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Families covered: Campbell of Aird, Campbell of Corranmore, Campbell of Craignish, Campbell of Duncrosk, Campbell of Inverneill, Campbell of Tuerechan

Dugald Campbell of Craignish, Argyllshire
m1. Anna Macdonald (dau of Donald Macdonald of Islay, "ancestor of the Earl of Antrim")
1. Dugald Campbell of Craignish (d c1220)
  m. Bridget Maceuire (dau of Dugald Maceuire of Lochavich)
  A. Dugald Campbell of Craignish (d c1250)
  m2. _ Macswine (dau of Dugall Macswine or Macsween of Skipness)
  i. Dugald Campbell of Craignish (d c1270)
  m. Jennet Lamont (dau of ?? Lamont of Lamont)
  a. Malcolm Campbell of Craignish (d c1290)
  m. ?? ("a near relative of the great O'Neil's (sic) of Ireland")
  (1) Dugald Campbell of Craignish (d 1350)
  HJHeraldry shows that the eldest son of Malcolm was Sir Dugald who, by Margaret sister of John of Glesrech, was father of Sir Dugald who had 2 daughters by the daughter of the Laird of MacNaughton. Provisionally, we follow FSCOMT who shows just one generations of (Sir) Dugald (Dougall).
  m. _ MacNaughton (dau of _ MacNaughton of MacNaughton)
  (A) Christina Campbell
m1. (c1360) John MacDougall of Lossit
  m2. Alexander Macnachtan of Macnachtan
  m3. Duncan MacIver of Asknish (son of Terlet (or Charles) of Asknish)
  (i) Christina MacIver
  (B) Effreta Campbell
  m. Duncan Macighell of Barrichbeyan
  (2) Malcolm Campbell
  m1. (c1317) ??
  m2. (c1343) Alice Maclaughlan
  (A) Ronald {'with the large thumb') Campbell of Craignish (a 1412, d by 1448)
  (i) John 'Gorm' Campbell of Craignish (d 1498) - continued below
  (ii) Duncan Campbell of Glenmoriston had issue
  (3) Fingula Campbell
  m. _ Macmartin of Upper Glassry
  b. Duncan Campbell ancestor of the MacRaths
  ii. Charles Campbell
m2. _ Macswine (dau of Dugall Macswine of Skipness)



