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Families covered: Chisholm of Comar, Chisholm of Knockfin, Chisholm of Leitry, Chisholm of Lower Knockfin

Thomas 'Tanastair' Chisholm of Kinneries (d 01.1670)
m. (c1630) Catherine Mackenzie (dau of Roderick Mor Mackenzie of Redcastle by Florence Munro)
1. Thomas Og Chisholm of Lower Knockfin
  m. _ Fraser of Struy
  A. Colin Chisholm of Lower Knockfin, later of Lietry in Glencannich
  m1. _ Fraser of Ballindown
  i. Roderick Chisholm
  m. Anne Chisholm (dau of John (Ian MacAlastair) Chisholm)
  a. Alexander Chisholm (2nd son)
  m. Mary Macrae (dau of Alexander Macrae of Glencannich)
  (1) John Chisholm had issue in Cape Breton, Canada
  m. Isabel Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Lietry)
  (2)+ other issue - William in Nova Scotia, Roderick in Nova Scotia
  b. Duncan Chisholm had issue (some in Canada or West Indies)
  m. Margaret Bain (dau of _ Bain in Carnach)
  c. John Chisholm (5th son) had issue (some in Australia)
  m. Janet Chisholm (widow of Christopher Macdonell)
  d. Alexander Chisholm had issue
  m. Catherine Chisholm (dau of Colin Chisholm)
  e. Helen Chisholm
  m. Alexander Chisholm of Knockfin
  f. Catherine Chisholm
  m. Duncan Macrae of Crasky (farmer)
  g.+ other issue - Colin (in America), William (in Canada)
  m2. Mary ('Mairi Nighean Ian Ruaaidh') Macdonell
  ii. Colin Chisholm of Leitry (d 08.02.1833)
  m. Eliza Chisholm (d 01.05.1795, dau of William Chisholm of Comar, sister of Alexander of Lochans)
  a. Colin Chisholm of Leitry (d 29.12.1846?) had issue
  m. Mary Macdonell (d 29.05.1864?) dau of Alexander Chisholm of Invercannich)
  b. John Chisholm had issue
  m. Catherine Chisholm (dau of John Chisholm of Comar)
  c. Mary Chisholm (to Nova Scotia)
  m. Alexander Chisholm of Carrie
  d. Anne Chisholm (to Glengarry, CanadA)
  m. Angus Macdonell (son of Alexander of Invercannich)
  e.+ other issue - Duncan (d unm in New York), James (d infant), Archibald (d unm 21.07.1816, Captain), Helen (d young)
  iii. Mary Chisholm
  m. Hugh Macdonell
  iv.+ other issue (d young) - Griadach, Helen
  b. John Chisholm
  i. John Ban Og Chisholm in Allangrange
  C. daughter (to Nova Scotia in 1801)
  m. Alexander Mackintosh
m2. ??
2.+ other issue



