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Families covered: Dudley of Clopton (Clapton)
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Thomas de Sutton, later Dudley of Clopton or Clapton, Northumberland (d 1369)
Wotton reports that "This family is originally descended from the Paganells, who soon after the conquest, were created barons of Dudley." That connection came through Thomas's mother, heiress of the de Somery family .
1. ?? Dudley 
  A. Richard Dudley of Clopton called 'of Barnwell' by VCH which reports that the inherited the manor of Clapton (aka Clopton) from his father-in-law
m. (1395) Agnes Hotot (dau of Robert Hotot) called Joan by some web sites
  Wotton jumps from Richard & Agnes to William (m. _ Porter). BEB1841 jumps from this generation to Sir William, 1st Bart. Richard is the first Dudley mentioned by VCH which notes that the manor was being held in 1412 & 1428 by a John Scot, "presumably as a trustee, since Dudley afterwards enfeoffed other trustees, from whom his son and heir William, between 1467 and 1472 had difficulty in obtaining livery on coming of age." It is likely that the "Dudley" referred to was the following Richard. Much of the next 3 generations comes from various web sites but with the names of the squires being confirmed by VCH.
  i. Sir Richard Dudley of Clopton (b c1396, d c1465)
  m. Elizabeth de Beauchamp (dau of Sir Walter de Beauchamp)
  a. William Dudley of Clopton (b c1422, d 1505)
  m. Christian Darrel
  (1) Lawrence Dudley (dvp)
  m. Frances Lexam
  (A) William Dudley of Clopton
  m. _ Porter
VCH reports that William succeeded his grandfather. VCH then reports the succession down to Edward (dspm) whose brother William was the 1st Baronet.
  (i) Thomas Dudley of Clopton (d before 1588)
  m. Mary Watson ("aunt to Sir Edward Watson of Rockingham Castle")
  (a) Edward Dudley of Clopton (d 1608)
m. Margery (Margaret) Digby (dau of Sir Kenelme Digby of Stoke Dry)
  ((1)) Edward Dudley of Clopton (b 1569-70, d 06.05.1632)
  The following is partly supported by TCB (vol 3, 'Dudley of Clopton or Clapton', p100+).
  m. Elizabeth Wood (dau of Robert Wood of Lamley)
  ((A)) Edward Dudley of Clopton (d 1641)
  m. Margery Digby (dau of Sir Kenelm Digby of Gothurst) probably wife of Edward & mother of ...
((i))+ 4 daughters
  ((B)) Sir William Dudley, Sheriff of Northamptonshire, 1st Bart of Clopton (Clapton) (b c1597, d 18.09.1670)
  m1. (sp) _ de Pleure
  m2. (sp) Jane or Mary Smith (dau of Sir Roger Smith of Edmondthorp)
m3. Mary Pinder (dau/heir of Sir Paul Pinder or Pindar of London (nephew of Sir Paul, Ambassador) by Susan, dau of John Flamsted of Leicester)
  ((i)) Sir Matthew Dudley, 2nd Bart of Clapton (d 13.04.1721)
  m. Mary O'Bryen (dau of Henry, Earl of Thomond)
  ((a)) Sir William Dudley, 3rd Bart of Clapton (b 1700-1, d 15.06.1764)
  m. Elizabeth Kennedy (dau/heir of Sir Richard Kennedy of Ireland, Bart)
(((1)))+ issue - O'Bryen (d infant), William (d infant), John (dvp unm), Elizabeth (d infant)
  ((ii)) William Dudley (d unm 05.1720, rector of Clapton)
  ((iii)) Mary Dudley
  m. (1686) Sir John Robinson, Bart
  ((2)) Thomas Dudley of Harold, Bedfordshire probably the Thomas who married ...
m. Margaret Wood (dau of Robert Wood of Lamley)
  (ii) Margaret Dudley probably of this generation
  m1. Edward Wymarke of Luffenham
  m2. Mark Broughton of Seaton
  (2) Robert Dudley
  (3) Eleanor Dudley
  m. Owen Giffawne of Pottisham
  (4) Agnes Dudley
  m. Thomas Montagu of Hemington (b c1452, d 05.09.1517)
  b. Joan Dudley
  m. Sir John Baynton or Bayntun, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b 1407, d c1447)
  c.+ other issue - Walter, John (dsp), Thomas

Main source(s): BEB1841 ('Dudley of Clapton'), VCH (Northamptonshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Clapton'), Wotton (1741, vol 3, '#205. Dudley of Clapton, Northamptonshire', p124+) with some input from various web sites shown in italics
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