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Families covered: Cookson of Penrith, Cookson of Whitehill, Crackanthorpe of Newbiggin Hall

William Cookson of Penrith (b 1599, bur 27.04.1666)
m. Isabel (bur 27.03.1682)
1. William Cookson of Penrith (d before 07.12.1712)
  m. Alice (bur07.08.1726)
A. William Cookson (bpt 25.11.1668, d 12.1744) had issue
  m1. (30.12.1691) Esther Wren (bur 03.09.1705, dau of Gaven Wren)
  m2. (05.08.1708) Susannah (d(sp?) 10.1736, widow of John Senhouse)
  B. Thomas Cookson (b 1676, d 1721)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Crackanthorpe of Newbiggin Hall).
  m. Ann Fisher (dau of Richard Fisher of Barkbeth)
  i. William Cookson of Penrith (b 1711, d 12.1787)
  m. (09.12.1741) Dorothy Crackanthorpe (d 06.1792, dau of Richard Crackanthorpe (Crackenthorpe), sister/heir of James of Newbiggin Hall)
  a. Christopher Crackanthorpe Cookson, later Crackanthorpe of Newbiggin Hall (b 20.05.1745, d 10.1799)
m. (27.08.1788) Charlotte Cust (d 10.07.1843, dau of John Cust)
  (1) William Crackanthorpe of Newbiggin Hall, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 25.02.1790, d unm 10.01.1888)
  b. William Cookson (b 1754, d 24.02.1820, rector in Norfolk then Berkshire)
  m. (17.10.1786) Dorothy Cowper (dau of Rev. John Cowper of Penrith)
  (1) Christopher Cookson of Nowers in Wellington, Somerset (b 27.01.1791, d 01.01.1834) had issue
  m. (22.05.1821) Jane Ancrum (d 22.01.1871, dau of John Strother Ancrum)
  Their only surviving son inherited Newbiggin Hall and assumed the name Crackanthorpe.
  (2)+ other issue
  c. Ann Cookson (d 1778) probably of this generation
  m. (05.02.1766) John Wordsworth of Sockbridge & Cockermouth (b 1741, d 1783)
  C. Isaac Cookson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (b 06.02.1678)
  m. (23.05.1734) Hannah Belton
  The following is supported by Commoners (vol 2, Cookson of Whitehill).
  i. John Cookson of Whitehill, Durham (d 12.1783)
  m. Emily Elizabeth Lutwidge (dau/coheir of Thomas Lutwidge of Whitehaven)
  a. Isaac Cookson of Whitehill (b 02.08.1745, d 13.12.1831)
  m. (1772) Margaret Wilkinson (dau of James Wilkinson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (of family of Thorpe) by Bridget Blencowe of Blencowe Hall)
  (1) John Cookson of Whitehill (b 09.03.1773, dsp 24.01.1857)
  (2) James Cookson of Neasham, Durham (b 1775, d 1841, Colonel) had issue
  m. (1811) Marianne Stevenson (dau of David Stevenson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
  (3) Isaac Cookson of Meldon Park, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 1776, d 08.10.1851) had issue
  BLG1952 (Cookson of Meldon Park) shows that he married ...
m. (17.01.1805) Jane Cooke (dau of Edward Cooke of Togston & Amble New Hall)
  (4) Thomas Cookson of the Hermitage, Durham (b 1779) had issue
  BLG1952 (Stirling-Cookson formerly of Renton) shows that he married ...
  m. Elizabeth Selby (dau of Charles Edward Selby of Earle)
  (5) Joseph Cookson (b 1782, dsp 10.1865, 6th son)
  m1. Elizabeth Elton (d 20.12.1852, dau of William Elton of Clifton)
  m2. _ Norbury (widow of Col. _ Elton)
  (6) Elizabeth Cookson (d 08.05.1847)
  m. (24.10.1811) Robert Surtees of Redworth (d 04.1857)
  (7) Ema Donna Cookson (dsp 01.08.1859)
  m. (21.06.1832) Robert Bell of Fenham Hall (d 10.01.1851, Lt. Colonel)
  (8)+ other issue - Christopher (b 1781, d 10.05.1832, Recorder of Berwick-on-Tween & Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Septimus (d 1828), Caroline (d young)
  b. John Cookson
  m. Hannah Jane Reed (dau/coheir of William Reed of Halliwell)
  c. Elizabeth Cookson
  m. Samuel Castell of Wimbledon
  d. Hannah Cookson
  m. Richard Ellison of Sudbrooke Holme
  e.+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Joseph (Captain), Sarah
  D.+ 3 sons
2.+ other issue

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Sawrey-Cookson formerly of Neasham Hall and of Broughton Tower) with input/support as reported above
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