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Families covered: Bromflete Lord Vessy, Bainbridge of Slaley, Bainbridge of The Riding, Beadnell of Barnhill, Beadnell of Lemington, Beadnell of Newcastle, Bradgate of Hellidon, Bradgate of Peatlin Parva, Bradgate of Ullesthorpe

Sir Thomas Bromflete of Londesborough etc (Yorkshire) & Wymington (Bedfordshire) (d 1430/1, King's Chief Butler)
m. Margaret St. John (dau of Sir Edward St. John by Anastasia, dau/coheir of William de Aton, Lord Aton, son of Gilbert, heir of William, Lord Vescy)
1. Sir Henry de Bromflete of Londesborough, Wymington, etc., Lord Vessy (d 16.01.1468/9)
  m1. (before 27.04.1416) Joan Holand (b c1380, dsp 12.04.1434, dau of Thomas, 2nd Earl of Kent, )
  Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Vaughan of Sutton') shows Joan as mother of Margaret. However, shows her as daughter of Henry's 2nd wife ...
  m2. Eleanor FitzHugh (d 30.09.1457, dau of Henry (not William) FitzHugh, 4th Lord)
  A. Margaret Bromflete (d 12.04.1483)
  m1. John Clifford, 9th Lord (b 1435, d 28.03.1461)
  m2. Sir Lancelot Threlkeld of Threlkeld (Thirkeld of Threlkeld)
2. Joan Bromflete (d 04.03.1408/9) probably of this generation
  m. Thomas de Faucenberg, 5th Lord (b 1345, d 09.09.1407)



Thomas Bainbridge of Slaley (b 1684-5, d 29.09.1765)
m. Mary (possibly bpt 07.04.1696, dau of Thomas Hunter)
1. Joseph Bainbridge of Slaley (bpt 25.04.1725, bur 28.01.1774, 3rd son)
  m. (c04.1750) Elizabeth Lawson of Bywell St. Peter (b 1735-6, d 04.05.1760)
  A.+ issue - Thomas (bpt 06.11.1757), Mary (bpt 30.01.1760, bur 08.03.1760)
2. William Bainbridge 'of Bywell St. Andrew' of The Riding (b 27.04.1736, d 05.12.1826)
  m. (05.01.1769) Mary Allgood (d 02.11.1808, dau/coheir of Lancelot Allgood of Riding)
  A. George Bainbridge of The Riding & Winchfield (b 23.03.1771, d 17.08.1841)
  B.+ other issue - William (b 30.01.1775, d before 28.07.1801), Lancelot (b 18.9.1776, d before 13.05.1800), Mary (b 28.10.1769, d 29.09.1820), Esther (b 28.12.1772, d unm)
3. Jane Bainbridge (b c1727, d 18.02.1815)
  m. (10.1758) Thomas Jameson of Slaley (d 30.01.1807)
  A. Thomas Jameson of Slaley (d 1843)
  i. Jane Jameson
  m. (08.06.1811) John Blackburn
4. Margaret Bainbridge (bpt 31.08.1721, dsp)
  m. George Beauclerk (Lt. General, son of 1st Duke of St. Albans)
5.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 18.08.1715), John (bpt 28.02.1717/8), Jacob (bpt 08.11.1731, bur 13.05.1770), Isaac (bpt 18.11.1739, bur 24.02.1740/1)



Possibly descended from William Bednall of Lemington Tower (a 1415) was ...
John Beadnell of Lemington (a 1538, d before 20.11.1579)
m. Ann Hastings (not clear)
1. Edward Beadnell of Lemington & Nunriding (a 1568, dvp, seneschall of Alnwick Abbey Courts)
  m. Elizabeth Collingwood (dau of Robert Collingwood of Eslington)
  A. Robert Beadnell of Lemington & Barnhill (d 12.08.1577)
  m. Alice Baxter (a 1620, dau of Christopher Baxter of Newcastle, m2. Roger Conyers)
  i. George Beadnell of Lemington, Barnhill & Shieldsdykes (a 1615, 1654, 2nd son)
  m1. Margaret Ogle (dau of John Ogle of Newsham & Phillis)
  m2. Elizabeth (a 1633)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. Robert Beadnell of Lemington (b c1604, dsp bur 27.03.1683)
  b. Thomas Beadnell of Newcastle (d 1685)
  Our (downloaded) copy of the source is not clear on this but it looks as though it was probably Thomas who was father of ...
  (1) Margaret Beadnell (d 1674)
  m. Robert Wilkinson
  (2) Rebecca Beadnell (d 1727)
  m. (c06.1674) William Ward of Newcastle
  c. George Beadnell of Newcastle (a 1629, a 1685, d by 1691)
m1. ??
  m2. Katherine
  d. Margaret Beadnell
  m. _ Selby
  ii. John Beadnell of Barnhill
  iii. Anne Beadnell possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Haggerston of Haggerston (b c1546)
  iv.+ other issue (a 02.1577/8) - Robert (b c1573, a 1583, dvp?), Elizabeth, Dorothy, Barbara
  B.+ other issue - Ralph, Richard (a 1579), Henry (a 1579), Agnes (a 1579)
2.+ George Beadnell of Newcastle & Barnhill (a 1527)
3. Anne Beadnell a 1579)



