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Families covered: Browne of Altamont, Browne of Mount Brown, Browne of Newton, Browne of Sligo, Browne of Westport

John Browne of Kinturk and Westport (d 1712, Colonel)
m. Maud Bourke (dau of Theobald Bourke, 3rd Viscount of Mayo)
1. Peter Browne of Westport (d 1722)
  m. Mary Daly (dau of Denis Daly of Carrownakelly)
A. John Browne, Governor of Mayo, 1st Earl of Altamont (b c1709, d 04.07.1776)
  m. (12.1729) Anne Gore (d 07.03.1771, dau of Sir Arthur Gore of Newton Gore, 2nd Bart)
  i. Peter Browne, later Browne-Kelly, 2nd Earl of Altamont (b c1731, d 28.12.1780)
  m. (1752) Elizabeth Kelly (d 01.08.1765, dau of Denis Kelly, Chief Justice of Jamaica)
  a. John Denis Browne, 1st Marquess of Sligo (b 11.06.1756, d 02.06.1809)
  m. (21.05.1787) Louisa Catharine Howe (b 09.12.1767, d 20.08.1817, dau of Richard Howe, Earl Howe)
  (1) Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquess of Sligo, Governor of Jamaica (b 18.05.1788, d 26.01.1845) had issue
  m. (04.03.1816) Hesther Catherine De Burgh (b 16.01.1800, d 17.02.1878, dau of John Thomas De Burgh, 13th Earl of Clanricarde)
  b. Denis Browne (b 1763, d 14.08.1828)
  m. (09.12.1790) Anne Mahon (d 30.12.1833, dau of Ross Mahon of Castlegar by Anne Browne)
  (1) James Browne of Claremont House (b 15.06.1793, d 23.12.1854) had issue
  m1. (1820, sp) Eleanor Catherine Wells (d 1823, dau of John Wells of Bickley)
  m2. (17.03.1825) Elizabeth Puget (d 1867, dau of John Puget of Totteridge)
(2) Peter Browne (b 1794, d 07.04.1872) had issue
  m. (04.07.1822) Catherine Esther Puget (dau of John Puget)
  (3) Denis Browne (b 12.10.1795, d 14.03.1864, Dean of Emly) had issue
  m. (07.06.1824) Anne Alicia Filgate (d 26.10.1876, dau of Thomas William Filgate of Arthurstown)
  (4) John Denis Browne of Mount Browne (b 1798, d 21.05.1862) had issue
  m. (25.08.1832) Esther Wells (dau of John Wells of Beckley)
  (5) George Browne (b 29.05.1803, d 1886, vicar of Lenton) had issue
  m. (1828) Elizabeth Anne Day (d 08.12.1870, dau of Rev. Edward Day of Beaufort House)
  (6) Anne Louisa Browne (d 29.06.1872)
(7) Elizabeth Browne (d 1835)
  m. (1832) George Harrison
  (8) Charlotte Browne (d 29.04.1838)
  m. (09.09.1824) Rev. William Purdon
  (9) Harriet Mary Browne (d 23.05.1865)
  m. (06.1829) Rev. Robert Pakenham (son of Admiral Hon. Sir Thomas)
  c. Anne Browne (b 06.03.1755, d 15.08.1814)
  m. (18.08.1785) Otway Cuffe, 1st Earl of Desart (b 25.11.1737, d 09.08.1804)
  d. Elizabeth Browne (d 24.02.1795)
  m. (08.1786) Sir Ross Mahon, Bart of Castlegar (d 10.08.1835)
  e. Jane Browne (d unm)
f. Charlotte Browne (d 23.01.1849)
  m. John Mahon of Besborough (d 23.10.1834)
  ii. Arthur Browne of Leixlip Castle & Newton (b 1731, d 21.07.1779, Colonel)
  m. (1766) Anne Gardiner (d 07.1807, dau of John Gardiner of Boston, New England)
  a. John Browne of Athleague House & Newton (b 1756, d 24.08.1819, Major)
  m1. (1784) Rosa Mary Hughes (dau of Admiral Sir Richard Hughes, 2nd Bart)
  (1) Arthur Browne of Newton & Roxborough House (b 1785, d 18.10.1870) had issue
  m. (03.01.1814) Anna Elizabeth Clements (d 23.04.1867, dau of Captain Richard Clements)
  m2. Elizabeth Sullivan (dau of Judge _ Sullivan)
  (2) John Browne (Judge) had issue
  m. _ Stafford (dau of General _ Stafford)
  (3) George Browne of Mount Browne House (d 12.05.1865) had issue
  m. (1825) May Kenny (dau of Colonel _ Kenny)
  (4) Henry Browne
  b. George Townshend Browne (b 1760, d 04.06.1856)
  m. _ Fleetwood
  (1) John Denis Browne (b 1807, d 17.02.1864, vicar of Braintree) had issue
  m. Mary Ruth Lacy (d 1893, dau of William Lacy)
(2) Georgina Browne
  m. Thomas Sheffield
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Isabella, Catherine Louisa (d 05.10.1902), Rose (d 18.03.1858)
  c. Henry Browne
  d. Anne Browne (dsp)
  m. Thomas Buckall Lindsey of Turin Castle (Major)
  e. Augusta Louisa Browne (d 1850)
  m. (1803) Dominick Browne of Browne Hall (Lt. Colonel)
  iii. George Browne
  m. Dorcas Moore (dau of James Moore of Newport)
  a. Margaret Browne (d 29.05.1838)
  m. (20.08.1784) Dominick Geoffrey Browne of Castle Macgarret (d 08.05.1826)
  iv. James Browne (d unm 1790)
  v. Henry Browne (dsp 03.1812)
  m. Anna Lynch (dau of Sir Henry Lynch, Bart)
  vi. John Browne
  m1. Mary Cocks
  a. John Browne
  b. Emily Browne
  m. (08.01.1788) Dominick Browne of Ashford
  c. Mary Browne
  m. (14.05.1800) Peter Blake of Corbally Castle
  m2. Rosalinda Gilker (d 30.04.1812, dau of Eneas Gilker)
d. Louisa Browne
  m. (26.08.1807) George Moore of Moore Hall
  e.+ other issue - Henry, Eliza (d 18.10.1804), Anne
  vii. Anne Browne (d 21.02.1815)
  m. (12.10.1762) Ross Mahon of Castlegear (d 17.03.1788)
2. Valentine Browne of Mount Browne
  m. Bridget Talbot (dau of Col. James Talbot of Mount Talbot)
  A. Mary Browne
  m. John Lynch of Clogher
3. Bridget Browne (d 13.01.1702)
  m. Edward Bermingham, 13th Lord of Athenry (d 03.05.1709)
4. Elizabeth Browne
  m. John Bermingham of Kellbrack or Ross
5. Mary Browne
  m. (08.07.1702) Theobald Bourke, 6th Viscount of Mayo (b 06.01.1681, d 25.06.1741)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Sligo)
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