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Families covered: Surtees of Broad Oak, Surtees of Hedley, Surtees of Mainsforth, Surtees of Redworth, Surtees of Seatonburn, Surtees of Stocksfield, Surtees of Woodhead

Sir Thomas Surtees of Dinsdale, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 1435)
m. Isabella Eure (dau of Sir Ralph Eure of Witton Castle)
1. William Surtees of Whickham (b 1415, d 1478)
  A. Richard Surtees
  i. William Surtees of Westmyers (in Ovingham, Northumberland) (d after 26.12.1579)
  a. William Surtees of Broad Oak (in Ovingham, Northumberland) (b c1545, d 1621)
  (1) Edward Surtees of Broad Oak (d 1655)
  m. Margaret Coulson (niece/heir of Robert Surtees, alderman of Durham)
  (A) William Surtees of Woodhead & Hedley (d before 12.01.1704)
  (i) Edward Surtees of Woodhead & Hedley (d 1711)
  m. (09.04.1705) Frances Aubone (dau/heir of William Aubone or Albany, alderman of Newcastle, by Catherine, dau of Christopher Sanderson of Egleston)
(a) William Surtees of Woodhead & Hedley (d unm)
  (b) Aubone Surtees of Woodhead & Hedley (bpt 04.09.1711, d 30.09.1800, 3rd son)
  m. (22.08.1748) Elizabeth Stephenson (dau of John Stephenson of Knaresdale Hall (brother of Henry of East Burham, father of Elizabeth, Countess of Mexborough) by Elizabeth Bell of Woolsington)
((1)) William Surtees of Seatonburn, Hedley, etc. (bpt 06.09.1750, d 01.01.1832)
  m. (20.10.1775) Elizabeth Catherine Lewis (dau of John Lewis, Dean of Ossory, by Catherine, dau of Rev. George Villiers of Chalgrove)
  ((A)) Aubone Surtees of Pigdon (b 14.12.1777) had issue
  m. Frances Elizabeth Honywood (dau of Sir John Honywood, 4th Bart)
((B)) William Villiers Surtees of Rotherfield & London (bpt 15.01.1778, d 27.04.1834) had issue
  m. Harriet Towers (dau of William Samuel Towers, m2. Benjamin Whichcote)
  ((C)) John Surtees (d 23.12.1857, prebendary of Bristol, rector of Benham) had issue
  m. (12.01.1803-5) Mary Ann Hawkins (dau of John Hawkins, sister of Sir John Caesar, 3rd Bart)
((D)) Edward Surtees of Seatonburn (b 01.04.1785, d 10.07.1812) had issue
  m. (05.12.1809) Anne Catherine Ferrand (dau of John Ferrand & sister of Walker of Harden Grange)
  ((E)) Cassandra Charlotte Surtees (d 14.10.1855)
  m. (11.08.1804) Sir John Caesar Hawkins, 3rd Bart (d 09.11.1861)
((F)) Deborah Maria Surtees
  m. Henry Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter (d 1869)
  ((2)) Aubone Surtees of Hauxley Hall (bpt 13.11.1752m, d 1827)
  m. (04.12.1781) Mary Altham (b 29.05.1759, d 23.07.1810, dau of Roger Altham of Doctor's Common)
  The folllowing comes from BLG1886 (Altham of Timbercombe).
  ((A)) Elizabeth Surtees (b 18.07.1783, d 01.09.1862)
  m. (08.10.1808) John Cooke (b 08.03.1772, d 03.12.1829, Colonel)
  Their 2nd son assumed the name Altham.
((3)) Edward Surtees (bpt 27.09.1753, d unm)
  ((4)) Matthew Surtees (dsp 1827, prebendary of Gloucester & Canterbury)
  m. Harriett Allen (d 1847, dau of John Bartlett Allen of Cresselly)
  ((5)) John Surtees (b c1757, to France) had issue
  m. Sarah Lewis (dau of John Lewis, Dean of Ossory, by Charlotte, dau of Admiral Cotterell)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Charlotte Surtees possibly fits here
  m. (24.06.1827) George Palmer of Nazing Park
  ((6)) Elizabeth Surtees (d 28.06.1831)
  m. (19.11.1772) John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon (d 13.01.1838, Chancellor)
  ((7)) Frances Surtees (d 06.1830)
  m. Henry Ridley (d 11.10.1825, rector of Hertingfordbury, brother of Sir Matthew White Ridley, 2nd Bart)
  (c)+ other issue - Edward (d young), 2 daughters
  (ii) Robert Surtees of Hindley & Stocksfield (bur 08.07.1707)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 6, John Crawford Hodgson, 1902, 'Surtees of Stocksfield', p260).
