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Families covered: St. Aubyn of Clowance

BEB1841 reports that the St. Aubyn family of Clowance descended from Gwyder St. Aubyn who was "a younger brother of St. Albyn, (as the name was anciently spelt,) of Alfoxton. in the county of Somerset, who settled in Cornwall". However, Vivian shows the Clowance family traced back to the 13th century without mention of Alfoxton whilst VCH (Somerset, vol 6, 'Stringston: Manors and other estates') suggests that Alfoxton came to the St. Albyn family at the beginning of the 16th century. We show the family of Alfoxton on StAubyn3. Vivian starts with ...
Mauger de Sancto Albino
1. Mauger de Sancto Albino (a 1249)
  A. Stephen de Sancto Albino of Henstridge in Berynarbor, Devon
  i. Sir Mauger de Sancto Albino of Pidekswell, Devon (d 1291)
m. Isabella Pidekswell (a 1308, m2. Sir Gilbert Beare)
  a. Mauger de Sancto Albino (b c1279, a 1324)
  (1) Isabell de Sancto Albino
  m. Sir Jordan Haccombe ('son of Sir Stephen son of Sir Stephen of Haccombe')
  (A) Cecily Haccombe (a 1365)
  m. (c1327) Sir John l'Arcedekne
  b. Guy de Sancto Albino (a 1333)
  m(2). Margaret
  (1) Sir Thomas de St. Aubyn of Combersleigh
m. Alice Raleigh (dau/coheir of Sir John Raleigh of Combersleigh)
  (A) Sir John de St. Aubyn of Combersleigh (d 28.08.1383)
  m1. ??
  (i) Guy St. Aubyn (b c1376)
  m. Alice Serjeaux (dau/ of Sir Richard Serjeaux (by Phillipa, dau of Richard, Earl oif Arundell), sister/coheir of Richard, m2. Richard de Vere, Earl of Oxford)
  m2. Johanna Chudleigh (d 08.12.1423, dau of Sir James Chudleigh, m2. Philip Bryan, m3. Sir Thomas Pomeroy)
(ii) John St. Aubyn (d 14.10.1418)
  m. Catherine Challons (dau of Sir Robert Challons of Challons Leigh)
  (a) Johanna St. Aubyn (b c1410)
  m1. Otho Bodrigan (dsp)
  m2. William Dennys 'of Combraleigh'
  ((1)) Alice Dennys probably of this generation
  m. John Bonvill of Combraleigh & Ivybridge
  (b) Margaret St. Aubyn (b c1414)
m. Reginald Tretherff
  (2) Geoffrey St. Aubyn, Sheriff of Cornwall (d c1400) the first mentioned by BEB1841
  m. Elizabeth Kemyell (dau/heir of Peter Kemyell of Clowance)
  (A) Geoffrey St. Aubyn of Clowance (a 1460)
  m. Alice Tremere (d 01.05.1400, dau/coheir of John Tremer of Tremere in Lanivet)
(i) Thomas St. Aubyn of Clowance (d c1512)
  m. Maude Trenouth (dau/coheir of John Trenouth of Fentongollan)
  (a) John St. Aubyn of Clowance (a 1524, dsp)
  (b) Peter St. Aubyn (dsp before 1479)
  (c) Thomas St. Aubyn of Clowance (St. Clowins) (a 1523)
  m. Mary Grenville (dau of Sir Thomas Grenville, widow of Richard Blewett of Holcombe)
((1)) John St. Aubyn of Clowance, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 17.08.1590)
  m. Blanch Whittington (b c1522, d 31.03.1594, dau/coheir of Thomas Whittington of Pawntley)
  ((A)) Thomas St. Aubyn of Clowance (b c1546-7, d 27.03.1626)
  m. (25.07.1590) Zenobia Mallet (d 01.01.1597, dau of John Mallet of Wolley)
  ((i)) John St. Aubyn of Clowance, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 13.09.1639)
  m. (29.01.1604) Katherine Arundell (bur 17.12.1629, dau of John Arundell of Trerise)
  ((ii)) Thomas St. Aubyn of Helston (d before 05.07.1637)
  m. (13.04.1615) Katherin Bonithon (dau of John Bonithon of Colclew)
  ((a)) Zenobia St. Aubyn
  m. (c04.1647) William Holland
((b))+ other issue - Henry (b 1617, d before 1637), Thomas (b c1617, bur 06.02.1628)
  ((iii)) Anne St. Aubyn
  m1. (c10.1595) John Courtney of Lasack
  m2. (c10.1620) John Trevellyan of Nettlecombe
  ((B)) Mari St. Aubyn
  m. Henry Chiverton
  ((C)) Grace St. Aubyn
  m. John Reskemer (dsp 1617)
  ((D)) Agnes St. Aubyn
  Agnes's husband is identified as Thomas Cheworth but it looks as though that should be ...
  m. Thomas Cosworth
  ((E)) Avis St. Aubyn
  m. _ Corriton
((F)) Margaret St. Aubyn
  ((2)) William St. Aubyn of Carminowe (a 1555, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Borlace (bur 21.01.1595)
  ((A)) Henry St. Aubyn of Carminowe (bur 17.08.1617)
  ((3)) Thomas St. Aubyn (dsp)
  ((4)) Margaret St. Aubyn
  m. _ Glyn
  ((5)) Anne St. Aubyn
  m. John Moyle of Bake
((6)) Elizabeth St. Aubyn
  m. _ Vivyan
  (d) Jane St. Aubyn
  m. Tristram Colan
  (e) Elizabeth St. Aubyn
  m. John Rossogan
  (f) Ann St. Aubyn
m. John Roseworne
  (g) Mary St. Aubyn
  m. John Trewike of Truro
  (h) Alice St. Aubyn
  m. John Kempe of Bilston (bur 12.1557)
  (B) Peter St. Aubyn
  (i) Matilda St. Aubyn
  m. John Arundell of Tolverne (d 1544)
  (C) Elizabeth St. Aubyn
  m. Richard Boscawen
  (D) Margery St. Aubyn
  m. John Penrose of Penrose
  c. John de Sancto Albino of Parracombe (a 1330) had issue in Devon
  m. Joan
  d. Stephen de Sancto Albino of Henstridge (a 1366)
  m. Matilda

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'St. Aubyn of Clowance and St. Michael's Mount', p437+) with a little support from BEB1841 (St. Aubyn (in Addenda))
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