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Families covered: Coote of Bellomont (Bellamont), Coote of Coloony, Coote of Donnybrooke, Coote of Coote Hill

Richard Coote, 1st Lord Coote of Coloony (b 1620, d 10.07.1683)
m. Mary St. George (d 05.11.1701, dau of Sir George St. George of Carrick-drummuske)
1. Charles Coote (d infant)
2. Richard Coote, 2nd Lord of Coloony, 1st Earl of Bellomont or Bellamont, Governor of Leitrim then Massachussetts then New York (d 05.03.1700)
  BE1883 identifies the earldom as of Bellamont but TCP spells it as Bellomont.
  m. (19.08.1680) Catharine Nanfan (b 09.02.1665, d 12.03.1737/8, dau of Bridges Nanfan of Bridgemorton)
  A. Nanfan Coote, 2nd Earl of Bellomont, 3rd Lord (b c1681, d 14.06.1708)
  m. (17.02.1704/5) Lucia Anna (or Frances) de Nassau (d 04.09.1744, dau of Henry, Count de Nassau, Lord of Auverquerque)
  i. Frances Coote (d 1733)
  m. (28.06.1723) Sir Robert Clifton, Bart of Clifton (b 1690, d 07.12.1762)
  B. Richard Coote, 3rd Earl of Bellomont, 4th Lord (b c1683, d 10.02.1766)
  m1. Judith Wilkinson (dvp 06.04.1719, dau of Francis Wilkinson of Southwark)
  i. Richard Coote, 'Lord Coloony' (dvp unm 23.10.1740)
ii. Thomas Coote, 'Lord Coloony' (b 15.04.1710, dvpsp 24.03.1765)
  m. Elizabeth Bond (d 09.07.1763, dau of Thomas Bond of Dublin)
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (dvp), Judith (d 10.01.1771)
  m2. (04.05.1721, sps) Anne Holloway (d 13.02.1723/4, dau of John Holloway of Oxford)
3. Chidley Coote of Coote Hall (Cootehall)
  m1. (04.1698) Elinor Walkden (dau of Isaac Walkden of Ardamyle)
  A. John Coote (d unm)
  B. Mary Coote
m1. (1717) Guy Moore of Abbey (d 21.06.1735)
  i.+ issue - Guy, Mary, Elizabeth
  m2. (sp) William Gore, Bishop of Limerick (d 25.02.1784)
C. Elinor Coote
  m. Robert Moore of Ardamyle and Mooremount
  m2. Mary King (d 07.1750, dau of Sir Robert King, Bart of Rockingham)
  D. Chidley Coote (bur 26.09.1702)
  E. Olivia Coote
  m. (1722) Walter Jones of Headford
  F. Catharine Coote (d 07.10.1738)
  m. Marcus Anthony Morgan (MP for Cottlestown)
4. Thomas Coote of Coote Hill (d 24.04.1741, judge)
  m1. Frances Copley (dau of Col. Christopher Copley)
  A. Chidley Coote (d unm 06.04.1719, Lt. Colonel)
  m2. Elinor St. George (dau of Thomas St. George of Woodford)
B.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Mary
  m3. (1679) Anne Lovett (dau of Christopher Lovett of Dublin)
  D. Charles Coote of Coote Hill, Sheriff of Cavan (bpt 15.09.1695, d 19.10.1750)
  m. (07.1722) Prudence Geering (dau of Richard Geering)
  i. Charles Coote of Coote Hill, 5th Lord of Coloony, Earl of Bellamont, 1st Bart (bpt 12.04.1738, d 20.10.1800)
  Charles inherited the barony but the earldom was a new creation. TCP uses the spelling Bellamont for this creation.
  m. (20.08.1774) Emily Maria Margaret Fitzgerald (dau of James Fitzgerald, 1st Duke of Leinster)
  a.+ issue - Charles (dvp 1786), Mary, Prudentia, (d 18.01.1837), Emily, Louisa
partner unknown
  f. Sir Charles Coote of Donnybrook, 2nd Bart (b 1765, d 1857)
  Charles inherited the baronetcy from his father under a special remainder. The following comes from BP1870 (Coote (of Donnybrooke)).
  (1) Sir Charles Coote of Donnybrook, 3rd Bart (b 1798, d 1861) had issue
  m. (1846) _ Smith
ii. Anne Coote
  m. (11.03.1748) William Anketel of Anketel Grove
  iii. Frances Coote (b 1731)
  m. (02.06.1755) John Boswell of Ballycurry
  iv. Catharine Coote
  m. (1762) John Corry of Sport Hall
  v. Caroline Coote (b 1733)
  m. (09.1761) James Uniacke of Mount Uniacke
  vi. Elizabeth Coote (b 1734, d 1780)
  m. (23/6.10.1752) Chidley Coote of Ash Hill (d 06.06.1799)
  vii.+ other issue (d unm) - Mary, Prudentia
E. Francis Coote
  m. (17.09.1748) Henrietta Gardiner (dau of Rt. Hon. Luke Gardiner)
  F. Frances Coote (bpt 04.05.1682)
  G. Elizabeth Coote (bpt 03.09.1687)
  m. (1704) Mervyn Pratt of Cabra Castle (d 1751)
  H. Catharine Coote (d 29.07.1731)
  m. James Macartney (MP for Granard)
I. Anne Coote (bpt 16.02.1692)
  m. (09.11.1716) Samuel Bindon of Rockmount
5. Mary Coote (a 04.1689)
  m. William Stewart, 1st Viscount Mountjoy (d Enghien 03.08.1692)
6. Catherine Coote
  m. Ferdinando Hastings
7. Letitia Coote (d 17.03.1729/30)
  m. (16.08.1676) Robert Molesworth, 1st Viscount (b 07.09.1656, d 22.05.1725)
8. Olivia Coote
  m. Audley Mervyn of Trelick
9. Elizabeth Coote
  m. Richard St. George (Lt. General)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Coote of Coloony and Bellamont)
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