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Families covered: Chafin of Chettle, Chafin (Chafyn) of New Sarum (Salisbury), Chafin of Seales Clevedon (Zeales), Chafin (Chafyn) of Warminster

Thomas Chafin or Chafyn of Warminster, Wiltshire
1. Thomas Chafin (Chafyn) of Warminster
  m. Margaret Erley (d 1502, dau/heir of Richard Erley (Erneley?) of Wolfal (Woodfalls)l, sister of Richard)
  A. William Chafin of Bulford, Wiltshire
  m. Avis Tichborne (sister of Nicholas Tichborne of Southamptonshire)
  i. Thomas Chafin of Sealis Clevdon (Zeales) in Mere, Wiltshire (d before 20.11.1570)
  m1. Margaret Bawne (dau of William Bawne of Beckinesfield)
a. Thomas Chafin of Mere
  m. Dorothy Hawe (relict of _ Cator)
  (1) Thomas Chafin (d young)
  b.+ other issue - Richard (rector of Winterbourne), Thomas, Leonard, William
  m2. Elizabeth Evans (dau of Thomas Evans of Winterslow)
  f. William Chafin of Sealis Clevdon (Zeales) (d 06.10.1626)
  m. ?? Willoughby (dau of Christopher Willoughby of Knoll)
  (1) William Chafin (a 1623, dvp)
  m. (24.04.1609) Elizabeth Tooker (dau of Giles Tooker of Salisbury)
  (A)+ issue (a 1626) - Elizabeth (b c1609), Willoughby (b c1610), Maria (b c1612)
(2) Richard Chafin (b c1595)
  m. (1625) Lucy Marsh (a 07.1627)
  (3) Thomas Chafin (b c1602)
  Possibly a son of Richard or Thomas was ...
  (A) William Chafin of Zeales
  m. Mary Freke (dau of Thomas Freke of Melcombe & Hinton St. Mary) possibly wife of William & mother of ...
  (i) Thomas Chafin (dsp?)
  (ii) Harry Chafin (dsp?)
  m. Anne Coker (d 19.08.1701, dau of Robert Coker)
  (iii) Mary Chafin
  m. (1686) John Grove 'of Chisenbury' (d 1699)
  Zeales passed into the Grove family.
  (4) Frances Chafin
  m. (20.09.1620) William Martin of Mere
  g.+ other issue - Thomas, Thomas, Leonard, William, Dorothy
  ii. Christiana Chafin
  m1. Thomas Douce of Collingborne
  m2. John Stumpe of Mamsbery
  iii. Dorothy Chafin
  m. Thomas Ashlock of Mere
iv. Elianor Chafin
  m1. Nicholas Segwicke (Sedgwick)
  m2. Nicholas Boreman of the Isle of Wight
  v.+ other issue - Leonard, William, Elizabeth
  B. Thomas Chafin of Salisbury, Wiltshire (d by 1558)
  m. Scholastica Coke (dau of Thomas Coke or Cooke of New Sarum)
  i. Thomas Chafin of Salisbury (d before 19.01.1558/9, draper)
  m. Sybil South (dau of Robert South of Salisbury)
  a. Thomas Chafin of Salisbury (d 25.03.1619)
  m. Margaret Longe (b 13.04.1563, bur 07.04.1631, dau of Henry Longe of Whaddon)
  (1) Thomas Chafin of Salisbury (bur 16.08.1645)
  m. Dorothy Adams (bur 18.11.1658, dau of John Adams of Broadfield Down)
  (A) Thomas Chafyn of Salisbury (b 1612, bur 29.12.1679)
  m. Lady Hawker (b 1616, d 04.01.1691, dau/coheir of Thomas Hawker of Heytesbury)
  (i) Lady Chafyn (bpt 09.02.1637-8, bur 07.08.1638)
  (ii) Lady Chafyn (bpt 25.01.1638/9, d 22.11.1692)
  m. (14.10.1658) James Marks of Salisbury (d 19.11.1679, of Gray's Inn)
  (a) Thomas Chafyn Marks of Salisbury (bpt 10.12.1667, d 08.12.1727)
  (B) William Chafyn of Salisbury (b 1618, 4th son)
  (i) William Chafyn of Salisbury (bur 18.01.1644-5)
  (C) Margaret Chafyn
  m. _ Davies
  (D) Dorothy Chafyn (bpt 27.08.1607)
  m. Edward Windover of Salisbury (bpt 26.12.1582, d 01.04.1645)
  (E)+ other issue (a 1623) - John (b 1616), Alexander (b 1617), Charles of Salisbury (b 1623, d by 1657), Maria (b 1610)
  b. Katherine Chafin or Chafyn
  m. (14.07.1567) William Holmes of New Sarum
  c. Joan Chafin or Chafyn (d by 1619)
m1. (26.08.1563) William Eyre of New Sarum (son of Henry of Wedhampton)
  m2. (16.10.1587) Edward Windover of New Sarum (b 1538, d by 1619)
  ii. Thomas Chafin or Chafyn of New Sarum (2nd of the name)
  m. Elizabeth (widow of William Williams of New Sarum)
  a.+ issue - John of Downton (b 1533, a 1575), Jane, Elizabeth
  iii. Elizabeth Chafin or Chafyn
  m. John Hooper of New Sarum (son of John)
  iv. Margaret Chafin or Chafyn
  m. Nicholas Moody of New Sarum
  v. Eleanor Chafin
  m. George Snelgar
  C. Nicholas Chafin or Chafyn (4th son)
  i. Richard Chafyn
  D. Leonard Chafin or Chafyn of Mere (a 1526, Dean of Sarum)
  m. Katherine
  E. Dorothy Chafin or Chafyn
  m. Thomas Ashlock of Mere
  F.+ other issue - Thomas (d 1545, 2nd of the name), Elizabeth
2. George Chafyn of Warminster (d by 1514)
  m. Agnes (d by 1519)
  A. Stephen Chafyn
  m. Ann
  B. John Chafyn
  m. Johan
  C. Christopher Chafyn of New Sarum (d by 1551)
  m. Dorothy (widow of John Newman of New Sarum)
  D. Elizabeth Chafyn
  m. _ Warren of Ringwood
  E. Agnes Chafyn
  m. John Beche of Warminster
  F. Margaret Chafyn
  m. John Moody of New Sarum
  G. Edith Chafyn
  m. John Horner
  H.+ other issue - Robert, George, Edmund of Battersea in Middlesex (d by 1523)



