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Families covered: Bulkeley of Barrowhill, Bulkeley of Beaumaris, Bulkeley of Brynddu, Bulkeley of Cashel, Bulkeley of Coedan (Coydan), Bulkeley of Old Bawn, Bulkeley-Owen of Tedsmore

Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris & Cheadle, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire & Anglesey (d 1572-6)
m1. Margaret Savage (dau of Sir John Savage of Rock Savage)
1. Sir Richard Bulkeley, Mayor of Beaumaris, 1st of Baronhill (b c1533, d 28.06.1621)
  Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Bulkeley) shows Sir Richard m1. Katherine Davenport m2. Mary Burgh with Mary mother of Sir Richard (m Anne Wilford), Thomas (1st Viscount), Mary, Margaret (m. George Shelleto of Heath), Frances, Elizabeth, Katherine (m. Sri Edwyn Sands of Kent), Eleanor (m. Sir Henry Porter), Penelope (m. Sir Edwin Sands of Worcestershire). TCP (Bulkeley) confirms that Mary Burgh was in fact his 1st wife. We follow BE1883 & Griffith.
  m1. Mary Burgh (dau of William Burgh, Lord of Gainsborough)
  A. Sir Richard Bulkeley (bpt 24.03.1580-1, d 25.01.1645)
  m. (c1605) Anne Wilford (dau of Sir Thomas (not John) Wilford of Idington (Ildington), m2. Sir Thomas Cheadle)
i. Richard Bulkeley (dsp 15.03.1639-40)
  m. _ Hill of Worcestershire
  ii. Ann Bulkeley
  m1. Henry Whyte of Friars
  m2. _ Price (a 1670)
  iii. Mary Bulkeley
  m. Richard Bodychen of Bodychen
  iv.+ other issue - Robert, Peter (dsp)
  B. Thomas Bulkeley of Baronhill, 1st Viscount Bulkeley of Cashel (bpt 10.08.1585, d by 1659)
  m1. Blanche Coytmore (dau of Robert Coytmore of Coytmore)
  i. Richard Bulkeley (b c1625, dvpsp 19.02.1649/50, Colonel)
  m. Catherine Mostyn (dau of Sir Roger Mostyn)
ii. Robert Bulkeley, 2nd Viscount Bulkeley of Cashel (d 18.10.1688)
  m. (before 1655) Sarah Harvey (bpt 08.09.1636, d 18.06.1715, dau of Daniel Harvey of Combe)
  a. Richard Bulkeley, 3rd Viscount (b 1658, d 09.08.1704)
  m1. (1681) Mary Egerton (dau of Sir Philip Egerton of Egerton and Oulton)
  (1) Richard Bulkeley, 4th Viscount (b 19.09.1682, d 04.06.1724)
  m. (1702/3) Bridget Bertie (d 13.06.1753, dau of James Bertie, 1st Earl of Abingdon)
  (A) Richard Bulkeley, 5th Viscount (b 08.04.1707, dsp 15.03.1738/9)
  m. (08.01.1731/2) Jane Owen (dau of Lewis Owen of Peniarth)
  (B) James Bulkeley, 6th Viscount (b 17.02.1716/7, d 23.04.1752)
  m. (05.08.1749) Emma Rowlands (d 18.08.1770, dau of Thomas Rowlands of Nant & Caeru)
(i) Thomas James Bulkeley, 7th Viscount, Lord Beaumaris (b 10.12.1752, dsp 03.06.1822)
  m. (26.04.1777) Elizabeth Harriet Warren (d 23.02.1826, dau of Sir George Warren of Poynton)
  (ii)+ other issue - Elinor Maria (d 13.08.1751), Frances Emma (d 13.07.1756)
  (C) Eleanor Mary Bulkeley
  Griffith shows an Ellen who married her cousin, _ Bertie. BE1883 shows that it was Anne who married a Bertie and that Eleanor married ...
