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Families covered: Collyer of Amersham, Collyer of London

?? Collyer
m. _ Marsh
1. Joseph Collyer of London (b by 1595, d 1649)
  m. Elizabeth
  A. Benjamin Collyer of London (d 1686)
  m. Susanna de Tannay
  i. Joseph Collyer of London then Amersham, Buckinghamshire (b 31.05.1664, d 1736)
m1. (11.02.1689) Sarah Filde (d 1703-4)
  a. Benjamin Collyer of London (b 1692)
  m1. (25.05.1717) Catherine Powell
  (1) Catherine Collyer (b 26.04.1718)
  FMG shows the Catherine Collyer, who married (31.05.1736) Edmund Malone and was mother of Richard, Lord Sunderlin, as daughter of Benjamin of Buckholts (cf Ruckholts) by dau of Robert Knight (aunt to Robert, 1st Lord Luxborough). Provisionally, we presume that, despite the various similarities, that was a different Catherine & Edmund and that FMG was wrong in showing a family connection between the mother of Lord Sundelin and the Susanna shown below as m. John Lewis of Hackney.
  m. (29.07.1736) Edmund Malone
  (A)+ issue - Richard (b 26.4.1738), Anthony (b 24.05.1739), Benjamin (b 29.07.1740)
  m2. (18.08.1722) Mary Boover (dau of John Boover)
  (2)+ other isssue - Joseph (b c1723), Mary (d 1724), Elizabeth (b 1726), Rebeccah (b 1730)
  b. Joseph Collyer (b c1694, d before 1776)
  m. (16.03.1726) Deborah Rolleston (dau of James Rolleston by Hannah)
  (1) Mary Collyer
  c. Samuel Collyer of London (b c1696, d 12.1729)
  m. (14.12.1721) Elizabeth Camlin (dau of Samuel Camlin by Elizabeth Stephens)
  (1) Samuel Collyer of London (b c1727, d before 1787, 2nd son)
  m1. (31.12.1752) Susanna Streames (dau of Robert Streames by Mary Richards)
  (A) Nathaniel Collyer of London (b 02.12.1753)
  m. (1776) Mary Downs Templeman
  (i) Nathaniel Collyer of London (b c1788, a 1861) had issue
  m1. (30.01.1817) Charlotte Knipe (dau of Samuel Knipe by Emilia Bagley)
  m2. (after 1851, sp?) ??
  (ii) Joseph Collyer of London (b c1790, d 06.1874) had issue
  m1. (27.03.1837) Ann Kirk
  m2. (after 1845, sp?) Matilda
  (iii)+ other issue - Susanna Sreames (b 10.08.1777), Ann Templeman (b 30.07.1781)
(B) Samuel Collyer of London (b 1754, a 1807, d by 1835)
  m1. (07.02.1780) Elizabeth Redford
  (i)+ issue - John, Samuel Streames (b 1787), Cecilia (b 1784), Elizabeth Ann (b 1789), Sarah Redford (b 1791)
  m2. (07.06.1801) Jane Morris
  (vi)+ other issue - Samuel James Collyer (b 15.05.1804, d 03.1885), Jane (b 1802, a 1871), Ann Strams (b 07.06.1807, d before 1842), Sarah Redford 9b 1791)
  (C) Streames Collyer of London (b before 1760)
  m1. (25.05.1783) Sarah Redford
  (i)+ issue - William (b 1785), Robert (b 1791), Samuel James (b 19.12.1799), Sarah (b 1787), Elizabeth Redford (b 1794)
  m2. (03.01.1813) Izet Bond
  (D) Mary Susannah Collyer (bpt 13.06.1759, d 22.01.1759)
  m2. Susanna Shrimpton (dau of William Shrimpton by Susanna Collyer) @@ below
  (E) Benjamin Collyer of London (b 18.09.1765)
  m. (23.09.1793) Frances Spookes (dau of William Spookes by Mary)
  (i) William Collyer of London (b 31.12.1804, d 06.1879, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (29.04.1825) Ann Hill
  m2. (24.10.1833) Mary Ann Stevens
