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Families covered: Buxton of Bilborough, Buxton of Brassington, Buxton of Chelmorden, Buxton of Wakefield

?? Buxton
1. Edward Buxton (a 1557)
  A. Edward Buxton
  m. (by 1584) Agnes Robinson (dau of George Robinson & Elizabeth)
  i. Edward Buxton
  m. (c1602?) Ann Blacket
  a. Edward Buxton (dsp)
  b. Robert Buxton of Chelmorden (a 1664)
  m. Elizabeth Wright (dau of Anthony Wright of Turnfield or Tanfield)
  (1) Edward Buxton of Chelmorden
  m1. (sp) Mary Cunliffe (dau of John Cunliffe of Ganside in Leak)
  m2. Alice Heathcote (dau of Michael Heathcote, sister of George)
  (A) Edward Buxton
  m. Ruth (d 06.03.1685, widow of _ Twigg)
  (B) Anthony Buxton
  m. Hannah Buxton of Wakefield
  (i) Edward Buxton (dsp)
  m. Ann Bird of Winster
  (ii) Thomas Buxton
  m. Rachel Bagshaw
  (a) Anthony Buxton of London
  m. Allice Watson of Wakefield
  ((1))+ issue - Edward, Thomas, Rachel, Elizabeth
  (b) Edward Buxton of Bakewell
  m. Mary Barker of Bakewell
((1))+ issue - George, Hannah
  (c) Ann Buxton
  m. Joseph Carrington
  ((1))+ issue - Catherine, Joseph, Ann
  (d) Hannah Buxton
  (iii) Catherine Buxton
  m. Thomas Ayre of Bakewell
  (iv) Sarah Buxton (dsp)
  (v) Elizabeth Buxton (d 07.1760)
  m. (06.05.1726) (John) Denman
  (C) Michael Buxton of Acaster (Yorkshire) & Longston (Derbyshire)
  m1/2. _ Rawden of Bilborough
  (i) daughter
  m. Francis Rowe
  (ii) daughter
  m. John Buxton
  (a) Mary Buxton (dsp)
  m. _ Johnson
  m2/1. Jane Harrison of Wakefield
  (iii) Jane Buxton
  m. _ Green of Ashford
  (a) John Green
  m. Elizabeth Bucksmith
  (b) daughter
  m. _ Harris
  (c)+ other issue - other sons, Elizabeth, Sarah
  (iv) Ann Buxton
  m. _ Williams
  (a)+ issue - Michael, Henry, George, John
  (v) Ruth Buxton (dsp)
  m. _ Longford
  (vi)+ other issue - Edward (d young), John (d young), Michael of London, Sarah, Hannah (d unm)
(D) daughter
  m. Richard North
  (2) John Buxton of Bilborough, Yorkshire (bur 1703)
  m. Phoebe (Topham?)
  The following is supported by Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Buxton of Bilbrough).
  (A) John Buxton (b 11.04.1662)
  m. Elizabeth Rokeby (bur 1721, dau of Joseph Rokeby)
  (i) Ursula Buxton (b 17.09.1697, d 30.04.1758)
  m. William Oakley (rector of Sigston)
(ii)+ other issue - Thomas (b 02.1693), John (b 13.06.1695), Joseph of New Buildings (b 04.10.1699, dsp 09.10.1766), Betty (b 01.07.1696)
  (B) Samuel Buxton, Sheriff of York (b 18.02.1663, d 07.02.1736-7)
  The following comes from FMG (vol 3, Bowes-Buxton-Smyth, MS396).
  m. Anne Bowes (bpt 29.09.1681, dau of John Bowes of Bowtham)
  (i) Phoebe Buxton (b 1696/09.1706, d 1789)
  m. (1729) Francis Smith of Yokeflete & Sutton (a 10.1772)
  (a) Francis Smyth of New Buildings (b 03.06.1737)
  m. Mary Plumer (dau/heir of Joseph Plumer of Oporto by Mary, dau of William Smith)
  ((1))+ issue - Joseph (b 25.03.1766), Francis (b 28.10.1767), Samuel (b 28.01.1770), Thomas, Edward, Mary (b 09.10.1763), Phoebe (b 13.03.1765), Ursula (b 28.07.1771), Ann , Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Emma
  One of the (younger) daughters married Captain Thrush.
  (ii)+ other issue - John (bpt 18.08.1694, d 28.10.1694/7), Samuel (bpt 10.06.1697, dsp 12.03.1752-3), Anthony (bpt 11.06.1711), Ann (bpt 15.03.1690/2, d 03.08.1695), Ann (bpt 03.08.1695)
  (C) Anthony Buxton (b 26.04.1671)
  m1. (29.05.1695) Martha Forth of London (d 06.11.1697)
  (i) John Buxton (bpt 10.1697)
  m. Ruth
  (a) Samuel Buxton
(ii)+ other issue - Benjamin (b 01.11.1697, d 1698), Mary (b 07.06.1696, d unm 1758)
  m2. Anne Lee or Leeds
  (iv) daughter
  Walker (Buxton of Bilborough) shows this daughter as the Ann who m. _ Alexander of Manchester but FMG leaves this daughter unnamed and shows a Hannah (m. _ Alexander) as her cousin, see below.
