wood of Barnsley
  d. Elizabeth Fox
  m. (13.06.1689) George Wilkinson
  e.+ other issue - William (d infant), George (d infant), Sarah (a 1687)
  iii. George Fox (bpt 25.09.1618, bur 1648?)
  iv. Stephen Fox (bpt 08.04.1624, a 1683)
  m. (07.04.1650) Elizabeth Morton (bur 1668)
  a. Elizabeth Fox (bur 1679)
  B. Zachariah Fox (bpt 18.02.1592-3, a 1649)
  C. Sophronia Fox (bpt 03.03.1587-8)
  m. (28.01.1617-8) Edmund Wilkinson
  D. Gertrude Fox (bpt 20.08.1585)
  m. (21.06.165) John Ellis
3. John Fox of Harper House, Sheffield possibly of this generation
  A. Ulysses Fox of Hallam
  m. (before 1610) Elizabeth Rose (dau of Richard Rose of Grey Stones (son of Robert) by Ellen)

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