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Families covered: Borthwick of Balcarres, Borthwick of Balhouffie, Borthwick of Crookston, Borthwick of Gordonshall, Borthwick of Leny, Borthwick of Lochill

John Borthwick, 1st of Crookston (a 1446)
m. Margaret
1. George Borthwick, 2nd of Crookston (b 1447, d 1473)
  A. John Borthwick, 3rd of Crookston (d 01.12.1508)
  m. Margaret Wenlock
i. William Borthwick, 4th of Crookston (d 1547)
  a. John Borthwick, 5th of Crookston (d Pinkie 09.09.1547)
(1) John Borthwick, 6th of Crookston (d c1556)
  m. Jean Blaikie (m2. James Hoppringle of Halheriot)
  (A) William Borthwick, 7th of Crookston (d 1618)
  m. Elizabeth Pringle (dau of ?? Hoppringle of Torsonce) wife of William, presumed mother of ...
  (i) William Borthwick, 8th of Crookston (d c01.1673)
  (a) William Borthwick, 9th of Crookston (d before 04.1681)
  m. (1678) Janet Craig (dau of Thomas Craig of Riccarton)
((1)) John Borthwick, 10th of Crookston (d 05.1743)
  ((A)) John Borthwick, 11th of Crookston (a 1774)
  m. Agnes Hunter, heiress of Glngelt
((i)) John Borthwick, 12th of Crookston (d 1830)
  m. (1786) Grizel Adinston (d 1852, dau of George Adinston of Carcant)
  ((a)) John Borthwick, 13th of Crookston, 1st of Borthwick Castle (b 1787, d 18.09.1845) had issue
  m1. (16.03.1819) Anne Dundas (d 1832, dau of Robert Dundas of Arniston)
  m2. (28.04.1838) Elizabeth Sutherland Dallas (d 19.12.1872, widow of Col. Francis Simpson of Plean, dau of Alexander Dallas of Riddockhill by Anne Sutherland Forbes of family of Colquhany)
  (ii) Agnes Borthwick possibly of this generation
  m. William Borthwick



David Borthwick of Lochill
1. David Borthwick of Lochill, Balnacrieff, Balcarres & Balniel, Fife (bur 31.01.1580/1, Lord Advocate as Lord Menmuir)
  Wood reports that David invested most of his properties (but not Balcarres) during his lifetime into the name of his son, Sir James, but that Sir James "being a spendthrift, never rested till he sold them". David then invested Balcarres in the name of his second wife whose son by her 2nd marriage became 1st Lord Balcarres.
  m1. Marion Blyth (d 1570)
  A. Sir James Borthwick
  B. Isobella Borthwick
  m. Sir Robert Crichton of Eliock & Cluny (d 1582, King's Advocate)
  m2. (before 1577, sp) Marion (probably not Margaret) Guthrie (dau of Alexander Guthrie of Edinburgh & granddau of Sir William Guthrie of Lunan, m2. John Lindsay of Balcarres (Lord Menmuir))
2. James Borthwick of Lochill
  m. (25.02.1591/2) Helen Traill (dau of Alexander Traill of Blebo)
3. William Borthwick



Nicholas Borthwick of Leny (in Cramond), Balhouffie & Gordonshall
m. (before 1466) Helen Crichton (probably dau of George Crichton of Cairns)
1. John Borthwick of Leny, Balhouffie, Gordonshall & Petmarch (a 1467, 1512)
  A. ?? Borthwick
  i. Alexander Borthwick (d before 1531)
  a. Robert Borthwick of Balhouffie & Gordonshall (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. Catherine Beton (dau of ?? Beton of Balfour)
  (1) John Borthwick of Balhouffie & Gordonshall (a 1611?)
  m. _ Moncrieff (dau of Sir William Moncrieff)
  (A) John Borthwick, last of Balhouffie (a 1637)
  m. Elizabeth Corstorphin (d before 1673, dau of James Corstorphin of Balcaithly)
  (i) William Borthwick
  m. Eupham Fleming (cousin)
  (a) Alexander Borthwick
  (b) Jean Borthwick
  m. Christopher Rawlinson ("a clergyman in England")
  (ii) Jeane Borthwick
  m. Patrick Glassford
  b. John Borthwick (a 1564)

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