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Families covered: Bolney of Bolney, Bolney of Tilehurst

BHO names various early holders of Bolney Manor but there is little point in trying to pull together a pedigree before the Bartholomew (a 1446) who appears to be the first mentioned by the Visitation. However, we note that John de Bolneya (mentioned in 1248) may have been succeeded by Bartholomew de Bolne (a c1284) who was possibly succeeded by John de Bolneye (a 1296). Visitation (Sussex) starts with ...
Bartholomew Bolney of Bolney, Sussex (a 1463, d 1476)
1. John Bolney (dvpsp before 1461)
2. Edward Bolney of Bolney (dspms)
3. Richard Bolney of Bolney (d 1500)
  m. Anne St. Leger (dau of Ralph St. Leger of Kent)
  A. John Bolney of Bolney (dsp 1558)
  m. Anne (Ashburnham) d 1600, (m2. Thomas Culpeper of Wakehirst, m3. Henry Barkeley)
BHO reports that, after his death, John's wife "retained a claim on the manor during her life" and married as shown, whilst John's nephew John (a 1577, 1586) "had rights in the manor". It then reports that Bolney Manor was settled in 1626 on Jane Pellatt on her marriage to William Culpeper (later a baronet),"Anne's grandson by her second husband" (## see here ##). That reference appears to confirm that she was Anne Ashburnham but we cannot support the claim that Anne was grandmother by blood of Sir William Culpeper but accept that she may have been that William's father's stepmother.
  B. James Bolney (3rd son)
  Visitation reports that James was "Stated to have had issue". BHO reports that his elder brother John was succeded by his nephew John. We speculate that that John was son of this James rather than, say, the John who is shown below as eldest son of James's younger brother Bartholomew. However, we recognise that it is possible that James dspms and the successor John was Bartholomew's son.
  i. John Bolney of Bolney (a 1577, 1586)
  (1) This may have been the Bolney of Bolney who married Agnes Mordant (## see here ##).
(2) We speculate that that this was the John Bolney of Bolney who is the first mentioned by Visitation (Berkshire, 1623, 'Bolney of Tilehurst') which provides the following.
a. Bartholomew Bolney of Bolney (d by 1626?)
  m. _ Montpinson
  (1) John Bolney of Bolney & Tilehurst (in Berkshire)
  m. Anna Perkins (dau of Henry Perkins of Ilsley)
  (A) Francis Bolney of Tilehurst
  m. Joanna Hyde (dau of Francis Hyde of Pangborne)
  (i)+ issue (a 1623) - George (b c1616), Edward, Joanna, Suzanna, Dorothea, Maria
  (B)+ other issue - William, Alexander
(2) Bartholomew Bolney of Richmond
  (A) John Bolney
  C. Bartholomew Bolney of Wetheringsett, Suffolk (bur 04.10.1562)
  m. Joan Hatch (d by 1595, dau of William Hatch of Sevenoaks)
  i. John Bolney see note under James above
  ii. Anne Bolney
  m. William Raynbow (Reynbald?) of Ipswich
  iii. Jane Bolney (bur 14.07.1594)
  m. Thomas Ryvett of Rishangles
  iv. Elizabeth Bolney
  m. (18.04.1575) Nicholas Rytchman
  v.+ other issue - Bartholomew, Gabriel, Mary, Grace
  D.+ other issue (dsp) - Ralph, Anthony, Richard
4. Agnes Bolney (d 1496) probably of this generation
  m. William Gage of Burstowe & Firle (d 1496)

Main source(s): BHO ('History of the County of Sussex', vol 7 (1940), 'The Rape of Lewes: Parishes: Bolney'), Visitation (Sussex, 1561, 'Bolney of Wetheringsett') with input as reported above
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