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Families covered: Ashburnham (Eshburnham) of Ashburnham

Reginald de Hesseburnham
1. Stephen de Esburnham
  A. Sir Richard de Esburnham
  Visitation starts with Sir Richard's father, naming him Sir John Ashburnham and describing him as "knight descended from Anchetell Fitz Piers Lord of Ashburnham in the time of William the Conqueror." Note that Visitation is identifying the family name as already Ashburnham. We follow BP1934 which reports that the family name derives from a hamlet situated on the Ashburn, a small stream in Sussex.
  m. Margaret Maltravers (dau of Sir John Maltravers)
  i. Sir Richard de Esburnham (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
m. Katherine Peverell (dau of Sir Richard Peverell)
  a. Sir Hamond de Esburnham
  m. Maud Elton (dau of Thomas Elton of Elton or Etton)
  (1) Sir Richard Esburnham
m. Isabel Morville (dau of Sir Thomas Morville)
  (A) Sir John Esburnham or Ashburnham of Ashburnham (a 1352)
  m. Joan Covert of Richard Covert of Sullington or Sillington) ## see here
  (i) John Esburnham or Ashburnham, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (a 1396)
  m. Mary Isley (dau of ?? Isley of Sunridge)
(a) John Ashburnham of Ashburnham, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (a 1402, 1416)
  m. Elizabeth Finch
  ((1)) Thomas Ashburnham
  m. Sarah Waunsey (dau of Henry Waunsey)
((A)) John Ashburnham
  m. Elizabeth Peckham (dau of _ Peckham of Kent)
  ((i)) William Ashburnham
  m. Anne Hawley (dau of Henry Hawley of Ore)
  ((a)) John Ashburnham - continued below
  m. Lora Berkeley (dau of Thomas Berkeley of Aran or The Vine)
  ((b)) Jane Ashburnham
  m1. William Apsley
  m2. Richard Covert
  ((B)) Richard Ashburnham of Broomham
  m. _ Stoneling (dau of Sir John Stoneling of Bromham)
  ((C)) son
  (ii) Roger Ashburnham
  (a) William Ashburnham
  (iii) Mabel Ashburnham
  m. Simon Lunsford
  b. Sir Bartholomew de Esburnham (a 1254)