  (ii)+ other issue - Samuel (b 29.12.1799), Frances Susannah (b 1796), Elizabeth (b 03.03.1798), Sarah (b 01.07.1802), Mary Charlotte (b 19.05.1807)
  (F)+ other issue - William (b 27.10.1762, d before 1787), John (b 13.10.1763, d before 1787), Susanna (b 04.09.1764), Rebecca (b 24.05.1770, d before 1787), Elizabeth 9b 25.11.1772, d before 1787)
  (2)+ other issue - Joseph (b c1724, d 1760), Sarah (b c1727)
  d. Nathaniel Collyer of Amersham (b c1700, d 06.06.1761)
m. (02.04.1729) Martha Allen (d 30.04.1774)
  m2. (08.04.1706) Rebecca Williams
  e. Susanna Collyer (d 1785)
  m. (19.01.1726) William Shrimpton (son of Epaphras by Rebecca Mead)
  (1) Susanna Shrimpton (b 1736)
  m. (20.09.1761) Samuel Collyer @@ above
  (2)+ other issue - William, Sarah, Rebecah (d 1787), Elizabeth
  ii. Benjamin Collyer (b c1669)
  m. (14.6.1694) Hannah White (b 1670)
  a.+ issue - Constance (bpt 27.01.1699, bur 08.02.1699), Sarah (bpt 20.07.1697), daughter (bpt 14.02.1695)
  iii. Nathaniel Collyer (b c1673, d 10.1707)
  m. Susanna
  iv. Jonathan Collyer (b 1676, d 22.08.1751)
m. (11.05.1704) Elizabeth Smith
  a. Elizabeth Collyer (d 19.09.1786)
  m. (03.10.1754) John Rayner
  b. Susanna Collyer
  FMG shows the (unnamed) wife of the following John as dau of Joseph, younger brother of Jonathan (d unm) younger brother of Benjamin who was father of Benjamin of Buckholts, who is mentioned above, and 10 other children.
  m. (20.08.1723) John Lewis of Hackney
  (1) Elizabeth Lewis (b 07.06.1724)
  m. Peter Burrell of Beckenham
  (2) Susanna Lewis (b 20.10.1728) reported by CV to have married ...
  m. John Campbell of Blunham
  v. Abell Collyer (b c1678)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. Abell Collyer (bpt 26.01.1726)
  vi. Ann Collyer (b 11.1674)
m. (05.01.1698) James Beard
  B. Nathaniel Collyer of London, later of Hawkhurst, Kent (d 1700)
  i. Rebecca Collyer
  The family site shows that Rebecca married Robert Holding but the contributor who drew our attention to that site (CV) reported that Robert was her 2nd husband and provided the following connection.
  m1. (18.06.1682) Samuel Hyland or Highland of Bodiam (d before 07.07.1693)
  a. Elizabeth Hyland (b c1686, d 01.11.1774)
  m. (06.06.1707) William (sb John?) Tempest of Cranbrook
  (1) Penelope Tempest (b 06.08.1733, 14th/youngest child)
  m. (20.07.1755) Abraham Whittaker of Stratford
  m2. Robert Holding (or Holden)
  ii. Hannah Collyer
  m. Richard Lardner
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Marsh
  C. Joseph Collyer (d 1672)
  m. Elizabeth Baker
  i. Joseph Collyer
  a.+ issue - Joseph, Nathaniel, Benjamin
  ii.+ other issue - Benjamin, Samuel
  D. Samuel Collyer (d before 1686)
  i.+ issue - Joseph, Samuel
2. Abell Collyer
  A. Joseph Collyer (d by 09.1649)
3. Judith Collyer
  m. (03.06.1619) John Warner
4. Rachell Collyer
5. Nancy (?) Collyer
  m. (1628) _ Browning
6. Elizabeth Collyer
  m. _ Brown
7. Dorcas Collyer
  m. (29.09.1629) Samuel Slingsby

Main source(s): the apparently well-researched family site developed by Martin Collyer (see here), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 04.10.12) for bringing that to our attention, with contradiction from FMG (vol 3, MS530, 'Collyer-Keay-Lee')
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