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Families covered: Bulkeley of Beaumaris, Bulkeley of Bulkeley, Bulkeley of Cheadle, Bulkeley of Eaton, Bulkeley of Wore (Woore)

Commoners reports that the family's "surname, derived from a ridge of mountains in the county Palatine of Chester, was spelt, in the reign of John, and for generations preceding, Bulclough (or large mountain)." Commoners shows the first few generations as "Bulclogh", and thereafter uses "Bulkeley", whilst Visitation mostly spells the name "Bulkley". We follow BE1883 in using "Bulkeley" throughout.
Robert de Bulkeley (or Bulclough) of Bulkeley, Eaton, etc (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
1. William de Bulkeley of Bulkeley
There is some confusion as to the identities of the wives of William and of his son Robert. BE1883 shows William's wife as a dau of Thomas Butler of Bewsey, lord of Warrington, and Robert's wife as Jane, dau of Sir William Butler. Commoners does not name William's wife but identifies Robert's as a dau of Thomas Butler of Warrington. Visitation starts with Robert and does not identify his wife. We follow Griffith which does not name William's wife but identifies Robert's as Jane, dau of Sir William Butler of Bewsey, lord of Warrington.
  A. Robert Bulkeley of Bulkeley
  m. Jane Butler (dau of Sir William Butler of Bewsey, lord of Warrington)
  i. William Bulkeley of Bulkeley (a 1302)
  m1. Maud Davenport (dau of Sir John Davenport of Davenport)
  a. William Bulkeley of Bulkeley
  (1) (William?) Bulkeley this generation omitted by Visitation & Griffith
(A) Alice Bulkeley, heiress of Bulkeley
  m. Thomas Holford of Holford
  b. Robert Bulkeley of Eaton, Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1309) this generation omitted by Commoners
  m. Agnes
  (1) Robert Bulkeley of Eaton, Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1341)
  This appears to be the Robert of Eaton who is reported by TCP (Rivers) to have been father of John father of William of Eaton by Christian, sister of Edmund Rivers. BE1883 shows Robert as married only to Isabel Egerton. Griffith shows an additional generation (another Robert, Sheriff, a 1309) between the Robert (m. Agnes) and the Robert (m. Isabel Egerton). We will review this further in due course.
  m. Isabel Egerton (dau of Philip Egerton of Malpas)
  (A) John Bulkeley of Eaton (a 1397)
(i) Sir William Bulkeley of Eaton (a 1451, Chief Justice of Chester)
  m. Margaret Molineux (dau of Sir Richard Molineux of Sefton)
  (a) Thomas Bulkeley of Eaton
  m. Jane or Elizabeth Warburton (dau of Sir Geoffrey Warburton)
  ((1)) Thomas Bulkeley of Eaton
  m. Eleanor Brereton (dau of Sir William Brereton of Brereton)
((A)) Thomas Bulkeley of Eaton (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Venables (dau of Sir Thomas Venables)
  ((2)) Robert Bulkeley
  ((A)) William Bulkeley (d unm)
  ((3)) William Bulkeley
  ((A))+ 2 sons (dsp) - Robert, Richard
((4)) Robert Bulkeley
  ((5)) Jane Bulkeley
  m. Roger Puleston of Emral (a 1460)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. John Frohbisher of Chirk
  (b) Arthur Bulkeley (a 1533)
((1))+ issue - Richard, William, Thomas, Edward
  (c) Richard Bulkeley (a 1430)
  (d) Ralph Bulkeley
  m. _ Vernon (dau/heir of _ Vernon of Whitcroft (Wheatcroft) & Parwick)
  (e) Maud Bulkeley
  m. Thomas Holford of Holford
  (f) Petronel Bulkeley
  m. Richard Brett of Dunham
(g) Catherine Bulkeley
  m. Randal Brereton of Malpas
  (h) daughter named Janet by Griffith
  m. John Minshull of Minshull
  (B) Robert Bulkeley this generation omitted by Visitation
  (i) Lettice or Ellin Bulkeley called Lettice by Visitation, Ellin by BE1883 & Griffith
  m. William Whettenhall or Wetnall (son of Robert)
  (a) Lettice Whettenhall or Wetnall
  m. William Prares or Praers of Baddeley
  (b) Agnes Whettenhall or Wetnall
m1. M. Domville
  m2. John Pigott
  (2) Richard Bulkeley of Cheadle
  m. (1307) Agnes Cheadle (dau/coheir of Roger Cheadle of Cheadle)
  Thanks to a contributor (KB, 26.11.15) for drawing our attention to a web page on Cheadle which provides information on this family, much of which appears to have been taken from Earwaker's 'East Cheshire Past and Present'. We intend to compare the data as part of our forthcoming review of Bulkeley families.