  (D) Phoebe Buxton (b 26.09.1666, d 22.01.1693)
  m. Edmund (probably not Samuel) Ogden
  (E) Dorothy Buxton (b 08.05.1668, d 14.09.1690)
  (3) Richard Buxton of Wakefield
  The following is supported by Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Buxton of Wakefield).
  m. (12.01.1674-5) Mary Smith (bpt 26.03.1649, dau of Timothy Smith of Wakeifeld)
  (A) Ebenezer Buxton (bpt 18.11.1678, bur 28.04.1760)
  m1. Barbara North (bur 04.09.1729)
  (i) John Buxton (bpt 25.04.1717, dsp 1781, rector of Carlton & Bunwell)
  m. (by 10.1763) Ann Wilson (bpt 05.05.1723, bur 15.01.1788, dau of Rev. Benjamin Wilson of Wakefield, widow of Thomas Preston of York)
  (ii) Thomas Buxton (bpt 29.06.1709, dsp bur 15.02.1740)
  m. Rachel (dau/widow of _ Green)
  (iii) Hannah Buxton
  m. Joseph Alexander of Manchester
  (a)+ issue - Milicent, Barbara
  (iv) Jane Buxton (dsps)
  m. Henry Dyson of Wakefield
  (v)+ other issue - Ebenezer (bpt 28.12.1720, dsp), Richard (bpt 22.01.1707, d unm 24.05.1779), Sarah (b 06.01.1702, d unm 01.07.1774), Mary (dbpt 01.11.1704, d unm 18.12.1779), Elizabeth (bpt 31.08.1706, d unm bur 08.11.1771), Barbara (bpt 10.08.1713, dsp bur 16.07.1773), Anne (bpt 04.04.1719, d unm 10.01.1788)
  m2. (03.09.1747) Susannah Eastwood (bur 05.03.1788)
  (B) John Buxton of Wakefield (bpt 07.03.1680, bur 01.05.1751)
m. Hannah Heald (dau of Timothy Heald of Wakefield)
  (i) Timothy Buxton (bpt 22.01.1708)
  (ii) John Buxton (dsp bur 11.08.1761)
  m. Jane Webster (d 07.04.1783, m2. Timothy Heald of Wakefield)
  (iii) Richard Buxton of Wakefield (dsp bur 27.05.1775)
m. (05.05.1752) Elizabeth or Martha Naylor (dau of Ebenezer Naylor, m2. Richard Lumb of Wakefield)
  (iv) Hannah Buxton
  m. William Reed (or Read) of Leeds
  (a) Hannah Reed (dsp)
  m. _ Creed (Major)
  (b) Elizabeth Reed (dsp)
  m. John Duncan of Sheffield
  (c) Phoebe Ann Reed (d 1824)
  m. Frederick Oates of Leeds (b 03.08.1750, d 14.08.1813)
  (d) Mary Reed (d 1787)
  m. (1784) (John) Vincent
  (e) (Elizabeth?) Reed (b c1748, d 1837)
  m. (1784) (George )Vincent (brother-in-law)
  (C) Dorothy Buxton (bpt 12.11.1675)
  m. Thomas Webster of Dewsbury
  ii.+ other issue - Robert of the Meadow then Wakefield, Helen, Elizabeth
  B. Richard Buxton of Over Flagg 'of Buxton, Derbyshire' 'of Brassington'
  Richard is the first mentioned in Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Buxton of Brassington) where he is described as of Buxton, Derbyshire. He is also the first mentioned in Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Buxton of Yolgrave) where he is described as of Brassington with it being noted that he was "possessor also of lands in Buxton". FMG describes him as of Over Flagg. Between them, the 2 articles within Visitation provide the following.
  m. Elizabeth Lane (dau/heir of John Lane of Brassington)
  i. John Buxton of Brassington, Derbyshire (d 1640, Coroner)
  m1. Bridget Senior (dau of Richard Senior of Cowley)
  m2. Agnes Ferne (dau/heir of Laurence Ferne of Bigging)
  a. Richard Buxton of Brassington (b c1626, a 1662)
  m. Mary Jackson (dau/heir of John Jackson of Kirk Irton)
  (1)+ issue - Anne, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Sarah
  b. John Buxton of Ashborne, Derbyshire (a 1670)
  m. Ellen Taylour (dau of Thomas Taylour of Ashborne)
  c. Bridget Buxton
  m. Edward Knolles of Brassington
d. Elizaberh Buxton
  ii. William Buxton
  m. Dorothy Buxton (dau of Edward Buxton of Mathfeild, Staffordshire)
  a. Richard Buxton
  iii. Henry Buxton of Alport in Baukewell, Derbyshire (b c1604, a 08.1662)
  m. Jane Rowe (dau of Robert Rowe of Rans)
  a. John Buxton of Youlgrave, Derbyshire (b c1638, a 1670)
  m. (1659) Mary Houlden (dau of Robert Houlden of Aston-upon-Trent)
  (1) Jane Buxton (b c1660)
  b.+ other issue - Robert, Frances, Jane, Elizabeth
  iv. Elizabeth Buxton
  m. John Buxton of Lea, Derbyshire
  v. Anne Buxton (dsp)
  vi. Margaret Buxton (d by 1641)
  m. _ Roe
  C.+ other issue - William, Henry
2. George Buxton (3rd son)
  A. George Buxton
3.+ other issue - James, Anthony, Thomas

Main source(s): FMG (vol 3, Buxton, MS408) with input/support as reported above
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