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Families covered: Fuller of Cork, Fuller of Neston Park

Thomas Fuller of Fuller Park & Cork (bur 23.10.1759)
m. (1711) Lydia Green (bur 25.05.1753, dau of William Green (Sheriff of Cork) by Mary Hayes or Heayes)
1. William Fuller of Cork (bpt 19.03.1718, a 1759)
  m. Frances Grey of Cork
  A. Thomas Grey Fuller (bpt 17.03.1750)
  m. (08.07.1780) Jane Fuller (dau of William Fuller by Ellen Hilliard)
  i. George Fuller of Cork (d unm c1832)
  ii. Jane Fuller (d unm)
  iii. Ellen Hilliard Fuller
  m. John McKay McDonald
  B.+ other issue - George (a 1759), Elizabeth (bpt 17.03.1750), Lydia (a 1759)
2. Thomas Fuller (bpt 23.03.1723, a 1759)
  A.+ issue - Joseph (bur 29.07.1763), son (bur 24.11.1763), son (bur 28.06.1767), John (bur 02.11.1772), daughter (bur 04.04.1762), daughter (bur 12.05.1762), daughter (bur 17.11.1763), Jane (bur 16.03.1774)
3. Richard Fuller (bpt 09.03.1733, bur 04.06.1782)
  m. Jane Roe (bur 25.11.1788)
  A. Thomas Richard Fuller (Major)
  m1. Mary Fuller (d by 1803)
  i. Richard Fuller (a 1803)
  m2. Mary England (dau of Capt. _ England)
  ii. Thomas Brock Fuller, Bishop of Niagara (b 16.07.1810, d 17.12.1884) had issue in Canada
  m. ((14.05.1835) Cynthia Street (b 1818, d 14.01.1892, dau of Samuel Street of Niagara District, Upper Canada)
  B.+ other issue -William Roe (bpt 08.06.1766), Mary (bpt 19.05.1765), Francis (bur 16.5.1769), daughter (bur 04.09.1765), Jane (bur 30.10.1768), Abigail (bur 20.09.1770), Margaret (bur 17.11.1774), Ann (bur 20.09.1776)
4.+ other issue - Mary (bpt 19.07.1713), Jane (bpt 05.12.1714), Ann (bpt 07.07.1717), Lydia (bpt 05.11.1721), Mary (bpt 21.02.1722), Christen (bpt 20.10.1725)



Thomas Fuller of London
m. Lucy Cannon (dau of Simon Cannon) mentioned by Wikipedia ("William Fuller (bishop)")
1. William Fuller, Bishop of Limerick then Lincoln (b 1608, d unm 1675) dates from Wikipedia
2. Thomas Fuller (Rector of Aldwincle)
m. Judith Davenant (dau of John Davenant of Watling St. (London) (by Margaret, dau of John Clarke of Farnham), sister of John, Bishop of Salisbury, and of Margaret (m. Robert Townson, Bishop of Salisbury))
  A. Thomas Fuller (author & royal chaplain)
  m. Mary Roper (dau of Thomas Roper, 2nd Viscount Baltinglass, by Anne Harrington)
  i. Thomas Fuller
  m. _ Herbert of Montgomeryshire (?)
  a. William Fuller
  ## MGH shows this as the William of West Kerries, we show on Fuller02 here, who m. Jane Harnett although it identifies Jane as dau of John Harnett of Bally Henry, sister of James Harnett of Cork and of Catherine (m. Robert Hilliard). That differs slightly from the identification given on Fuller02.
3. Catherine Fuller (d before 08.12.1669) mentioned by Wikipedia
  m. John Bligh of London then Rathmore (MP)
4.+ other daughters mentioned by Wikipedia



BP1934 reports that the following John succeeded to estates in Sussex from Gerard Dutton Fleetwood ("who claimed to be the direct descendant of Gen. Charles Fleetwood") but does not indicate how that succession arose. Wikipedia ("Neston Park") reports that the Wiltshire estate of Neston Park was bought by the following John about 1790.
John Fuller of Neston Park, Corsham, Wiltshire (b 1765, d 30.03.1839) 
m.(1789) Dinah Jeans (d 13.01.1856, dau of Jacob Jeans)
1. John Bird Fuller of Neston Park, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b 06.03.1801, d 27.05.1872) had issue
  m. (22/24.06.1829) Sophia Harriet Hanning (d 16.04.1883, dau of William Hanning of Dillington House)
2. Neston Joseph Fuller (b 11.1802, d 16.07.1872)
  m. (01.03.1826) Anne Margaret Browne (d 15.06.1881, dau of Hon. Col. John Browne)
3. Georgiana Fuller (d 15.06.1881)
  m. (12.09.1816) Rev. Thomas Heathcote (d 23.01.1859)
4. Louisa Mary Fuller (dsp(s) 18.05.1871)
  m. (25.06.1822) Rev. John Andrew Methven (d 23.01.1859, brother of Lord Methven)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : MGH (NS4 vol 3 (1910), Part VII (September 1909), 'Pedigree of Fuller of Cork, Kerry, and (?) Halsted', p283+) with a little support from BCG (vol 2 (1895), 'Fuller', p657+)
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(3) For lower section (first uploaded 07.09.09 in a draft Fuller1, moved to a Temporary page on 22.07.11 (when the other sections of that draft page were absorbed into Fuller01), moved to Fuller03 (as lower section) on 30.11.20 for review using BP1934, moved to this page on 22.09.24) : BLG1886 ('Fuller of Neston Park'), BP1934 ('Fuller')
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