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Families covered: Culley of Akeld, Culley of Beaumont Hill, Culley of Coupland Castle, Culley of Denton, Culley of Fowberry Tower

BLG1886 reports that "This ancient Northern family has been for several centuries located in the counties of Durham and Northumberland.'
John Culley of Beaumont Hill in Haughton-le-Skerne (bur 26.03.1690)
m. Elizabeth Parkinson (bur 10.11.1658, sister/heir of Robert Parkinson of Chester-le-Street, widow of George Bellamn)
1. Matthew Culley of Beaumont Hill (bur 24.01.1701/2)
  m. Ann Shaw (bur 14.05.1686)
  A. John Culley (bpt 02.11.1671, d infant)
  B. John Culley of Beaumont Hill (bpt 02.06.1674, d after 16.06.1753)
  m1. (1696) Mary Harrison (dau of Michael Harrison of Hurworth)
  i. Anne Culley (bpt 02.05.1699)
m. William Harrison
  ii.+ other issue - Matthew (bpt 28.09.1697, dvp 1722), Michael (bpt 17.09.1700), John (bpt 11.07.1703), Thomas (bpt 17.09.1704), Robert (bpt 19.12.1706, bur 19.03.1706/7), Mary (bpt 17.02.1701/2, bur 09.06.1703)
  m2. (04.03.1741/2) Anne Gates (bur 25.06.1770, widow)
C. Matthew Culley of Denton in Gainford (bpt 16.11.1685, bur 17.12.1762)
  m. (29.09.1719) Eleanor Surtees (bpt 28.07.1696, bur 17.06.1776, dau of Edward Surtees of Mainsforth (by Jane. dau/coheir of George Crosier of Nwebiggin))
  i. Robert Culley of Denton & Darlington (b 08.11.1726, d unm 12.08.1783, 3rd son)
  ii. Matthew Culley of Akeld, later of Denton (bpt 14.09.1731, d 16.12.1804, 6th son)
  m. (10.07.1783) Elizabeth Bates (b 1747-8, d 10.02.1814, dau of Thomas Bates of Halton)
  a. Matthew Culley of Coupland Castle & Akeld (bpt 25.09.1786, d 19.04.1834) had issue
  m. (07.08.1831) Margaret Anne Tewart (d 11.04.1834, dau of Edward Tewart of Southgate Park, niece of John Tewart of Glanton & Swinhoe)
  b. Thomas Culley (bpt 25.05.1791, bur 19.05.1792)
  c. Eleanor Culley (bpt 13.01.1785)
  m. (22.04.1816?) Henry Morton
  d. Elizabeth Culley (bpt 17.02.1788)
  m. Christopher Robinson (vicar of Kirknewton)
  e. Jane Culley (bpt 10.06.1795)
  m. (03.12.1824) Henry Stobart (Colonel)
  iii. George Culley of Fowberry (b 23.02.1735, bur 11.05.1813)
  m1. (29.04.1777) Jane Atkinson (b 30.10.1747, d 17.01.1780, dau of Walter Atkinson)
  a. Matthew Culley of Fowberry Tower & Denton (bpt 15.0.1778, d unm 20.06.1849)
  b. Eleanor Culley (b 03.07.1779, d 18.04.1806)
  m. (09.06.1803) James Darling of Cornhill
  Fowberry Tower passed to their only son George whose eldest son assumed the name Culley.
  m2. (24.12.1787) Isabella Spours (bur 29.06.1788, dau of Thomas Spours of Heckley)
  m3. (12.06.1794) Hannah Nesbitt (b c1743, bur 02.10.1824, sister of John Nesbitt of Ancroft)
  iv. James Culley of Grindon in Norham (b 01.05.1740, d 15.02.1793, youngest son)
  m. (20.12.1781) Margaret Pickering (bpt 19.05.1754)
  a. Eleanor Culley (bpt 08.04.1784)
  m. (19.08.1805) Grieve Smith of Budle
  v.+ other issue - Matthew (bpt 24.05.1722, bur 18.08.1722), Edward (bpt 27.06.1724, d infant?), John (bpt 06.05.1729, d 22.02.1748), Edward (bpt 03.06.1730, d 17.11.1749), Thomas (bpt 06.02.1738/9, d infant), Jane (bpt 21.09.1720, bur 23.01.1716), Anne (bpt 03.10.1725, bur 30.05.1752)
  D. Elizabeth Culley (bpt 02.04.1674)
  m. (06.1708) Thomas Sawyer of Yarm
  E. Jane Culley (bpt 16.11.1676)
  m. (16.05.1703) William Wastell of Great Burdon
  F. Mary Culley (bpt 23.02.1678/9)
  m. (04.05.1708) John Martindale of Auckland St. Helen's
  G. Dorothy Culley (bpt 19.09.1682)
  m. (05.06.1711) Thomas Reed of Yarm
2. Robert Culley (bpt 19.12.1643)

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 11, Kenneth Vickers, 1922, 'Culley of Coupland Castle', p224+) with support from BLG1886 ('Culley of Coupland Castle'), BLG1886 ('Coupland of Fowberry Tower')
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