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Families covered: Challons of Challonsleigh

Westcote reports the suggestion that the following Sir Hardwyn Callons was third son of "The great Earl of Challons". As the story continues that "of the first came the Earl of Spencer", whose ancestry was much falsified (see Spencer01), then "of the second the Prince of Orange", we view that with some suspicion.
Sir Hardwyn Challons
m. Florence, "lady of Leche and Chaddlewood"
1. Sir Pierce Challons
  m. Katherine de Cantelupe (sister/heir of Sir John de Cantelope)
  A. Sir Robert Challons
  m. Lucy Nivet (sister/heir of Sir Robert Nivet)
  i. Sir John Challons 'of Chalonsleigh'
m. Margaret Langford (dau of Sir Robert Langford, m1/2. Nicholas Daune)
  a. Sir John Challons
  m. Isabel Chuselden (dau of RIchard Chuselden)
  (1) Robert Challons of Challonsleigh
  m. Joan Beauchamp (dau/(co)heir of Sir John Beauchamp)
  (A) Sir Robert Challons of Challonsleigh in Plympton, Sheriff of Devon (d 06.02.1445, MP)
  HoP reports that Sir Robert had 2 sons (1 dvp) and was succeeded by his grandson John and that, after John died, "the Chalons lands passed to Sir Robert's two grand daughters, the children of Katherine St. Aubyn". Westcote identifies Katherine as Sir Robert's sister but it appears that she was his daughter.
  m. Blanch Waterton (b c1380, d 03.09.1437, dau/coheir of Sir Hugh Waterton of Easton Tregoes (Chamberlain to King Henry IV))
  (i) John Challons (dvp)
  (a) John Challons of Challonsleigh (dsp 1447)
  (ii) Thomas Challons
  Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Challons of Mylor', p83) starts with a Sir Robert Challons of Challons whon as father of Thomas of Challons father of Richard of Challons. That appears to be inconsistent with the report above that "the Chalons lands passed to Sir Robert's two grand daughters, the children of Katherine St. Aubyn". It is perhaps likely that, when Vivian shows Thomas & RIchard as "of Challons", that should not be interpreted as indicating that they were of the main lands. However, if Thomas was Sir Robert's 2nd son reported by HoP, it is possible that he was not legitimate. Vivian provides the following for his descendants.
(a) Richard Challons
  ((1)) John Challons
  ((A)) Richard Challons 'of Modbury' of Milor, Cornwall (a 1620)
  m1. Friswide Croker (dau of John Croker of Lineham)
((i)) Walter Challons (b c1590, a 1620)
  m2. Alice Kendall (dau of Thomas Kendall of Treworgy)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Henry, Thomas (dsp), Richard (dsp), Margaret
  m3. Elizabeth Davis (dau of John Davis of Trevalster)
  ((vi)) other issue - John, Maria
  (iii) Katharine Challons
  m. John St. Aubyn of Comb-Ralegh (d 14.10.1418)
  (iv) daughter
  ii. Isabella Challons probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Fichet of Spaxton (a 1350)

Main source(s): 'A View of Devonshire' (Westcote, p614+), HoP ("Robert Challons") with input as reported above
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