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Families covered: Woodhead of Woodseats

Abraham Woodhead of Thwong in Almonbury
m. Grace Ward (dau/coheir of Robert Ward of Woodseats, sister of Ann (wife of Henry Hawksworth))
1. John Woodhead of Woodseats in Bradford (bur 30.03.1730-1)
  m1. (28.10.1675) Mary Fox (b 1644-5, bur 26.06.1681)
m2. (11.10.1688) Hope Clarke (dau of Robert Clarke, widow of John Shemeld of Grimesthorp)
  FMG shows both John's sons as sons of Hope Clarke but notes that they may possibly have been sons of Mary Fox.
  A. Robert Woodhead of Woodseats (bur 21.02.1732)
  m. (20.12.1714) Mary Croydon (dau of _ Croydon by Dorothy, dau of William Smith of Chillington)
  i. Thomas Woodhead (d infant)
  ii. Mary Woodhead (bpt 07.09.1720)
  m. (20.11.1735-6) Thomas Marriott of Ughill
  iii. Dorothy Woodhead (bpt 04.01(06?).1721-2)
  m1. (c07.1742) Benjamin Steade of Dungworth
m2. Robert Hope of Derby ('brother of Charles')
  B. John Woodhead of Sheffield (dvp unm bur 01.11.1703)
2. George Woodhead of Wightwisle (b c1666, d 18.01.1740)
  George is shown connected to Abraham by a dotted line, suggesting that it had not been fully proved that George was Abraham's son.
  m. Elizabeth (b 1668-9, d 10.05.1756)
  A. John Woodhead of Nether Bradfield & Hallfield (b 04.12.1694, d 24.11.1780)
  m. Elizabeth Steade (dau of Thomas Steade of Onesacre)
  i. George Woodhead (bpt 04.12.1744, bur 29.12.1744)
  ii. Gertrude Woodhead (b 28.01.1746-7)
m1. _ Haigh
  m2. Isaac Ronksley of Hollow Meadows
  m3. _ Crawshaw
  iii. Elizabeth Woodhead (b 14.11.1748)
  m. _ Hawke
  B. Elizabeth Woodhead
  m. (James) Rimington of Carlton
  C. Hannah Woodhead (a 1728)
  m. Thomas Wilson of Sheffield
  D.+ other issue (a 1728) - Joseph, George, Ann
3. Joseph Woodhead of Shepley in Kirkburton (a 1703)
4. Dorothy Woodhead
  m. Henry Wood of Barnsley (b 1645, d 1720
5. daughter
  m. Daniel Dyson of Crosland

Main source(s): FMG (vol 2, MS270, 'Woodhead-Rimington', p658+)
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