  (A) Richard Bulkeley of Cheadle 'of Holcroft'
  m. Alice Bostock (dau of Sir Ralph Bostock)
  (i) William Bulkeley of Cheadle (d 1484, Constable of Beaumaris Castle)
  m. Ellin (dau of Gwylim ap Griffith of Penrhyn)
(a) Edmund Bulkeley of Conway (a 1486, 2nd son?)
  ((1)) William Bulkeley
  m. Jane Elcock (dau of Nicholas Elcock)
  ((A)) Rowland Bulkeley of Beaumaris
  m. Dorothy Thickness (dau of Rowland Thickness of Beaumaris)
  ((i)) John Bulkeley of Aberconway
  m. Dorothy Robins (dau of Hugh Robins of Aberconway)
((ii)) Alice Bulkeley
  m. Launcelot Bulkeley, Archbishop of Dublin
  ((B)) Thomas Bulkeley
  m. Elin Salisbury (dau of Thomas Salisbury of Conway)
  ((i))+ issue - Thomas, William, Richard, John
  ((C)) Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. Thomas (alderman of Beaumaris)
((D)) Alice Bulkeley
  m. Morys Griffith of Bachwen & Beaumaris
((E)) Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. Rowland Thickness of Beaumaris ## see here ##
  ((2)) Elin Bulkeley
  m. Bartholomew Brodiart
(b) Rowland Bulkeley of Beaumaris & Cheadle (a 1536, 5th son)
  m. Alice Beconsai (dau of William Beconsai or Berkinshall of Berkinshall, Lancashire)
  ((1)) Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris (d c1546, chamberlain of North Wales)
  m. Catherine Griffith (dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn)
  ((A)) Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris & Cheadle (d 1572-6)
  m1. Margaret Savage (dau of Sir John Savage of Rock Savage)
  m2. Agnes Needham (dau of Thomas Needham of Shenton)
  ((B)) Rowland Bulkeley of Cremlyn (d 1592)
m. Elizabeth (dau of Rhys Wynn of Bodychen, m2. Richard Bulkeley of Porthamel)
  BE1883 identifies Jane as Rowland's only child/heir. Griffith (p99) omits Jane but shows William, Richard & Elin. Griffith (p12) shows Elin & Jane as Elizabeth's daughters by her 2nd husband Richard but then, under Richard's heir Rowland (who m. Jane), describes Rowland (of Porthamel) as Jane's step-brother and confirms Jane as dau of Rowland of Cremlyn. Provisionally, we show William, Richard & Jane as fitting here and show Elin as Elizabeth's daughter by Richard of Porthamel.
  ((i)) William Bulkeley (dvpsp?)
  m. Ales Bulkeley (dau of Launcelot Bulkeley, Archbishop of Dublin)
((ii)) Richard Bulkeley (dvpsp?)
  ((iii)) Jane Bulkeley of Tre'rmoelgoch
  m. Rowland Bulkeley of Porthamel
  ((C)) Thomas Bulkeley of Goronwy & Beaumaris (a 1607) mentioned by Griffith but not by BE1883
m. Catherine (dau of David Lloyd of Marian Heilin)
  The following comes from Griffith (p63).
  ((i)) Rowland Bulkeley
  m. Jane (dau of Morris Griffith, m2. John Griffith)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Richard, John, Elin, Catherine
((D)) John Bulkeley of Cleifiog
  ((E)) Jane Bulkeley
  m. Morris Wynne of Gwydir
  ((F)) Ellin Bulkeley called Jonet by BE1883
  m. Ralph Ardern of Cheshire
((G)) daughter mentioned by BE1883 but not by Griffith
  m. William Thomas Wynn of The Vaynois
  ((2)) William Bulkeley of Llangefni
  m. Ellin, heiress of Porthamel (dau of Richard ap Meredith of Porthamel)
  ((3)) Robert Bulkeley of Gronant
  m. Jonet (dau of Morris of Llanfwrog)
  ((4)) Ellen Bulkeley
  m. (mcrt 12.04.1521) Sir William Norreys of Speke
((5))+ other issue - Arthur (d 14.05.1552, Bishop of Bangor), Henry, Hugh, Thomas (rector of Llanddeusant), John
  (c) Charles Bulkeley of Burgate possibly of this generation
  m. Eleanor Popham (dau of Sir John Popham)
  (d) Jonet Bulkeley
  m. Hugh ap Llewelyn of Presaddfed
  (e) Ellen Bulkeley
m. Robert ap Meredydd, of Glynllifon
  (f) Ales Bulkeley possibly the Alice (d 20.075.1526) who married ...