John 'Gorm' Campbell of Craignish (d 1498) - continued above
1. Archibald Campbell of Craignish
  HJHeraldry suggests that Archibald was living in 1497 but dvp. FSCOMT, which shows that his father d 1498, suggests that Archibald d 1510 and indicates that he was younger than Donald. We follow HJHeraldry in showing him as the elder son.
  m. _ Maclean (dau of John Maclean of Dowart)
  A. Dugald Campbell of Craignish (d 1537?, probably not alive 1570)
  i. Ronald Campbell of Craignish (d 1540)
  m. _ MacLachlane (dau of _ MacLachlane of Stralachlan)
  a. Dugald Campbell of Craignish (d 1544-5)
  m. Ann Campbell (d 1544-5, dau of Arthur Campbell of Strachur by Catherine Mackoull)
  partner unknown
  (1) John Campbell of Aird in Craignish (b c1534)
  (A) Donald Campbell
  (B) John Campbell of Aird (b c1562)
  (i) Dugald Campbell of Aird
  (a) John Campbell of Aird
  ((1)) Archibald Campbell of Aird (baillie of Morven)
  ((A)) Donald Campbell of Aird (b c1670)
  (b) Gillespic Campbell of Aird
  ((1))+ issue - Donald, Archibald
  (2) Donald or Dougall Campbell
  B. Charles ('More') Campbell (aka Macvrachater) of Craignish (a 1544)
  (1) Charles is the 2nd mentioned by BLG1952 where he is shown as son of Dugald. Provisionally we follow HJHeraldry & FSCOMT in showing his as Dugald's younger brother.
(2) HJHeraldry shows Charles and his successors as 'of Craignish'. We follow FSCOMT in showing them as of a particular place within Craignish, where applicable.
  i. John Campbell of Corranmore in Craignish (d 1575)
  a. Charles Campbell of Corranmore in Craignish (d 1607)
  (1) John ('Ian Crubach') Campbell of Easter Duncrosk in Glenlochay (a 1650)
  m1. Margaret Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Wester Duncrosk in Lawers)
  BLG1952 reports that John had 4 sons by his 1st wife and 2 sons by his 2nd wife, with this Patrick being the elder son of the 2nd marriage. Provisionally we follow FSCOMT in showing Patrick as of the 1st marriage.
  (A) Patrick Campbell of Easter Duncrosk (d c1676 ( not c1623))
  m1. Ann Buchanan (dau of Patrick Buchanan of Minish)
  (i) Charles Campbell of Tuerechan in Glenlochay (b 1650, d 1723)
  m. (1669) Margaret Campbell (d 1717, dau of Duncan Campbell of Auchtertyre)
  HJHeraldry shows their sons in the order Patrick, John, Duncan then Charles. FSCOMT shows them in the following order.
  (a) Charles Campbell of Tuerechan (b 1700)
  ((1)) Duncan Campbell of Tuerechan
  ((A)) James Campbell of Breadbalbane
  (b) Patrick 'Ban' Campbell of Tuerechan (b 1675, d 1753)
  m. (1705) Jean McNab (granddau of McNab of McNab?)
((1)) James Campbell of Tuerechan (b 06.03.1706, d 26.05.1760)
  HJHeraldry shows James's wife as Eliza, dau of James Foster of Dunoon. BLG1886 & BLG1952, supported by FSCOMT, identify her as ...
  m. (31.12.1734) Elizabeth Fisher (d 23.09.1790, dau of James Fisher of Durran, Provost of Inverary)
  ((A)) (Sir) James Campbell of Inverneil (b 16.01.1737, d 16.03.1805)
  m. (16.07.1761) Jean Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Askomel (by son of Archibald) by Lilias, dau of Archibald Campbell of Inverawe by Janet Maclean)
  ((i)) Sir James Campbell of Inverneill, Bart (b 25.05.1765, dsp 05.06.1819, Lt. General)
  m. (03.05.1794) Agnes Margaret Hunter (dau of John Hunter of London)
  ((ii)) John Campbell of Inverneil (b 31.05.1766, d unm 1822, Captain RN)
  ((iii)) Duncan Campbell of Inverneil (b 28.09.1771, d 1840) had issue
m. (1798) Eliza Cooper of Gravesend (b c1777, d 1853)
  ((iv)) Archibald Campbell (b 21.10.1774, d 1838)
  m. (c1812) Martha Elizabeth Higginson of Gloucester (bpt 25.10.1791, dau of Alexander Higginson of London)
  ((v)) Lilias Frances Campbell (bpt 02.07.1762)
m. (1793) James Kennedy (Captain)
  ((vi)) Elizabeth Campbell (b 22.01.1764, d 19.01.1837)
  m. (28.01.1786) James Henry Casamajor of London (d 1815)
  ((vii)) Jessie Campbell (b 16.06.1767)
  m. (12.12.1785) James Campbell of Edinburgh (son of John of Ardmaddy)
  ((viii)) Jean Campbell (bpt 27.06.1771)
  m1. (29.04.1788) Edward Addison of London
  m2. (1802) Roger Pocklington of Carlton Hall (House)
  ((ix)) Augusta Campbell (b 11.10.1775)
  m. (1802) Gilbert Coventry Master (b 01.08.1776, d 31.07.1832)
  ((x)) Amelia Ramsay Campbell (b 29.08.1779, d 09.05.1847)
  m. (01.07.1801) William Wickham Cowell
  ((xi)) Anne Campbell (b 08.08.1783)
  m. (1803) Wigram Money
  ((xii))+ other issue - John, Lorne (b 23.10.1776, d 21.03.1801), Catherine (b 29.09.1772, d young)
((B)) Sir Archibald Campbell of Inverneill, Governor of Jamaica then of Madras (b 21.08.1739, d 31.03.1791, Major General)
  m. (08.07.1779) Amelia Ramsay (d 08.07.1813, dau of Allan Ramsay of Kinkell (portrait painter) son of Allan of Kinkell (poet))
  HJHeraldry suggests that they had issue but BLG1952 & FSCOMT report that they dsp.
  ((C)) Duncan Campbell of Ross (b 05.05.1742, dsp 1822)
  m. Amelia Lamont (dau of John Lamont of Lamont)
  ((2)) Alexander Campbell (4th son)
  partner unknown
  ((A)) Dugald Campbell
  ((3)) Ann Campbell
  m. William Ranieson of Edinburgh
  ((4)) Jean Campbell
  m. Donald Macvein
  ((5)) Margaret Campbell
  m. (15.12.1764) William Drummond of Crieff
  ((6))+ other issue - John (dsp), Colin (Captain RN, had issue)
  (c) John Campbell
  m. Isobel Stewart (dau of Allan Stewart of Innischerich)
  ((1))+ issue - Charles, Patrick (had issue), Christian, Margaret, Katherine, Ann, Isobell
  (d) Duncan Campbell of Inshdaff in Breadalbane
  ((1)) Charles Campbell of Inshdaff
  m(2). (c1729) ??
  ((A)) Duncan Campbell of Inshdaff
  ((B)) Margaret Campbell
  m. (22.02.1752) John Macgregor of Lochearnhead
  partner unknown
((C)) Donald Campbell of Glenaray
  ((i))+ issue - James, Archibald, Duncan, Barbara
  ((2)) John Campbell (dsp)
  ((3)) Duncan Campbell of Inshdaff
  ((A))+ issue - Archibald, James, Lilly, Mally
  m2. Catherine McIlvoyll
  (B) Dugald Campbell of Easter Duncrosk
  (i) John Campbell of Easter Duncrosk
  m2. Agnes Shaw (dau of _ Shaw of Knockeely)
  b. Robert Campbell
  (1) Robert Campbell
  ii.+ other issue - Peter, Charles
2. Donald Campbell (d 1492)
  m. (1481) Effreta Viclgheil (dau of "the Baron of Barrichebean")
3. Marion Campbell
  (m1)/p. John Campbell (son of Colin of Ardkinglas)
  m(2). Gillicallum Macleod of Raasay

Main source(s): HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'House of Craignish', p63+), BLG1952 ('Campbell of Inverneill'), BLG1886 ('Campbell of Inverneill and Ross') with input from FSCOMT shown in italics
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