Colin Chisholm of Knockfin
m. (24.06.1662) Mary Grant (dau of Patrick Grant of Glenmoriston by dau of Fraser of Achtertyre)
1. John ('Ian Ruadh') Chisholm of Knockfin
m. _ Grant of Corriemony
  A. Colin Chisholm of Knockfin
  m(1). Helen Grant (dau of John Grant of Glenmoriston by Janet Cameron)
  i. Colin Chisholm of Knockfin
  m1. (1749) Margaret (sb Isabel?) Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Ballone, widow of James Macrae of Conchra)
  a. Helen Chisholm (b 20.08.1754)
  m. _ Grant of Glenmoriston
b.+ other issue (dvp) - Colin (b 01.02.1750, d unm Quebec 17.01.1781), Alexander (b 20.09.1752, to America)
  m2. ?? Chisholm (dau of Archibald Chisholm of Fasnakyle) @1@ below
  d. John Chisholm of Knockfin (b 02.01.1762, d 1811)
  m1. (1792) Jane Fraser (dau of William Fraser of Culbockie)
  (1) John Chisholm of Knockfin & Cheltenham (b 16.08.1793, Colonel) had issue
  m. (12.02.1822) Eliza Fraser (dau of Hugh Fraser of Eskadale, son of Thomas of Achnacloich)
  (2) William Chisholm (b 09.11.1794, d unm 01.01.1818)
  (3) Colin Chisholm 'of Inverness' (b 28.12.1795, d 1877) had issue
  m. Margaret Macdonald (dau of John Macdonald of Glenalladale)
  (4) Archibald Chisholm (b 15.02.1798, Major) had issue
  m. Caroline Jones of Northampton
  m2. Hannah Fraser (dau of _ Fraser of Archnacloich, cadet of Struy)
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas (b 06.07.1807, d 22.02.1872, priest in Strathglass), Alexander (b 19.11.1808, d 1854 in Sydney, Australia)
e. Archihald Chisholm (b 15.12.1765, d unm)
  ii. Valentine Chisholm of Inchully in Strathglass (youngest son)
  m1. Janet Macdonell of Mid Crochell
  a. daughter
  ## Mackenzie (Chisholm, p159) shows Valentine's eldest dau as m. David Fraser (son of Fraser of Struy) but Mackenzie (Fraser, p642) corrects that to Valentine's sister being married to Thomas, son of that David.
b. Helen Chisholm
  m. Allan Mor Chisholm (son of 'Cailean na Craigie') @2@ below
  c. Mary Chisholm
  m. Alexander Macrae of Carrie (farmer)
  d.+ other issue - Bishop John (b 02.1752, d 08.07.1814), Bishop Aeneas (d 1818), son
m2. (sp) _ Grant of Corriemony
  iii. (Janet) Chisholm see note ## just above
  m. Thomas Fraser (son of David son of ?? of Struy)
  iv.+ other issue - 5 sons (3 d young)
  m2. (sp) _ Grant of Corriemony
  B. son
  C. Isabella Chisholm
  m. John Chisholm (son ofTheodore son of Alexander of Chisholm) @3@ below
  D. Margaret Chisholm
  m. _ Grant of Milton (d Culloden 1745, Captain)
  E. daughter
  m. _ Macdonell of Ardnabee
  F. daughter
m. _ Fraser of Muily ('of Aigas')
  G. daughter
  m. _ Cameron (later in France)
2. Archibald Chisholm of Fasnakyle
  m1. _ Macrae (dau of Kenneth Macrae of Achyertyre)
  A. Kenneth Chisholm of Fasnakyle
m. Mary Mackenzie (dau of George Mackenzie of Allangrange)
  i. Margaret Chisholm
  m. John Chisholm (tacksman of Comar) @4@ below
  B. Alexander Chisholm (to Canada)
  m. _ Fraser of Ballindown (brother of Captain??? of Eskadale)
  iii. Mary Chisholm probably of this generation
  m. Theodore Chisholm of Comar @5@ below
C. daughter
  m. Alexander Chisholm of Mucherach
  m2. _ Fraser of Aigais
  D. Kenneth Chisholm
  E. Alexander Chisholm
  m. _ Grant in Urquhart
  i.+ 2 daughters
  F. daughter
  m. Colin Chisholm of Knockfin @1@ above
3. Alexander Chisholm of Buntait
  m. ?? (dau of 'Eachainn Maol' of Mald)
  A. Colin ('Cailean na Craige') Chisholm
m. Mary Macdonell (dau of Allan Macdonell of Acha-na-h'Eaglais)
  i. Alexander Chisholm to Canada
  ii. Allan Mor Chisholm of Muckerach
  m. Helen Chisholm (dau of Valentine Chisholm) @2@ above
  a. Valentine Chisholm (Captain, later tacksman of Lakefield) had issue
m. Anne Macrae (dau of Archibald Macrae of Ardintoul by Janet Macleod) ## see here ##
  b. Mary Chisholm
  m. John Forbes
  c. Anne Chisholm
  m. John Mor Chisholm of Balnahuan (to Nova Scotia)
  d.+ other issue - Aeneas (d unm), John (farmer in Mid Crochell), Alexander (to Canada)
  iii. Duncan Chisholm in Kerrow (a 1822, farmer, later in Canada)
  m. Janet Chisholm (dau of Theodore Chisholm (tacksman of Comar)) @6@ below
  a. Alexander Chisholm (Captain, later MP in Glengarry, Canada) had issue
  m. _ Macdonald
  b. Mary Chisholm
  m. Peter Macdonald of Wester Crochell (farmer)
  c.+ other issue - John (to Canada), Colin (to Canada), Roderick, Theodore, Eliza (d unm)
  B. John Ban Chisholm in Lietry
  m. Catherine Macrae (dau of John Macrae)
  i. James Chisholm (b c1765, dsp 19.11.1821, 3rd son)
  m. (c11.1821) Mary Chisholm
  ii. Roderick Chisholm in Comar (farmer)
  m. Isabell Macrae
  a. James Chisholm (d unm, Colonel)
  b. John Chisholm, later in Comar (d 15.02.1831) had issue
  m. Mary Macrae (dau of Farquhar Macrae of Fadoch in Kintail)
  iii. Archibald Chisholm (dsp)
  m. Eliza Chisholm
  iv. Duncan Chisholm
  m. _ Maclean
  a. James Chisholm (d unm Quatre Bras)
  v. Catherine Chisholm
  m. Donald Maclean of Carrie
  vi.+ issue (d unm) - Alexander, Johnm Alexander, 4 daughters



Theodore Chisholm
m. Margaret Fraser of Culobkie
1. John Chisholm of Wester Knockfin
  m. Isabella Chisholm (dau of John Chisholm of Knockfin) @3@ above
  A. Theodore Chisholm of Comar
  m. Mary Chisholm (dau of Alexander Chisholm son of Archibald of Fasnakyle) @5@ above
  i. John Chisholm of Comar had issue
  m. Margaret Chisholm (dau of Kenneth Chisholm, son of Archibald of Fasnakyle) @4@ above
  ii. Eliza Chisholm
  m. Alexander Macdonell of Invecannich (farmer)
  iii. Margaret Chisholm
  m. John Macrae of Invercannich (farmer)
  iv. Janet Chisholm
  m. Duncan Chisholm of Kerrow (farmer, son of 'Cailean na Cragie' son of Alexander Buntait) @6@ above
  v. Mary Chisholm
  m1. David Fraser of Crasky (farmer, of the family of Struy)
  m2. Roderick Macdonell "'hereditary standard-bearer of the Chisholms", later in Glengarry, Canada)
  vi. Isabell Chisholm
  m. Duncan Macdonell of Carrie (farmer)

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