John Ashburnham - continued above
m. Lora Berkeley (dau of Thomas Berkeley of Aran or The Vine)
1. John Ashburnham of Ashburnham called Thomas by Visitation
  m. Isabel Sackville (dau of John Sackville of Buckhurst) called Elizabeth by Visitation
A. John Ashburnham of Ashburnham (d 1591)
  m. Mary Fane (dau of George Fane of Badsel)
  i. Sir John Ashburnham of Ashburnham (b c1572, d 29.06.1620)
  m. Elizabeth Beaumont, later Baroness Cramond (d 03.04.1651, dau of Sir Thomas Beaumont of Stoughton)
  a. John Ashburnham 'of Ashburnham' (d 15.06.1671)
  m1. Frances Holland (dau of William Holland of Westburton)
  (1) William Ashburnham (dvp 1665)
  m. Elizabeth Poulett (dau of John Poulett, 1st Lord of Hinton St. George)
  (A) John Ashburnham, 1st Lord of Ashburnham (b 15.01.1655/6, d 21.01.1709/10)
  m. (22.07.1677) Bridget Vaughan (b c1661, d 12.05.1719, dau/heir of Walter (sb Charles) Vaughan of Porthammel House)
(i) William Ashburnham, 2nd Lord of Ashburnham (b 21.05.1679, dsp 16.06.1710)
  m. (16.10.1705) Catherine Taylor (b 1686, d 11.07.1710, dau of Thomas Taylor of Clapham)
  (ii) John Ashburnham, 1st Earl of Ashburnham (bpt 13.03.1687, d 10.03.1736/7)
  m1. (21.10.1710) Mary Butler (b c1690, dsp 02.01.1712/3, dau of James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, by Mary Somerset)
  m2. (24.07.1714) Henrietta Maria Stanley, Baroness Strange (b c1688, d 26.06.1718, dau of William Stanley, 9th Earl of Derby)
  (a) Henrietta Ashburnham (d unm)
  m3. (14.03.1723/4) Jemima Grey (b c1699, d 07.07.1731, dau of Henry Grey, Duke of Kent, by Jemima Crewe)
(4) John Ashburnham, 2nd Earl of Ashburnham (b 30.10.1724, d 08.04.1812)
  m. (28.06.1756) Elizabeth Crowley (b c1728, d 05.02.1781, dau of John Crowley of Barking, son of Sir Ambrose)
  ((1)) George Ashburnham, 3rd Earl of Ashburnham (b 25.12.1760, d 27.10.1830)
m1. (28.08.1784) Sophia Thynne (b 19.12.1763, d 09.04.1791, dau of Thomas Thynne, 1st Marquess of Bath)
  ((A)) George Ashburnham, 'Viscount St. Asaph' (b 09.10.1785, dvp unm 07.06.1813)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Sophia Ashburnham
  m2. (25.07.1795) Charlotte Percy (b 03.06.1776, 26.11.1862, dau of Algernon Pecy, 1st Earl of Beverley)
  ((C)) Bertram Ashburnham, 4th Earl of Ashburnham (b 23.11.1797, d 22.06.1878) had issue
  m. (08.01.1840) Catherine Charlotte Baillie (b 10.05.1819, d 06.02.1894, dau of George Baillie-Hamilton of Jerviswood & Mellerstain)
((D)) Percy Ashburnham (b 22.11.1799)
  m. (23.08.1838) Esther By (d 1848, dau of Lt. Col. By)
  ((i)) Mary Katherine Ashburnham (d 27.01.1851)
  ((E)) Charles Ashburnham (b 23.03.1803, d 22.12.1848)
  m. (1832) Sarah Joanna Murray (dau of William Murray of Jamaica)
  ((F)) Thomas Ashburnham (General)
  m. (08.02.1860) Adelaide Georgiana Frederica Foley (d 19.01.1861, dau of Thomas Foley, 3rd Lord)
  ((G)) Georgiana Jemima Ashburnham
  m1. (28.02.1828, div) Henry Reveley Mitford of Newtown Park and Exbury House (b 21.06.1804, d 21.12.1883)
  m2. (1842) Hon. Francis George Molyneux
  ((H)) Jane Henrietta Ashburnham
  m. (19.05.1836) Charles H. Swinburne (Admiral, son of Sir J., Bart)
((I)) Katherine Frances Ashburnham (d 06.04.1839)
  m. (21.06.1838) H.W. Beauclerk
  ((J)) Eleanor Isabel Bridget Ashburnham
  m. (26.11.1844) Algernon Wodehouse (rector of Easton)
  ((K)) Mary Agnes Blanche Ashburnham
  m. (29.10.1839) Sir Henry Percy Gordon, Bart
  ((L))+ other issue - Reginald (b 1819, d 1830), Charlotte Susan (d 26.04.1865), Theodosia Julia
  ((2)) Jemima Elizabeth Ashburnham (b c1761, d 17.09.1786)
  m. (03.03.1785) James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose (b 08.09.1755, d 30.12.1836)
  ((3)) Theodosia Maria Ashburnham (b 16.06.1756, d 1822)
  m. Robert Viner of Gautby
((4))+ other issue -George (b 02.02.1758, d 13.02.1758), Henrietta Theodosia (d 30.03.1847), Elizabeth Frances (d 16.04.1854)
  (iii) Jane Ashburnham
  m. James Hayes
  (iv) Elizabeth Ashburnham
  m1. Robert Cholmondeley of Holford
  m2. Seymour Cholmondeley
  (v) son
  (2) Frances Ashburnham
  m. Sir Denny Ashburnham, 1st Bart of Bromham (d 1697)
(3) Elizabeth Ashburnham
  m. Sir Hugh Smith of Long Ashton
  m2. Elizabeth Kenn (dau of Christopher Kenn of Kenn)
  b. William Ashburnham (dsp 1679, Colonel General)
  m. Jane Boteler (dau of John, Lord Boteler, widow of James Lee, Earl of Marlborough)
  c. Elizabeth Ashburnham (d 01/2.1643/4)
  m. (c1630) Sir Frederick Cornwallis, 1st Lord Cornwallis of Eye (b 11.1610, d 01.1661/2)
d. Frances Ashburnham
  m. Frederick Turville
  e. Anne Ashburnham (bur 17.04.1628)
  m. Sir Edward Dering, 1st Bart of Surrenden Dering (b 28.01.1598, d 22.06.1644)
  f. Katherin Ashburnham
  g. Amaly (Emily) Ashburnham possibly fits here
  m. Thomas Hardwick (d 06.1685)
  ii. Katherin Ashburnham
  m. George Adwick of Yorkshire
  iii. Mary Ashburnham
  m. George Wentworth of Bretton (b c1575, bur 07.06.1638)
  iv.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, William, George, Walter
  B. Ann Ashburnham
m. Thomas Pendeton of Suffolk
  C. Margaret Ashburnham
  m. _ Jones of Monmouthshire
  D.+ other issue - Thomas, William, Ellinor (a 1618)
2. Anne Ashburnham (d 1620)
  m1. John Bolney
  m2. Thomas Culpeper of Molehurst (sb Wakehurst?) ## see here ##
  m3. Henry Barkeley
3. Allice Ashburnham
  m. Oliver Denham
4. daughter
  m. John Daniell of Essex

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(2) For lower section : BP1870 (Ashburnham), Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Ashburnham), TCP (Ashburnham)
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