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Families covered: Eccleston of Eccleston (Ecclestone of Ecclestone)

Hugh de Eccleston of Eccleston, Lancashire
1. Richard de Eccleston of Eccleston (a 1246)
  A. Robert de Eccleston of Eccleston (a 1276, d before 1280)
  m. Amery widow of Robert, possibly mother of Alan
  Foster inserts another generation here, a Richard, but VCH suggests that Richard was Alan's younger brother. Possibly Richard was guardian of Alan's son Robert during his minority.
  i. Alan de Eccleston (dvp)
  a. Robert de Eccleston of Eccleston (a 1306, d before 09.1315)
  m. Isabel widow of Robert, possibly mother of ...
  (1) Alan de Eccleston of Eccleston (d 1349)
m. Alice
  (A) Thomas Eccleston (dvp)
  (2) Henry or Richard Eccleston named Henry by VCH bur Richard by Flower
  (A) John Eccleston of Eccleston (a 1377)
  m. Helen Langton (dau of Sir Robert Langton of Newton)
  (i) Henry Eccleston of Eccleston (a 1399)
  m. Helen Gerrard (dau of (Sir) Peter Gerrard of the Brinne)
(a) John Eccleston of Eccleston
  m. Agnes Kenyon (dau of Mathew Kenyon)
  ((1)) John Eccleston of Eccleston (d by 1483?)
  m. Helen Bold (dau of _ Bold of Bold)
  ((A)) Ralph Eccleston of Eccleston (d 11.06.1522)
  m. Agnes Laylande (dau of William Laylande (Leyland) of Morleys)
  ((i)) Henry Eccleston (dvp?)
  m. Helen Downes (dau of Robert Downes of Shrigley)
  ((a)) John Eccleston of Eccleston - continued below
  m. Catherine Halsall (dau of Sir Henry Halsall of Halsall)
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Alice, Cecily (d by 1285)
2. Alan de Eccleston



John Eccleston of Eccleston - continued above
m. Catherine Halsall (dau of Sir Henry Halsall of Halsall)
1. Thomas Eccleston of Eccleston (d before 1565)
  m. Helen Leigh (dau of Peter Leigh of Bradley)
  A. Henry Eccleston of Eccleston (d 1598)
  m. Margery Brykenhed (a 1565, dau/coheir of Raufe Brykenhed (Birkenhead) of Crowton son/heir of Johane, dau/coheir of Rauf Done of Crowton)
  i. Edward Eccleston (b c1563, d by 1623) the last mentioned by Foster
  An Eccleston of Eccleston, possibly Edward?, married Mary, dau of Richard Holland of Denton & Heaton.
  a. Henry Eccleston of Eccleston (d 04.1628) the first mentioned by Dugdale
  m. Mary Osbaldeston (dau of John Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston)
(1) Edward Eccleston of Eccleston (d c1631)
  m. Anne or Mary Massey (dau of Richard Massey of Rixton)
  Dugdale shows Edward as dsp but VCH reports that he had a son ...
  (A) Henry Eccleston (d 1631)
  (2) Thomas Eccleston of Eccleston (b c1601/c1612, d Warrington 1646, 6th son)
  m. Jane Clifton (dau of Sir Cuthbert Clfton of Westby)
  (A) Henry Eccleston of Eccleston (b c1637)
  m. (c1658) Eleanor Blundell (dau of Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell)
  (i) Thomas Eccleston of Eccleston (d(sp?) 1743, Captain then Jesuit)
  After Eccleston passed to Thomas's 2nd cousin, John Gorsuch (below), it passed to Basil Thomas Scarisbrick, a cousin through Thomas's mother, who assumed the name Eccleston.
(ii)+ other issue - Anne, Jane
  (B) Thomas Eccleston (b c1643)
  (3) Mary Eccleston
  m. Edward Gorsuch
  (A) ?? Gorsuch
  (i) John Gorsuch of Scarisbrick, later Eccleston of Eccleston (dsp 1742)
  (4)+ other issue - Henry, Michael, John William, Margery, Eleanor, Anne
  b. Alice Eccleston probably of this generation
  m. (06.02.1609) Richard Urmston of Westerleigh (b c1590, d 1659)
  ii. Richard Eccleston
  B. Catherine Eccleston
  m. William Parre of Parre
C.+ other issue - Thomas, Anne, Dorothy
2. Henry Eccleston
  m. Grace
  A. Thomas Ecclestone in Parr & Lathom (d 1632-3)
  i. Henry Ecclestone (dvp?)
  a. Henry Ecclestone (b c1611)
3. Anne Eccleston
  m. Thomas Rixton of Sankie
4. Elizabeth Eccleston
  m. John Lathom of Mosborowe (d 1558)
5. Margaret Eccleston
  m. Robert Fazakerley of Walton
6. Alice Eccleston
  m. Roger Walker of Liverpool
7. Helen Eccleston

Main source(s): VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, 'Townships: Eccleston'), Visitation (Foster, Lancashire, 1567, 'Eccleston of Eccleston'), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, 'Eccleston of Eccleston')
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