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Families covered: Chaldecott of Whiteway, Chaldecot of Quarlstone

'Wilts' identifies the arms of the following family as "Azure, three arrows erect or".
William Chaldecot of Quarlstone, Wiltshire
m. Alice Salmon (dau/heir of Robert Salmon of Semley)
1. George Chaldecot
  m. Margaret Deasham (dau of Richard Deasham of Quarlston)
  A. William Chaldecot of Quarlstone
  m. Margaret Rogers (dau of Sir John Rogers of Brianston)
  i. Ann Chaldecot (d 08.08.1621)
  m1. Richard Bingham of Bingham's Melcombe (dvp)
  m2. (1590, sp) Sir John Strode of Chantmarle, Dorset (b 1561, d 1642)
  ii. Edith Chaldecot (d 1638)
  m. Francis Chaldecot of Whitway (Whiteway) @@ just below



Francis Chaldecot of Whitway (Whiteway), Dorset
m. Edith Chaldecot (d 1638, dau/coheir of William Chaldecot of Quarlstone) @@ just above
1. George Chaldecot
  m. Margery Snigg (dau of Sir G. Snigg (Baron of the Exchequer)
  A.+ issue (a 1623) - Ann (b c1614), Jane (b c1616)
2. Andrew Chaldecot 'of Whiteway' (b c1597)
  m. Catherine South (dau of E. South)
  A. Catherine Chaldecot (b c1639, d 26.02.1673-4)
  m. Alexander Thistlethwaite of Norman Court (b 1636, d 01.1715)
3. William Chaldecot of Shaftesbury & Holworth
  m. Elizabeth Field (dau of T. Field)
  A. Francis Chaldecot
4. Elizabeth Chaldecot probably of this generation
  m. Maximilian Mohun (b 11.1596, d 1673)
5. Honor Chaldecot possibly fits here
  m. John Champneys
6.+ other daughters (7 in total)

Main source(s): 'Wilts' (vol 4 (1829), 'Pedigree of Chaldecot of Quarlstone and of East Whiteway in Dorsetshire', p32/317)
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