  m. George Harvey of Tiddington
  (D) Anne Bulkeley
  m. William Bertie (minister)
(E) Elizabeth Bulkeley (b 1704, d 21.08.1778)
  m. William Price of Rhiwlas
  (F)+ other issue - Lumley, Sarah, Ann
  m2. (01.03.1687/8) Elizabeth White (d 13.06.1752, dau of Henry White of Henllan, relict of Thomas Lort, m3. Thomas Ferrers of Bangeston, m4. John Hooke of Bangeston)
  b. Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. John Griffith of Cefnamlwch
  c. Catherine Bulkeley (b c1662, d 04.1727)
  m. Philip Atkinson (rector of Kingsthorpe)
  d. Ellin Bulkeley
  m. Sir William Williams, 6th Bart of Vaynol (dsp c1696)
  e. Martha Bulkeley b c1669, d 22.02.1742-3)
  m. Roger (Robert) Price of Rhiwlas (d 17.10.1719)
  f.+ other issue - James, Thomas (d young), Robert (d young), Lumley (b c1665, d 10.12.1718), Penelope (d young), Eleanor, daughter
iii. Thomas Bulkeley of Dinas, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire (b c1632, dsp 23.03.1707-8, captain)
  m. Jane Jones (dau of Griffith Jones of Castlemarch, relict of Thomas Williams)
  iv. Henry Bulkeley of London (a 1680)
  m. Sophia Stewart (dau of Walter Stewart, sister of the Duchess of Richmond)
  a. Henry Bulkeley (d young?)
  b. Anne Bulkeley (d 12.06.1751)
  m. (18.04.1700) James FitzJames, Duke of Berwick, 'Duc de FitzJames' (b 21.08.1670, d 12.06.1734, Marshal of France)
  c. daughter
  m. John Howard
  d. Charlotte Bulkeley apparently of this generation
  m1. (09.01.1696/7) Charles O'Brien, 5th Viscount of Clare (d 05.1706)
  m2. (19.07.1712) Daniel Mahoney (d 29.10.1753)
  v. Edwin Bulkeley (dsp)
vi. Mary Bulkeley (d 16.10.1662)
  m. (1651) Sir Roger Mostyn, 1st Bart of Mostyn (a 1660)
  vii. Lumley Bulkeley (d 1669)
  m. Pierce Lloyd of Lligwy
  viii. Catherine Bulkeley (b c1637, d 05.09.1706)
  m1. Richard Wood of Rhosmore (dsp)
  m2. Richard Wynne of Branas-in-Edeirnion & Garthgynan, Sheriff of Merionethshire
  ix. Penelope Bulkeley
  m1. Sir Griffith Williams, 4th Bart of Vaynol (b c1644, d c1663)
  m2. Hugh Wynn of Bodscallen (bur 06.12.1674, Colonel)
m2. (sp) _ Cheadle (dau of Thomas Cheadle or Chedle)
  m2. Catherine Davenport (dau of Sir William Davenport of Brome Hall, m2. Sir Richard Whyte of Friars)
  C. Richard Bulkeley (dsp)
  m. Anne Needham (dau of George Needham 'of Thonestead (Derbyshire)' of Jamaica, of Pool Park family, cadet of Senton)
  D. Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. George Shelton of Heath Hall
  E. Catherine Bulkeley
  m. Sir Edwin Sandys of Northbourne (d 1629)
F. Margaret Bulkeley
  m. Sir Thomas Potter
  G. Penelope Bulkeley
  m. (1614) Sir Edwyn Sandys of Worsburgh
2. John Bulkeley of Cremlyn
  m. Margaret Morgan
A. Charles Bulkeley
  m. ?? Lloyd (dau of Thomas Lloyd of Marian Heilin)
  B. Jane Bulkeley
  m. David Lloyd of Bwlch y fen (of Cremlyn)
  C. Elin Bulkeley
  m. William Griffith of Trefarthen
  D. Margaret Bulkeley
3. Daniel Bulkeley
  m. Ellin Bulkeley (dau of Rowland Bulkeley of Porthamel by Alice Conway)
4. Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. (1578) Owen Holland of Berw
5. Catherine Bulkeley
  m. Griffith ap John Griffith of Cefnamwlch (d 1599)
6. Jane Bulkeley
  m. Robert Pugh of Penrhyn-yn-Creyddyn
7.+ other issue - Rowland (a 1592, rector of Llandegfan), Charles, son (d young?), 2 daughters (d young?)
m2. Agnes Needham (dau of Thomas Needham of Shenton)
12. Lancelot Bulkeley, Archbishop of Dublin (b c1568, d 08.09.1650)
  m. Alice Bulkeley (dau of Rowland Bulkeley of Beaumaris)
A. William Bulkeley (d 1670, Archdeacon of Dublin)
  Griffith shows that William married but does not show whether or not he had any children. The following comes from BEB1841 (Bulkeley of Old Bawn, in Irish section) with some support from BE1883.
