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Families covered: Gibbs (Gibbes) of Fenton (Venton), Gibbes of Honington
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BLG1886 ('Gibbs of Aldenham Park') starts its article with the following: "In the time of Richard II, two brothers of this family (whose name was spelt variously Gibbe, Gibbes, or Gibbs) were settled, one at Honington, co. Warwick, whose descendants continued there through many generations; and the other, John Gibbs, on an estate called Venton, or Fenton, in the parish of Dartington, Devon, ...". [Richard II reigned 06.1377-09.1399.] HOWEVER, Hunsdon (p48) reports that "It is commonly asserted that the Honington family was founded in the reign of Richard II by one Thomas Gibbs, a brother of John Gibbs of Fenton. This statement is almost certainly incorrect". The following upper section pulls together Hunsdon's thoughts on the matter.
John Gibbe (a 1321, 1332)
m. _ de Fenton (sister/heir of Adam de Fenton) probably parents of ...
1. William Gibbes of Beneknowle, Ashburton, North Hutch (and Fenton?) (d 1191/2)
  m. Wilmot probably parents of ...
  A. ?? Gibbs
  i. Joan Gibbs (d 16.08.1461)
  m1/2. William Malerbe
  m2/1. Andrew Hillersdon
  a. Andrew Hillersdon (d 1482)
  B. William Gibbs of Fenton (b c1360, d by 1437)
  m1. Isabella (d 1391?) m2. (1392) Cicely Lenek
  i. Thomas Gibbs of Fenton (d c1447) probably of this generation
  m. Margaret (probably dau/coheir of John Gambon)
a. John Gibbs of Fenton, Provost of Totnes (d 28.03.1487, MP)
  m. Agnes Mey (dau/heir of William Mey (of Boterford) by Margery, dau/heir of Philip Boterford by Thomazin, dau/heir of John Denys of Gidecote (Dennis of Giddicott?))
  (1) William Gibbs of Fenton (dvp)
  m. ?? (probably dau/heir of William Gilbert, son/heir of Otes of Compton)
  (A) William Gibbs of Fenton (b 1471, d c1531, Escheator of Devon & Cornwall)
  m1. (before 10.1487) Elizabeth Yarde (dau of Gilbert Yarde of Bradley & Teygnwyke)
  m2. Katherine (a 1517)
  m3. Wilmot (a 1544, m2. Thomas Bond of Luxulyan)
  (B) Jane Gibbs
  m. William Bond of Erth (d 1529)
  (2) John Gibbs of Clyst St. George (b 1475?, a 1524, d by 1543?) possibly of this generation
  (3) Thomas Gibbs (b 1478?, d before 1538) possibly of this generation
  (A) Andrew Gibbs (a 1524, 1543, d b y 1546?)
m. Annys (d 1541)
  (4) Richard Gibbs (b 1580?, a 1524, d by 1543?) possibly of this generation
  (A) Walter Gibbs (a 1524, 1546)
  (5) Henry Gibbs of Heathfield, Woodbury (b 1485?, dsp 1549) possibly of this generation
  (6) Isabella Gibbs
  m. John Fortescue of Wymston (b 1451, d 1519)
  (7) Alice Gibbs (dsp)
  m. William Strode of Newnham (son of Richard by Margaret Fortescue)
  (8) Christine Gibbs
  m. (1480) Thomas Champernon
  (9) Elizabeth Gibbs (d 30.08.1518, Abbess of Syon)
  b. Thomas Gibbs possibly of this generation
  Hunsdon notes that some sources show the Honington line branching off the Fenton line 2-3 generations earlier but suggests that it was from this generation.
  (1) Robert Gibbes of Honington - continued just below
  m. Margaret King



Visitation identifies the arms of the following branch as "Argent, three battleaxes erect sable".
Robert Gibbes of Honington, Warwickshire - continued just above
m. Margaret King
1. Robert Gibbes of Honington
  m1. Margaret Prideaux of Devon
A. Anthony Gibbes of Honington (dsp)
  B. Jane Gibbes
  m. Nicholas Browne of Tiso
  C. Elizabeth Gibbes
  m. Thomas Tickeridge of Evesham
  D. Margaret Gibbes
m. _ Brian of London
  m2. Katherine Porter (dau of William Porter of Aston)
  E. Sir Ralph Gibbes of Honington
  m. Gertrude Wroughton (dau of Sir Thomas Wroughton of Broadhenton)
  i. Sir Henry Gibbes of Honington (a 1619)
  m. Elizabeth Temple (dau of Thomas Temple of Stowe)
  a. Thomas Gibbes apparently of this generation
  m. Katharine Longvile (dau of Sir Edward Longvile or Longueville, 1st Bart of Wolverton)
  b. Hesther Gibbes (b c1614) probably the Esther who married ...
m. John Harrington (b c1601, a 1634, of Gray's Inn)
  c. Martha Gibbes (b c1618)
  d. Elizabeth Gibbes possibly of this generation
  m. Samuel Underhill
  e. Frances Gibbes possibly of this generation
  m1. William Glanville of Broad Hinton (b c1615, d 10.1680)
  m2. John Stone of Brightwell Park
  ii. Unton Gibbes presumably the Unton (bur 10.11.1676) who married ...
  m. (16.07.1629) Sir Edward Dering, 1st Bart of Surrenden Dering (b 1598, d 1644)
iii. Jane Gibbes who married ...
  m. Sir Francis Hawley, 1st Lord of Donamore (b c1608, d 22.12.1684)
  iv.+ other issue - Grivell, Richard, George, William, Charles, Ralph, Maria, Anna, Jane, Gertrude
  F. Thomas Gibbes
  m. Margaret Wilkes (relict of _ Dimock)
  i.+ issue (a 1619) - Edward (b c1598), Thomas (b c1600), Frances
  G. Tristam Gibbes
  m. Elizabeth (relict of _ Baker)
  H. Edward Gibbes (b c1574, a 1619)
  I. Anna Gibbes
  m. Sir George Wroughton of Wiltshire
  J. Katherine Gibbes
  m. Edward Bentley of Kinton
  K.+ other issue - Frances, Joyce, Elizabeth

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 19.11.23) : 'History of Gibbs of Fenton' (Lord Hunsdon of Hunsdon, 1925)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, 'Gibbes')
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