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Families covered: Coetmor of Coetmor (Coytmore)
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Piers Coetmor of Coetmor
m. Alice Griffith (dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn, m2. Dafydd Holland of Abergele)
1. William Coetmor 'of Llanllechid'
  m. Elin Puleston (dau of Sir John Puleston of Anglesey)
A. William Coetmor (Coytemore )
  m1. Jane Williams (dau of William Williams of Cochwillan)
  i. Robert Coetmor (Coytmore of Coytmore) (a 1627)
  m. Lumley Lloyd (dau of Humphrey Lloyd of Denbigh)
  a. George Coetmor 'of Coetmor'
  m. Margaret Parry (dau of Richard Parry, Bishop of St. Asaph)
(1) Robert Coetmor or Coytmor of Coytmor (bur 06.05.1725)
  m. Ellen Williams (dau of Sir Griffith Williams of Penrhyn)
  (A) George Coetmor 'of Coytmor' (b c1659, bur 19.09.1738)
  m. Mary Bodwrda (bur 09.02.1755, dau/heir of Hugh Bodwrda)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Bodwrda, p168).
  (i) Robert Coetmor 'of Coetmor & Bodwrda' (b c1691, d 05.1725)
  m. Bridget Bertie (bur 09.08.1734, dau of James Bertie, son of Earl of Abingdon)
(a) James Coetmor (dsp bur 31.12.1742)
  (b) Mary Coetmor (bpt 24.09.1719)
  m. (19.09.1739) Edward Philip Pugh of Penrhyn Creuddyn
  (c) Bridget Coetmor (dsp)
  (ii) Dorothy Coetmor (bpt 23.07.1699)
  m. (20.12.1722) Humphrey Roberts of Brynyneuadd (bur 03.11.1733)
(iii)+ other issue (d young?) - Geroge, Thomas, Richard, John (bpt 04.11.1705), Griffith, Ellen, Mary (bur 29.07.1697), Lumley (bpt 12.05.1698)
  (B) Gwen Coetmor
  m. Thomas Fletcher of Treborth ucha
  (C) Margaret Coetmor (d unm 29.09.1684)
b. Richard Coetmor
  m. Mably Anwyl (dau of Willliam Lewis Anwyl of Park, relict of Ellis Ellis of Ystumllyn)
  (1) Richard Coetmor (bur 08.01.1669)
  m. Margaret Coetmor (bur 05.10.1684, dau of Lewis Coetmor of Llangadwaladr)
  (A) George Coetmor of Conway (b c1660, d 17.09.1738)
  m. (02.12.1698) Margaret Wynn (b c1679, bur 21.08.1757, dau of Cadwaladr Wynn of Voelas)
  (i)+ issue - Margaret (bpt 1700), Grace (bpt 04.10.1706, bur 21.03.1707), Elizabeth (bpt 30.01.1707, bur 05.03.1708), Ellen (bpt 23.09.1711)
  (B) Owen Coetmor (bur 05.01.1691)
  m. Ann Williams (dau/heir of _ Williams of Pas-onn)
  c. Blanche Coetmor (Coytemore )
  m. Thomas Bulkeley of Baronhill, 1st Viscount Bulkeley of Cashel (d by 1659)
  d. Catherine Coetmor
  m. Hugh Davies of Caerhun
  e.+ other issue - Jane, William, Robert, Harri
  ii. Rowland Coetmor or Coytemore (d c1626)
  The following comes from http://users.legacyfamilytree.com/USPresidents/index.htm and http://members.aol.com/dwidad/adamsped.html.
  m(3). (23.12.1610) Katherine Miles
  a. Elizabeth Coytemore
  m. William Tyng
  (1) Anna Tyng
  m. Thomas Shepard (b 1635, d 1656)
  (A) Thomas Shepard (b 1658, d 1688, minister)
  m. Mary Anderson (d 1717)
(i) Anna Shepard (b 30.01.1684/5, d 07.05.1735)
  m. Henry Smith (b 19.01.1678/9, d 31.10.1766)
  (a) William Henry Smith (b 29.10.1708, d 02.10.1776)
  m. (19.12.1732) Margaret Lloyd (b 01.06.1713, d 25.09.1756, dau of Henry Lloyd)
  ((1)) Rebecca Smith (b c1734/5, d 25.11.1809)
  m. (05.06.1766) John Aspinwall (b c1705/6, d 15.07.1774)
  ((A)) John Aspinwall (b 10.02.1774, d 06.10.1847)
m. (27.11.1803) Susan Howland (b 20.05.1779, d by 23.12.1852, dau of Joseph Howland)
  ((i)) Mary Rebecca Aspinwall (b 20.12.1809, d 24.02.1886)
  m. (26.04.1827) Isaac Roosevelt (b 21.04.1790, d 23.10.1863)
  (B) Anna Shepard (b 1663)
  m. Daniel Quincy (b 1650/1, d 1690)
(i) John Quincy (b 1689, d 1767)
  (a) Elizabeth Quincy (d 1775)
  m. William Smith (b 1706/7, d 1783, minister)
  ((1)) Abigail Smith (b 22.11.1744, d 28.10.1818)
  m. (25.10.1764) John Adams, 2nd President of the USA (b 30.10.1735, d 04.07.1826)
iii. Elin Coetmor
  m. Richard Rowland Wynn of Penhesgin
  iv. Catherine Coetmor
  m. Owen ap Thomas Wynn ap Edmund
  v. Barbara Coetmor
  m. John Williams
  vi. Margaret Coetmor
  m. Jasper Price of Bodowyr
  vii. Lowry Coetmor
  m. Robert Owen of Bodsilin
  viii. Grace Coetmor
  m. (22.07.1582) Robert Vaughan of Beaumaris
  ix. Alice Coetmor
  m. Hugh ap John Wynn, of Ruthin
  x.+ other issue - Rhys, Nicholas, William, John
  m2. Mary Lewis (dau of William Lewis of Presaddfed)
  xiv.+ other issue - William, Ann, Grace, Elizabeth
B. John Coetmor
  m. Elin (dau of David ap Robert ap Richard)
  C. Edward Coetmor
  m. Margaret Roberts (dau of William Roberts, son of Castellmarch, Archdeacon of Merioneth)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Castellmarch, p191).
  i. Elizabeth Coetmor
  m1. Robert ap Hugh (sb Robert ap Thomas?)
  m2. Hugh Gwyn of Arienallt
  ii. Jane Coetmor
  m. John Owen (rector of Langybi & Llanarmon)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Tribe of Meirion Goch, p395).
  a. Owen
b. Catherine
  m. Richard ap Hugh ap Richard, of Arienallt
  iii.+ other issue - Richard of Wapping (London), William of Temple Bar (London), Gaynor
  D. Annes Coetmor
  m. John ap William ap Reinalt
  E. Ales Coetmor
  m. Robert ap Richard, of Conway
  F. Lowry Coetmor
  m. Thomas Wynn ap Morris, of Gorddinog
  G. Jane Coetmor
  m. Edward Conwy
  H.+ other issue - David of Norwich, Robert of Suffolk, Pierce, Thomas
2. Elin Coetmor
  m. John ap Owen, of Abergele
3. Myddanwy Coetmor
  m. David Lloyd ap Hugh, of Marian Heilin

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Coetmor, p277)
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