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Families covered: Vincent of Boston Lodge, Vincent of Hemsworth, Vincent of Limerick, Vincent of Parteen House, Vincent of Summerhill

John Vincent 'of Erina', Sheriff then Mayor of Limerick (a 1696, d by 1735)
m. Phoebe Brown (widow of John Higginson of Limerick)
1. Thomas Vincent, Mayor of Limerick (d by 1744, 3rd son)
  m. Alicia
  A. George Vincent of Parteen House (co. Clare), Mayor of Limerick (d 1810)
m. Anne Tunnadine (d 1808, dau of Rev. John Tunnadine of Park, sister of John)
  i. Thomas Vincent, Sheriff of Limerick (b 1753, a 1776, dvp)
  m. _ Unthank
  a. George Vincent of Parteen House (Captain)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, George, Julia
  b.+ 2 daughters
  ii. George Vincent (b 1753, d 1834, Captain)
  m. (1784) Elizabeth Read (b c1748, d 1837, dau/coheir of William Read of Leeds by Hannah Buxton)
  a. William Read Vincent of Boston Lodge, Yorkshire (b 1790, d 14.03.1862, Captain, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (1827) Sarah Clarke (b c1601, d 27.12.1863, dau/coheir of John Clarke of Boston Lodge & Wakefield by Betty, dau/heir of Richard Vavasour of Rothwell)
  b.+ other issue - George of Wakefield (b 1788, d 1862), Thomas Buxton of Scarborough (b 1791, d 1866), Hannah (d young)
  iii. John Tunnadine Vincent of Hemsworth in West Riding, Yorkshire (b 1761, d 1846, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (1784) Mary Read (d 1787, dau of William Read of Leeds)
  a. John Read Vincent of Hemsworth (b 1787, d 1874, Major) had issue
  m. Lucy Longston
  m2. Charlotte Fourness (dau/coheir of F. Fourness of Hemsworth)
  b. Matson Vincent of Hemsworth (Rev.)
  m. Tabitha Longston
  iv. Exham Vincent of Violet Hill, co. Clare (d 1818) had issue
m. Marcella Going
  v. Rebecca Vincent
  m. W. Long
  vi. Martha Vincent
  m. Nicholas Bischoff
  vii. Anne Vincent
  m. J(ohn) McAdam
  B. Exham Vincent, Mayor of Limerick (a 1770)
i. Anne Vincent
  m1. Meredith Monsell
  m2. W(illiam) Fosbery
  ii.+ other issue - Exham, John Prendergast
  C. Blanche Vincent
  m. Edmond Moroney
  D.+ 2 daughters
2. Arthur Vincent, Mayor of Limerick (a 1723, d by 1761)
m. Blanche Waller (sister of George Waller of the family of Castle Waller)
  A. John Vincent of Limerick
  m1. (1754) Catherine Love (dau of John Love of Castle Saffron)
  i. Arthur Vincent of Summerhill, co. Clare (b 1761)
  m. (1783) Mary Westropp (dau of Berkeley Westropp)
  a. William Vincent (b 1786, dsp 1834, Colonel)
  m. Frances Blood
  b. George Vincent of Erinagh, co. Clare had issue
  m. Henrietta Massy (dau of John Massy of Waterpark)
c. Berkeley Vincent of Summerhill (b 21.01.1803, d 19.01.1882) had issue
  m. (26.02.1835) Helena Hare (d 25.04.1882, dau of John Hare of Deer Park)
  ii. William Vincent (b 1762, dsp, Colonel)
  m. Fanny Hoare
  iii.+ other issue - John (b 1764, d unm 1848, General), 4 daughters
  m2. Lucy Westropp (dau of Thomas Westropp of Ballysteen, widow of Capt. Lindsay)
  viii.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1769), George (b 1772, rector of Shanagolden), Berkeley, 4 daughters
3. Anne Vincent
  m. (06.08.1717) John Brown (archdeacon of Limerick)
4. Alice Vincent
  m. George Roche (MP)
5. Elizabeth Vincent
  m. John Davis
6. Phoebe Vincent
  m. Matthew MacNamara
7.+ other issue - John (d by 1766), Richard

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Vincent of Boston Lodge), BLG1886 (Vincent of Summerhill)
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