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Families covered: Cockburn of Dalginche, Cockburn of Gartsford, Cockburn of Rowchester, Cockburn of Selburnrigg, Cokburn of Torry, Cockburn of Trettoun

Adam de Cokburn
m. Alina or Elyne de Prendergest
1. ?? de Cokburn
  A. Adam de Cokburn of Torry, Fife (a 1385) possibly of this generation
  m. _ de Valoniis
  i. Sir John de Cokburn of Torry (d c1440) probably of this generation
  a. Sir John de Cokburn of Torry & Dalginche, Sheriff of Kinross (a 1455, d by 1468?) apparently succeeded by ...
  (1) Sir John Cockburn of Dalginche & Trettoun (a 1471)
  (A) John Cockburn of Trettoun
  (i) David Cockburn of Trettoun (a 1527, d 1570, 2nd son)
  m. Katherine Smyth of Gask (probably of the family of Braco)
  (a) John Cockburn of Trettoun (d 1579)
  m. Elizabeth Fairney
  ((1)) Andrew Cockburn of Trettoun (d c1615)
  ((A)) John Cockburn, last of Trettoun (a 1628, d unm?)
  partner unknown
  ((B)) Andrew Cockburn
  (b) Walter Cockburn (Captain)
  m. Issobell Lawder (natural dau of John Lawder of Edrintoun)
  (c) Isabelle Cockburn
  m. John Wardlaw of Hill
  (d)+ other issue - Andrew, jonet
  (ii) daughter
  m. _ Schaw of Blare at Brambeth
  (a) Elizabeth Schaw (a 1506)
  m. Robert Colville of Haltoun
  (iii)+ other issue - John (dvp), William, daughters
  (2) Patrick Cockburn in Dysert
  (A) Florentius (Florimund) Cockburn had issue
  b. daughter
  m. Sir Henry Wardlaw



James Cockburn of Selburnrigg
m. Marion Whytelaw (of family in Greenlaw)
1. ?? Cockburn
  A. James Cockburn of Selburnrigg (a 1688)
  'The House of Cockburn' identifies this James as grandson of the above James. It appears that he was the James who is the first mentioned by BLG1886.
  m. Isobel Cockburn (dau of John Cockburn son of ?? of Newholme)
  i. John Cockburn (d 1712)
a. David Cockburn in Langton (d 1763)
  m. Mary Whytelaw
  (1) Thomas Cockburn of Rowchester (Berwickshire), etc. (b 1723, d 1787, WS)
  m. (03.12.1752) Agnes Scott (dau of John Scott of Belford (son of Charles son of Sir John, 1st Bart of Ancrum) by Marion, dau of Alexander Ashesteel by Mary, dau of Bishop Wood of Edinburgh)
  (A) John Cockburn, later Cockburn-Ross of Rowchester (d 1827)
  m. Jane Ross, heiress of Shandwick
  (i) Charles Cockburn-Ross of Rowchester & Shandwick (dsp 1839)
  (ii)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas (d Badajos, Captain), Christiana (d unm 1872)
(B) Thomas Cockburn
  m. Henrietta Colebrook
  (i) Thomas Cockburn (dsp)
  (ii) Agnes Mary Cockburn
  m. (13.11.1815) Henry Stafford Northcote
  (C) Alexander Cockburn of Gartsford, Ross-shire (d 1808)
  m. Olypmia Campbell (dau of Sir Alexander Campbell, 1st Bart)
  The following comes from BP1934 ('Cockburn-Campbell of Gartsford'). Olympia's father's baronetcy passed to ...
  (i) Sir Alexander Thomas Cockburn, later Cockburn-Campbell of Gartsford, 2nd Bart (d 23.04.1871 in Australia) had issue
  m1. (20.06.1827) Margaret Malcolm (d 1841, dau of General Sir John Malcolm, cousin)
  m2. (1842) Grace Spence (d 31.07.1870, dau of Joseph Spence of Birtswith)
  m3. (04.04.1871, sp) Sophie Jana Trimmer (d 09.1890)
  (D) Agnes Cockburn
  m. Thomas Hood of Hardacres (cousin)
  (i) John Hood, later Cockburn-Hood of Stoneridge, Berwickshire (b 08.07.1795, d 1878, 2nd son?) had issue
  m1. (1818) Janet Anne Low (d 1836, dau of Alexander Low of Leadnurquhart by Anne, dau of George Thomson of Nuthill & Falkland)
  m2. (1844, sp?) Elizabeth (Ms. Cosens of Kames)
  (ii)+ other issue including Thomas (d Sancta Maura 1818, Captain)
  (E) Isabella Cockburn
  m. Lord Robertson ("son of the historian")
  (F) Margaret Cockburn
  m.James Stothert of Cargen
  (G)+ other issue - Mary, Marion, Cecilia Charlotte (d unm)
  (2) David Cockburn
  (3) Mary Cockburn
  m. Thomas Hood (grandson of James of Hwdesland or Hoodsland)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The House of Cockburn of that Ilk and the Cadets thereof' (Thomas H. Cockburn-Wood, 1888, p331+)
(2) For lower section (originally within a draft page uploaded 06.07.08 that was reworked 08.01.19) : BLG1886 ('Cockburn-Hood of Stonebridge'), 'The House of Cockburn of that Ilk and the Cadets thereof' (Thomas H. Cockburn-Wood, 1888, p72+) with input as reported above
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