  m. Elizabeth Mainwaring (d 1679, dau of Henry Mainwaring of Kilkenny)
  i. Sir Richard Bulkeley of Old Bawn (co. Dublin) & Dunlavan (co. Wicklow), 1st Bart (d 1685)
  BE1883 shows Sir Richard as son rather than grandson of Archbishop Lancelot Bulkeley.
  m1. (1659) Catharne Bysse (dau/coheir of John Bysse, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
a. Sir Richard Bulkeley, 2nd Bart of Old Bawn (dsps 07.04.1710)
  m. Lucy Downing (dau of Sir George Downing, Bart of Hatley, m2. William Worth)
  b. John Bulkeley 'of Old Bawn & Dunlavan' (d 18.07.1699)
  m. Elizabeth Whetfield (dau of Henry Whetfield)
  (1) Hester Bulkeley called Anne by BE1883
  m. James Worth, later Tynte of Ballycrenane (son of Baron Worth)
  m2. Dorothy Whitfield (m2. William Worth, Baron of the Exchequer)
  ii. Alicia Bulkeley
  m. Henry Martin
  iii. Mary Bulkeley
  m. Launcelot Dowdall of Mountoun
  iv. Agnes Bulkeley
  m1. Edward Chichester (dsp 1673)
  m2. Roger Masterson of Prospect & Monyseed
v .+ other issue (d unm) - Arthur (d 1666), Lancelot
  B. Margaret Bulkeley
  Griffith shows Margaret as married to Dr. Aungier but TCP (Longford) confirms that his wife was her younger sister Grisel.
  C. Dorothy Bulkeley (d young)
  D. Mary Bulkeley
  m. William Bulkeley of Porthamel
  E. Grisel Bulkeley mentioned by Griffith but no husband shown
  m. Ambrose Aungier (d 1654, prebendary & Chancellor of St. Patrick's Dublin)
F. Ales Bulkeley probably of this generation
  m. William Bulkeley (son of Rowland of Cremlyn)
13. Arthur Bulkeley (a 1596, vicar of Coydan or Coedan)
  m. Anne, heiress of Coydan and Brynddu (dau of Rhys ap William of Clygyrog Ucha)
14. Tristram Bulkeley
  m. Mary (a 1694, dau of Jeuan ap Llewleyn ap Griffith of Llangristiolus)
The following comes from BLG1886 (Owen of Tedsmore).
  A. William Bulkeley 'of Lledwigan'
  m1. Dorothy (dau of Hugh Williams of Ysceifliog) mentioned by Griffith (p107), wife of William, presumed mother of ...
  i. Rev. Richard Bulkeley of Glanygors (Glan y gors)
  m. Elizabeth Wynn (dau of William Wynn of Pengwern) mentioned by Griffith (p82)
a. Robert Bulkeley of Coedan (a 1726)
  (1) Elizabeth Bulkeley (b 14.07.1695, d before 1738)
  m. (before 1720) Edward Hatchett of Lea
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Clegyrog Plas, p82).
  b. Catherine Bulkeley
  m1. Lewis Evans of Tre'rgo (d 1690)
  m2. David Owen of Trefeilir
  c. Ann Bulkeley
  m. (10.07.1678) Hugh Hughes of Tre'rdiw
  d. Gwen Bulkeley
  e. Margaret Bulkeley
  m. Griffith Jones
  m2. (sp) Ann (dau of Owen Griffith of Treiorwerth)
15. Grizzel Bulkeley (d 08-17.09.1641)
  m. Sir Henry Power of Bersham, Viscount Valentia (dsp 08.09.1641)
16. Mary Bulkeley
  m1. James Eaton of Pentre Madog (d 09.02.1630)
  m2. Richard Wynn of Rhyd y Groes
17.+ other issue - George (dsp), Edward (d young?), John (dsp), William (d young?), Annes (d young?), Jane (d young?), Jonet (d young?)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Bulkeley of Bulkeley and Beaumaris), Griffith's Pedigrees (Baron Hill, p42) with some support from TCP (Bulkeley of Cashel and Beaumaris)
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