  m. (c09.1682) Dorothy Walker
  (a) Walter Surtees of Stocksfield & Barth (Kent) (bur 22.10.1737)
  m. (26.11.1707) Elizabeth Watson of Hexham (d 16.06.1767)
  ((1)) Robert Surtees of Newcastle & Stocksfield (bpt 06.10.1714, bur 31.01.1780)
  ((2)) Dorothy Surtees (bpt 10.11.1708, d 01.1757)
  m. (21.06.1734) Cuthbert Surtees of Ebchester
  ((3)) Jane Surtees (bpt 14.09.1720, a 1749)
  m. George Gibson of Westwood
  ((4))+ other issue - James of Hexham (bpt 28.08.1717, bur 29.09.1740), Mary (bpt 14.06.1710, d (unm?) 1751), Elizabeth (bpt 28.08.1712)
(iii)+ other issue - son, 2 daughters
  (B) Robert Surtees of Ryton, co. Durham (d 04.10.1710)
  m. Catherine Hauxley (dau of John Hauxley of Crawcrook)
  (i) Hauxley Surtees (dsp)
(ii) Edward Surtees of Mainsforth & Crawcrook (b c1663, d 28.08.1747)
  m1. (27.06.1693) Jane Crosier (dau of George Crosier of Newbiggin & Redworth)
  The following is partly supported by the pedigree on Crosier in BHO ('The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham', vol 3: Stockton and Darlington wards, Parish of Heighlington).
  (a) Robert Surtees of Redworth (b 12.05.1694, d 06.03.1785)
  m. Dorothy Lambton (dau of Thomas Lambton of Hardwick Hall)
  ((1)) Dorothy Surtees
  m1. William Norton of Coatham Hallgarth
  m2. Rev. Richard Bowser of Bishop Auckland
  m3. John Whitfield
  ((2)) Jane Surtees of Redworth
  m. Crosier Surtees of Merryshields @@ just below
  ((3))+ other issue (d infant) - Edward, Robert
  (b) George Surtees of Mainsforth & Graystones (bpt 18.05.1698, d unm 1769)
(c) Crosier Surtees of Merryshields (d 27.09.1739)
  m. Jane Hodgson (d 1799, dau of Robert Hodgson of Alwent)
  ((1)) Edward Surtees (d 1741)
  ((2)) Crosier Surtees of Merryshields (b 1739-40, d 21.12.1803)
  m. Jane Surtees (dau of Robert Surtees of Redworth) @@ just above
  ((A)) Robert Surtees of Redworth, Sheriff of Durham (b 1782, d 04.1857, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (24.10.1811) Elizabeth Cookson (d 08.05.1847, dau of Isaac Cookson of Whitehill)
  m2. (08.07.1850, sp) Annie Hepbourne Mercer (d 15.09.1858, widow of Justinian Alston of Odell Castle)
  ((B)) Jane Surtees (dsp)
  m. George Charles Mensforth
  ((C)) Dorothy Surtees (d 12.1856)
  m. (1796) John Thomas Christopher of Crooke Hall (d 20.08.1803, son of William of Norton & Grangefield)
  ((D)) Lambton Surtees
  m. William or Thomas Williams of Durham
  ((E)) Phillis Surtees
  m. William Horne of London
  ((E))+ other issue - Robert (d young), George (a 1822), James (a 1822), Lambton (d young), Lucy (d young)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Surtees
  m. Richard Sherwood of Staindrop & Snow Hall
  ((4)) Jane Surtees
  m. Joseph Raine of Batsford
  (d) Hauxley Surtees of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (d 1753)
  m. Elizabeth Steele (dau of William Steele)
  ((1)) George Surtees (dsp)
  ((2)) Robert Surtees of Mainsforth & Graystones
m. (1761) Dorothy Steele
  ((A)) Robert Surtees of Mainsforth (b 09.04.1779, dsp 11.02.1834)
  m. (1807) Anne Robinson (d 1868, dau of Ralph Robinson of Middle Herrington)
  (e) James Surtees (dsp bur 13.11.1775, Captain)
  (f) Eleanor Surtees (bpt 28.07.1696, bur 17.06.1776)
  m. (29.09.1719) Matthew Cully or Culley of Denton
  (g) Catherine Surtees
  m. Robert Newton of Hawkwell (Hauxwell)
  (h) Jane Surtees
  m. Robert Hutchinson of Cornforth
  m2. (01.09.1714) Dorothy Burleston (dau of Thomas Burleston, widow of Richard Reed of Stranton)
  (i)+ other issue
  (C) George Surtees
2. Elizabeth Surtees

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Surtees of Dinsdale-on-Tees) with input from BLG1952 (Surtees of Redworth)
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