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Families covered: Fleetwood of Missenden, Fleetwood of Rossall, Fleetwood of Wesham
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Edmund Fleetwood of Rossall (d 30.03.1622)
m. (05.10.1573) Elizabeth Cheyne (dau of John Cheyne of Chesham Bois)
1. Sir Peter or Paul Fleetwood of Hackinsall (b 1576, d 1657)
  m1. Anne Baskell (sister of Ralph Baskell)
  m2. Jane Argall (bur 05.05.1645, dau of Richard Argall of East Sutton)
  A. Edward Fleetwood of Rossall (b 1608, dvp 1644)
  m. (29.01.1631) Everill Heber (dau of Thomas Heber of Marton)
  i. Mary Fleetwood
  m. William Worthington of Snidle
  ii. Elizabeth Fleetwood
  m. Thomas Butler of Kirkland
  iii. Jane Fleetwood
  m. John Singleton of Stayning
iv.+ other issue - Anne, Catherine
  B. Richard Fleetwood of Rossall (bpt 25.06.1613)
  m. Anne Mayo (dau of John Mayo of Bayford or Beyford Place)
  i.+ issue - Paul (b 12.1664/01.1665), Margaret
  C. Francis Fleetwood of Hackinsall or Hakensall (bpt 25.01.1617)
  m. Mary Foster (dau of Charles Foster of Presall or Prisall)
  i. Richard Fleetwood of Rossall and Leyland (b c1653, d 21.12.1709, 2nd son)
  m. (16.06.1674) Margaret Fleetwood (dau of Edward Fleetwood of Leyland)
  a. Edward Fleetwood of Rossall (b 13.01.1682, bur 01.07.1737)
  m. (30.03.1714) Sarah Veale (d 07.1760, dau of John Veale of Whinney Heys)
  (1) Margaret Fleetwood (bpt 05.04.1715, bur 18.07.1752)
  m. (16.09.1733) Roger Hesketh of North Meols (d 16.06.1791)
  (2)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 04.09.1721, bur 03.01.1732), John (bpt 25.09.1723, bur 19.08.1727), Susan (bpt 20.08.1716, d infant?), Susannah (bpt 07.10.1718, d unm 18.05.1777), Veale (bpt 11.07.1720, d 07.1737)
  ii. Edmond Fleetwood of Poulton-le-Pylde had issue
  m. (06.1690) Prudence Barton
  iii.+ other issue - Paul (bpt 18.10.1650, d young), Elizabeth (d unm 1710), other
  D. William Fleetwood (bpt 21.10.1621)
  E. Elizabeth Fleetwood
  m. (28.10.1635) Patrick Gordon or Grogan
  F. Mary Fleetwood
m. (06.05.1636) Robert Shaw of High Bullock (vicar of Cockerhall)
2. Edmund Fleetwood
  m. _ Tempest of Yorkshire
  A. George Fleetwood
  B. Elizabeth Fleetwood
  m. John Brekell of the Holmes
3. Robert Fleetwood of Wesham, Lancashire
  m. _ Bryers of Lathom
  A. Edmond Fleetwood of Wesham (b c1627, a 1664)
4. Barbara Fleetwood probably of this generation
  m. Richard Newsom of Newsom Hall (a 1634)
5.+ other issue - Edward of Kirkham, Francis (d unm)



Sir William Fleetwood of Missenden, Buckinghamshire (d 1593, recorder of London)
m. Marian Barley (dau of John Barley of Kingsey)
1. Sir William Fleetwood of Missenden (d 02.12.1630)
  m. Anne Barton (dau of Ranulph Barton of Smithes)
  A. John Fleetwood of Missenden (bur 29.03.1639, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Archdale (dau of Richard Archdale of Wickombe, m2. ?? Lee)
  i. William Fleetwood 'of Great Misenden' (bur 04.07.1682)
  m. (mcrt 03.1654) Mary Hoby (d 1688/15.08.1679, dau of Peter Hoby of Bisham Abbey)
a. William Fleetwood of Missenden (b 1656-7, d 05.05.1691)
  m1. Anne Randal of Kent (widow of _ Adrian)
  (1)+ issue (d young) - Henry (d 1735), William, (d 1737), Katherine
  m2. Sarah Birdwood or Bridgood of Essex (d 23.03.1711, widow of _ Whorwood or Harwoodof London)
  (4) John Fleetwood of Missenden (dsp17.08. 1745)
  (5) Mary Fleetwood
The following connection is supported by BLG1886 (Lowndes of Whaddon) & VCH (Buckinghamshire, vol 2, Great Missenden).
  m. (24.06.1715) Thomas Ansell of Hitchenden (d before 1745)
  (A) John Ansell of Missenden Abbey (b 1420-1, bur 27.04.1761, 2nd son)
  (B) Mary Ansell of Missenden (b 16.09.1716, bur 04.04.1780)
  m. Thomas Goostrey of London (d 27.09.1785)
  (i) Mary Goostrey of Missenden (d 1786)
  m. (21.12.1766) William Lowndes of Winslow
  (ii) Sarah Goostrey (bur 20.08.1788)
  m. William Froggatt
  (iii) Elizabeth Goostrey (d 1832)
  m. (02.09.1773) Bernard Dickenson of Bowden Park
(C)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (b 07.02.1718), Elizabeth (b 28.11.1717)
  (6)+ other issue - William (dsp?), Katherine
  b. Elizabeth Fleetwood
  m. _ Trotter
  c. Mary Fleetwood
  m. _ Shipton
B. Anne Fleetwood
  m. Francis Cheyney or Cheyne of Chesham Bois & Cogenhoe (a 1634)
  C. Elizabeth Fleetwood
  m. (1615?) Sir John Woodward of Evesham or Esham
  Lipscomb shows this Elizabeth as m2. Sir Thomas Chaloner. We follow Visitation in showing his wife a generation earlier (just below).
  D. Cordelia Fleetwood (b c1605, d 02.12.1685)
  Lipscomb shows this Cordelia as m. Sir David Foulis. We follow Visitation in showing his wife a generation earlier (just below).
  E.+ other issue - William (dsp 1621), Francis (dsp 1629), Thomas (dsp), Edward (b c1616, d 13.03.1681), Robert (dsp), George (dsp), Marian, Katharine (bpt 10.12.1606, d 12.075.1681), Mary, Jane (b 1614-5, d 08.07.1684)
2. Sir Thomas Fleetwood
  m. _ Whorwood (dau of Sir William Whorwood)
3. Elizabeth Fleetwood
  m. Sir Thomas Chaloner (not Chatteret) (b c1565, d 18.11.1615)
4. Cordelia Fleetwood
  m. Sir David (not Edward) Foulis, Bart of Ingleby (d 1642)
5.+ other issue - Edward, James (d 07.07.1598), Robert

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLG1937 (Fleetwood-Hesketh of North Meols), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Fleetwood of Roshall)
(2) For lower section : Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Fleetwood of Missenden', p377), Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Fleetwood of Missenden, with additions by the Harleian editor)
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