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Families covered: Castell of (East) Hatley, Castel of Norwich, Castell of Yarmouth

(1) Campling identifies the arms of the following family as "Argent, three castle triple-towered gules" and reports that the following Oliver "came from Flanders to Norwich (in) 1567". Note the note at the top of Castle2.
(2) As well as the following, Campling provides a pedigree for another family of Castell of Nowich ('Pedigree B') but, unfortunately, we have found no connection to that other one in our database.
Oliver van den Casteele (a 1567)
m. Mary (d by 1615)
1. Abraham Castel of Norwich (d 08-9.1625)
  m. Jean Selose
  A. Abraham Castel of Norwich (a 1633)
m. (16.10.1610) Susan Maryche of Norwich
  i. Abraham Castell of Yarmouth (bpt 1616, d before 12.01.1683-4)
  m. Debora Albertson (dau of John Albertson of Yarmouth)
  a. Abraham Castell of Thrigby & Yarmouth
  m. (1667) Elizabeth Suckling (dau of Robert Suckling of Woodton)
  (1) Robert Castell of Yarmouth (b c1677, d 1719)
  b. John Castell of Orsmby & Yarmouth (b c1649, d 04-5.1718)
  m. (1671) Ann Legard (b c1655, d 1714, dau/heir of Charles Legard of Aslaby (Anlaby))
  (1) Theophila Castell (bpt 1678)
  m. (1704) Robert Staff of Norwich
  (2) Theophila Castell (bpt 1682)
  m. (1714) Thomas Goodchild of Newton
  (3) Bridget Castell
  m. James Andrews
  (4)+ other issue - Abraham of Yarmouth (bpt 1686, a 1707), Edward of Yarmouth (a 1714), John (bpt 1676, d 1693), Peter (bpt 1690), Sarah (bpt 4686), Meriallm, Ann, Elizabeth (d before 11.12.1729)
  ii. Richard Castell of Norwich (bpt 1624, d by 1659)
  m. Ann
  iii. Peter Castell of Norwich (bpt 1618, a 04.1659, woolcomber)
  m. Esther Delatate (d 06-7, 1670, dau of John Delatate)
  a. Isaac Castell of Norwich (a 1667, woolcomber)
  m. Elizabeth (d before 29.03.1704)
  (1) Mary Castlell (bpt 1678, d 1738)
  m. Stephen Delatate of Norwich (dsp 1724)
  (2)+ other issue - Isaac (bpt 1697), James, Elizabeth (bpt 1667, d before 17.02.1704-5)
  b. Abraham Castell of Norwich (bpt 1640)
  m. (1667) Margaret Gibbs
  (1) Jane Castell
  m. (c1700) Thomas Gibbs of Norwich
  c. Jacob Castell
  m. (1679) Ann Miles
  d.+ other issue - Jane, Hester, Elizabeth, Frances
  iv. Susan Castell
  m1. John Havet of Norwich
  m2. Richard Wenman of Norwich (grocer)
  v.+ other issue - Isaac (bpt 1622),Mary (bpt 1619), Jean (bpt 1626), Sarah (bpt 1628)
  B. Pell Castel of Norwich
  i. Abraham Castel of Norwich
  C. John Castel of Norwich (bpt 1599, a 1634)
  m. Jean
  i. Mary Castel (bpt 1634)
  D. Peter Castel of Norwich (bpt 1601)
  m. (04.08.1653 (sb 1623?)) Esther Havet (dau of John Havet)
  i.+ issue - Peter (bpt 1632), Esther (bpt 1624), Jean (bpt 1627), Elizabrth (bpt 1629)
  E. Ma Castelryr
  m. John Deneau of Norwich
  F.+ other issue - James (bpt 1605), Isaac (bpt 1605), Jean (bpt 1595), Sarah (bpt 1612)



Visitation mentions a number of different arms for the following family including "Azure, on a bend argent three triple-towered castles sable, purfled or".
Robert Castell of Hatley, Cambridgeshire (a 1479)
1. Robert Castell of Hatley
  A. Thomas Castell of Hatley
  m. _ Hodsdon (dau/heir of Rob. Hodsdon alias Barnett)
  i. Thomas Castell of East Hatley
m. Beatrice Hutton (dau of Thomas Hutton or Hatton of Dry Drayton)
  a. Robert Castell of East Hatley (a 1619)
  m1. Constance Haward (dau of Stephen Haward of St. Edmondsbury)
  (1) Robert Castell 'of East Hatley' (a 1619)
  m1. Dorothy Lewknor (dau of Sir Edmund (Edward) Lewknor of Denham)
  m2. Elizabeth Allen (dau of Edmund Allen of Hatfeild Peverell)
  (A) Robert Castell (b c1614)
  m1. Ed. Dalltingston (dau of Sir Peter Dalltingston)
(i)+ issue - Edward, Mary
  m2. Hwllwyse (St. Garnes?)
  (iii) Robert Castell
  Possibly the Robert of East Hatley who was father of another Robert by ...
  m. Susan Saltonstall (dau of Sir Peter Saltonstall of Barkway)
  (a) Robert Castell
  (B) Alice Castell probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Thomas Bendyshe of Barrington (b c1602, d 1684)
  (C)+ other issue - Edmond, Constance, Martha, Elizabeth
  (2) Mary Castell
  m. Robert Haselden of Gouldington
  (3) Martha Castell
  m. John Wright of Wrightsbridge
  m2. Elizabeth of London (widow of Rob. Tayler of Babram (Batram))
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, Anne

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section: 'East Anglian Pedigrees' (Arthur Campling, Part II, 1945, 'Castell of Norwich: Pedigree A')
(2) For lower section: Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575-1619, 'Castell')
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