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Families covered: Casamajor of London, Casamajor of Upper Tockington

Juan Martin of Martinez, Sn. de Mayorga
m. Mayor Martinez de Casa Mayorga (Casamayor) (sister of Pedro de Lara, Cde de Mayorga)
1. Juan de Casamayor
  m. (1440) Maria (dau of Captain Pedro Fernandez by Maria Saer)
  A. Diego Casamayor of Yepes, Andalusia (Captain) had issue
  i. Benito de Casamayor (Comendator of Zamora & Pozo Rubio)
  B. Francisco Casamayor of Alcandete
  C. Frey Diego ('Beltran') Casamayor, Bishop of Badajoz then Cartagena then Placencia
  D. Antonio Casamayor
  i. Juan de Casamayor (a 1492)
  a. (Rodrigo) Alonso de Casamayor (a 1510)
m. Elvia Ruiz (a 1523)
  (1) Antonio Rodrigo de Casamayor (a 1580)
  m. Maria Olid de Santa Estevan (a 1581)
  (A) Luis de Casamayor
  m. Lucia Carrillo
  (i) Juan de Casamayor (a 1659)
  m. Maria (dau of Juan de Santa Ana by Maria Ruiz)
  (a) Manuel de Casamayor y Santa Ana
  m. Antonia Serrano (dau of Martin Serrano by Bernarda Valenzuela)
  ((1)) Luiz John Casamajor - continued below
  m. Clementina Lapeyre (d 1760)
  ((2))+ other issue
  (B) Marina de Casamayor
  m. Antonio Garcia Fuster
  (C)+ other issue including Ana
  b.+ other issue



Luiz John Casamajor, later of Bristol ("Came from Cadiz into England A.D. 1695", "a Spanish merchant") - continued above
m. Clementina (or Clemence) Lapeyre of Gascony (d 03.11.1760)
1. Noah Casamajor (b 1700, d 04.09.1746, at Fort St. George in the East Indies)
  m. (15.06.1736) Rebecca Popwney (b 12.09.1715, d 06.11.1778, dau of John Powney)
A. James Henry Casamajor of London & Madras (b 12.11.1745, d 23.01.1815, Member of the Madras Council)
  m. (28.01.1786) Elizabeth Rebecca Campbell (b 22.01.1764, d 19.01.1837, dau of Sir James Campbell of Inverneil & Ross)
  i. James Archibald Casamajor in Mysore & Tracancore (b 20.04.1787) had issue
  m. Mary Christian Patterson (dau of Colonel Thomas Patterson (Paterson) by Anna, dau/coheir of Boyd Portafield (Porterfield) of that Ilk)
  ii. Elizabeth Rebecca Casamajor
  m. John Studholme Brownrigg
  iii. Jane Amelia Casamajor (d 29.12.1809)
  m. (20.10.1809) Henry Russell (son/heir of Sir H. (Chief Justice of Calcuatta))
  iv. Amelia Casamajor
  m. (23/03.10.1810) John Edmond Elliot (son of Lord Minto)
  v. Harriott Casamajor
  m. Rev. Henry Higginson
  vi. Louisa Casamajor
  m. Charles Farquharson
  vii. Agnes Margaret Casamajor
  partner unknown
  viii. Rebecca Casamajor (d 20.03.1851)
  B. son (b/d 03.09.1737)
2. John Casamajor of London (d c05.1747)
  m. Anna.Hannah King of London (d before 17.12.1782)
  A. Justinian Casamajor of Potterells, North Mims, SHeriff of Hertfordshire (d 13.06.1820)
  m. Mary Grant (d 1816)
  i. Elizabeth Casamajor
  m. (17.10.1808) John Vernon
  Their son Justinian "assumed the name and arms of Casamajor".
  ii. Mary Hannah Casamajor
  m. _ Anderson
  iii.+ other issue - Justininan of London (d 12.08.1821), (George) John, Charles, Louis Duncan (b 1784-5, d 03.03.1820), William Charles (b 1779-80, d 16.02.1847), John (d before 02.10.1821), son, George James (d 29.05.1849), Henrietta of Rawleigh (d unm before 19.03.1824), Lydia, Emma (d 11.01.1841), Caroline Lydia (d 13.07.1853)
  B.+ other issue - John of London (b c1742, d 31.12.1813), Hannah, Mary
3. Henry Casamajor of Upper Tockington, Gloucestershire (d 04.1765)
  m. Elizabeth Whitehead (a 1781, dau/coheir of William Whitehead of Great House, Upper Tockington)
  A. Henry Casamajor of Upper Tockington then Bath (b c1749, d unm 01.1824, 3rd son)
  B. Henrietta Casamajor of London (b 24.02.1753, d 23.02.1809)
  m. Rev. _ Davies
  C. Elizabeth Casamajor (a 1781)
  m. Robert Goodwin of London
  D. Hannah or Anne Casamajor (d 19.12.1810)
  m. (29.06.1763) Sir William East of Hall Place, Bart (d 1819)
  E. Maria Clemencia Casamajor (d 1824)
  m. John Bryan (d by 1787, Rector of Kilton, Vicar of Stockland)
  F.+ other issue - Lewis John (dsp, Captain), Thomas (dsp, RN), Harriott of Hall Place (b 1755-6, d unm 03.04.1831)
4. Clemence Casamajor
  m. James Laroche (formerly Crothaire) of Bristol (d 06.10.1770)
5.+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (d before 12.10.1779), Elizabeth of Bristol (d before 26.06.1780), Anne of Bristol (b c1736, d 30.12.1807)

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 1 (1874), 'Descent of the Family of Casamayorga or Casamayor from the Royal Houses of Castile and Leon', p87+)
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