Richard Bradgate of Peatlin Parva, Leicestershire (d 1602)
m. Frances Moore (dau of John Moore alias Meredith of Weale)
1. Richard Bradgate of Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire (d 1665, 4th son) had issue
  A. Thomas Bradgate of Ullesthorpe father of Anne, possibly of this generation
  i. Anne Bradgate (d 1731)
  m. Henry Wigley (rector of Ecclestone)
  B. Barbara Bradgate (bur 04.04.1685) possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Ferrand of Harden Grange (bpt 1647, d 1711)
2. Edward Bradgate of Hellingdon (Hellidon), Northamptonshire (b 06.02.1603, d c1661, youngest son)
  m. Elizabeth Theed (bur 30.07.1654, dau of Robert Theed of Buckinghamshire)
  A. Edward Bradgate of Hellidon (b c1638, d before 05.09.1689)
  m. Mary Ireland (bur 15.10.1704, sister of William Ireland of Sutton Basset)
  i. William Bradgate of Hellidon (bpt 09.02.0661-2, d before 09.10.1724)
  m. (20.10.1692) Sarah Clifton (a 1724)
  a.+ issue - William (bpt 11.10.1693, a 1724), Edward (bpt 29.12.1695), Edward (bpt 18.04.1697), Jonas (bpt 17.10.1701), Thomas (a 1724), Sarah (bpt 30.05.1699, a 1724)
  ii. Edward Bradgate of Tamwrth, Warwickshire (bpt 15.03.1663-4, apothecary)
  m. Mary Man
  a. John Bradgate
  (1) Gilbert Bradgate (dspms) had issue
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 13.10.1672, a 1688), Cjarles of Daventry (bur 25.11.1704, surgeon), Gervase (bpt 12.10.1676, a 1688), Christopher (bpt 07.06.1681, bur 24.05.1690), Mary (bur 29.05.1664), Mary (bpt 16.12.1665, bur 09.11.1669), Mary (a 1688), Elizabeth (bpt 24.10.1667), Sara (bpt 04.06.1669, a 1688), Elizabeth (bpt 24.11.1670, a 1688), Katharine (bpt 08.09.1679, a 1688)
  B. Richard Bradgate of Adston in Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire (pbt 22.11.1640, a 1682)
m1. Anne Hedge (dau of Thomas Hedge of Adston)
  i. Elizabeth Bradgate (b c1666, a 1682)
  m2. Mary Clarke (dau of John Clarke of Mickleton)
  ii.+ other issue - Edward (b c1670, a 1682), Thomas (b c1676, a 1682), Richard (bur 23.08.1678), John (bur 21.12.1679), Sarah (b c1668, a 1682), Mary (b c1674, a 1682), Anne (b c1678, a 1682)
  C.+ other issue - Anthony (bpt 29.06.1648, d unm), William (bpt 15.03.165-1, d unm), George (bpt 31.07.1654, a 1682), Elizabeth (bpt 16.08.1638), Anne (bpt 24.02.1642-3), Mary (bpt 17.09.1646, bur 28.10.1646)
3. Frances Bradgate probably the Frances who married ...
  m. Henry Wigley of Scraptoft (b 1601, d 1645)
4. Elizabeth Bradgate probably the Elizabeth (b c1600, bur 29.10.1690) who married ...
  m. (c1626) Richard Butler of Preston Capes (d 09.1645)
5.+ other issue - William (d unm), John (d unm), Thomas (dsp), Jarvis of Wibtoft in Warwickshire (had issue), Robert of Peatin Parva (had issue), Christopher of Ullesthorp (dspm), Catherine, Dorothy

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