The coats of arms show that the following family was (probably closely) connected to the above family.
Bampfield Chafin of Folke 'of Chettle', Sheriff of Dorset (bur 08.07.1644)
m. Mary Lysle of the Isle of Wight (bur 07.04.1660)
1. Thomas Chafin of Chettell (Chettle), Dorset (d by 1656, younger son?)
  m1. (24.08.1635) Elizabeth Trenchard (bur 12.03.1642/3, dau of Sir Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton)
  A. Mary Chafin (d 07.04.1697)
  m1. (11.03.1657/8) John Prowse
  m2. (c09.1670) George Ryves of Ranston (b c1628, bur 29.03.1689)
  B.+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 29.08.1639, bur 20.10.1639), Bridget (bpt 03.1642/3)
  m2. Amphillis Hyde (dau/coheir of Lawrence Hyde of Heale)
D. Thomas Chafin of Chettle (b c1650, d before 18.08.1691)
  m. Anne Penrudock (b c1655, d 05.03.1705, dau of John Penrudock of Compton Chamberlayne)
  i.+ issue - Thomas (d young?), Thomas (bur 22.03.1710/1), Bampfield (bpt 08.02.1676/7, bur 06.11.1718), John Portman (bpt 18.05.1678), Harry (bpt 03.02.1679/80, bur 01.09.1680), George (bpt 17.06.1689, d 07.09.1766), Jane (bpt 16.03.1674/5. bur 02.10.1679), Anne (bpt 31.03.1681, bur 19.04.1706), Mary (bpt 20.03.1682/3), Arundel (bpt 18.09.1684, bur 24.07.1710), Bridget (bpt 22.04.1686), Rachel (bpt 19.9.1687)
  E. Bampfield Chafin (b 21.05.1649)
  F. Elizabeth Chafin
  m. George Strangways of Melcombe Regis
  G. Amphillis Chafin
  m1. Thomas Chiffinch of Gravesend
  m2. Edward Young of Durnford
2.+ other issue - Bampfield (bpt 26.04.1617, bur 02.09.1619), John (bpt 01.08.1620, bur 20.03.1622/3), George (bpt 28.03.1624, bur 09.02.1632/3), Harry (bpt 22.3.1628/9), George (bpt 23.02.1633/4), Charles (bpt 31.01.1635/6, bur 19.05.1636), Edmund (bpt 18.06.1637), Mary (bpt 23.10.1625, bur 25.04.1636), Frances (bpt 03.04.1632, bur 23.03.1637/), Mary (bpt 25.11.1641)

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(2) For lower section : Visitation (Dorset, 1677, Chafin)
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