  m. John Hoord of Bridgenorth (d 31.05.1494)
  (g)+ other issue - William (dsp), Hugh of Conway (d by 1506), Richard (d 1526, Archdeacon of Anglesey), Agnes
  (3) Cicely or Ellin Bulkeley
  She is called Ellin by Visitation, Cicely by BE1883, Cecily by Commoners. Griffith shows 2 daughters, Elizabeth (m. Thomas Weaver) & Cecily.
  m. Thomas Weaver of Weaver
  c. Roger Bulkeley de Norbury ancestor of families named Norbury
  d. Thomas Bulkeley of Alpram
  m. Alice Alpraham of Alpraham (dau of Mathew Alpraham of Alpraham) called Jane by Griffith
  (1) Ellin (Helen) Bulkeley of Alpraham or Alpram
  m. Sir Thomas Ardern of Elford
  m2. Alice (dau of Bryan St. Pierre)
e. Richard Bulkeley, later Prestland, of Prestland
  (1) Richard Bulkeley alias de Prestland of Prestland ancestor of Prestlands of Prestland
  ii. Peter Bulkeley of Shropshire
  m. Nicola Bird (dau/heir of ?? Bird of Wore) identified by BE1883 as 'of Were'
  a. John Bulkeley of Wore (Salop) 'of Haughton'
  Visitation identifies John's wife as Audrey, dau/heir of John Titley of Wore, but BE1883 (supported by Griffith) identifies her as ...
  m. Awdry Audley (dau/heir of Sir John Audley of Wirral)
  (1) Hugh Bulkeley of Wore
m. Ellin Wilbram (dau of Thomas Wilbram of Woodhey)
  (A) Humphrey Bulkeley of Wore
  m. Cicely Moulton (dau/heir of John Moulton)
  (i) William Bulkeley of Wore
  m. Beatrice Hill (dau/(co)heir of William Hill of Buntingsdale)
  (a) Thomas Bulkeley (d 1591)
  Visitation (Cheshire) identifies Thomas's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Randoll Grosvenor of Bellaport, but Griffith identifies her as ...
m. Elizabeth Cavener (dau of Rowland Cavener of Telfort)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (London, 1633-4, 'Bulkeley').
  ((1)) Rowland Bulkeley of Woore (Wore)
  m. Margaret Hill (dau of William Hill (probably not Hall), clarke (cleric), brother of Sir Rowland Hill (Mayor of London))
  ((A)) William Bulkeley of Woore
  Visitation (Cheshire) identifies William's wife as Mary, dau of William Combermere. Visitation (London) identifies her as ...
  m. Mary Cotton (dau of Richard Cotton of Combermere)
  ((i)) Richard Bulkeley of Woore
  ((ii)) Rowland Bulkley of London (a 1634, salter)
  m. Mary Legate (dau of John Legate of Chatham)
  ((a))+ issue - Elizabeth, Susan
  ((iii))+ issue - Thomas, Rafe, William George, Cecily, Elizabeth, Catherine, Beatrix
  ((2)) Edward Bulkeley
  ((3)) Margaret Bulkeley
  m. Thomas Smith
((4)) Ann Bulkeley
  m. William Green
  ((5)) Catherine Bulkeley
  m. George Banker
  (ii)+ 2 daughters
  b. Roger Bulkeley probably of this generation, had issue
  m. Margery Bird (dau/heir of John Le Bird)
  iii. Agnes Bulkeley
  m. Griffith Vychan (a 1231)
  B. Willcock Bulkeley of Pettyhall (Petty Hall), Cheshire
  m. Mary Venables (dau of Hugh or Henry Venables of Kinderton)
  i. Willcock Bulkeley
  C. Roger Bulkeley of Orton Madock
  D. Ralph Bulkeley of Rudhall or Rudal Heath (dsp)
  E. David Bulkeley of Bickerton
  David is shown by Visitation & Griffith as 2 generations later, being son of William and brother of William of Bulkeley, Robert of Eaton, Roger of Norbury & Richard of Prestland. We follow BE1883 & Commoners in showing him as of this generation.
  m. Helen, heiress of Bickerton

Main source(s): BE1883 (Bulkeley of Bulkeley and Beaumaris), Commoners (vol 3, Bulkeley of Standlow), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Bulklegh), Griffith's Pedigrees (The Bulkeleys of Cheshire (p45) & Baron Hill (p42))
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