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Families covered: Gibson of Brig Royd, Gibson of Oswaldkirk, Gibson of Slead Hall, Gibson of Stavely, Gibson of Welborne
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No coat of arms is given for this branch.
Thomas Gybson (Gibson) of Stavely, Yorkshire
1. Rychard Gybson
  m. Emma Croft (dau of Rychard Croft of Myton of Swale)
  A. Robert Gybson (Gibson) of Tyde St. Mary, Lincolnshire
  m. Isabell Pullen (dau of John Pullen of Kyllynghall (Killinghall))
  i.+ issue - William, Dorothy, Elsabeth, Margaret
  B.+ other issue - Elsabeth, Anne
2. Robert Gybson



Foster & Dugdale show the following coat of arms for this branch of the family: 'Barry of six ermine and sable, a lion rampant or'.
Thomas Gibson of Ireby, Lancashire
m. _ Redman of Gressingham
1. Sir John Gibson of Welborne (2nd son?)
m1. Margaret Woodhall
  A. Sir John Gibson of Welborne (d 1638)
  m. Anne Allott (dau of Sir John Allott or Allet, widow of Thomas Pigott of Dodershall)
  i. Sir John Gibson of Welborne (b c1605, d 06.1665
  m. Penelope Woodhall (dau of William Woodhall)
  a. John Gibson of Welborne (b c1630, a 1665)
  m. Joane Pennyman (dau of James Pennyman of Ormesby)
  (1)+ issue (a 08.1665) - John (b c1652), James (b c1655), Edward (b c1657), Charles (b c1660), Josne (b c1653), Penelope (b c12.1663)
  B. Thomas Gibson
  m2. Margery (Margaret) Maisterton (dau of Richard Maisterton of Nantwich, widow of Thomas (sb Edward?) Butler of Bewsey)
  C. Edward Gibson
  m. Anne Dudley (dau of _ Dudley, brother of Lord Dudley)
  i.+ issue - Edward (b c1621, a 1639), John, Dudley, daughter
2.+ other issue - Marmaduke (dsp), William, Robert



John Gibson of Oswaldkirk
m. Catherine Sandwith (dau of George Sandwith of Newton Grange in St. Oswald (Oswaldkirk))
1. Roger Gibson (dsp, warder of the Tower)
2. Isabella Gibson
  m. William Rymer of Bagley
  A.+ issue - Rebecca, Frances
3. Mary Gibson
  m. Godfrey Place of London
  A. William Place
  m. Ann Scory (dau of Sir John Scory)
  i. Elizabeth Place
  m. Sir Paul Neale (son/heir of Richard, Archbishop of York)
  ii. Mary Place
4. Dorothy or Margaret Gibson
  m. Hugh Welborne of Oswaldkirk
  A. Ralph Welborne
  i. Christopher Welborne
5. Anne Gibson
  m. John Lees of Darlton, Nottinghamshire
  A. Thomas Lees
  i. issue - John, Thomas
6. Jane Gibson
  m. Richard Frankland of Oswaldkirk
  A. Mary Frankland
  m. George Grey
  B. Margery Frankland
  m. Henry Grey



John Gibson of Slead Hall in Halifax, Yorkshire
1. Mary Gibson
  m1. John Brooke of Batley
  A. John Brooke, Mayor of Leeds (a 1736, 1754)
  m1. Sarah Ellis (dau of William Ellis of Leeds)
  i.+ issue (d infant) - 6 sons + 6 daiughters
  m2. Esther Ridings of Manchester (d 06.11.1755)
  xiii. John Brooke (d unm 09.04.1759)
  xiv. Esther Brooke (dsp 1769)
  m. (29.12.1760) John Blayds of Leeds
  m2. Henry Rayner (Reyner) of Boyne Hill



James Gibson of Brig Royd (b 1665-6, d 16.06.1763)
m1. _ Sutcliffe
1. daughter
m. _ Halstead
m2. (24.12.1715) Ann Crosley (b c1701, d 15.12.1765, dau of John Crosley (Crossley) of Scaitcliffe by Mary Halstead)
2. Abraham Gibson of Brig Royd
  m. _ Bowcock
  A. Elizabeth (Betty) Gibson
  m. (19.08.1783) Anthony Crosley (Crossley) of Todmorden Hall (b 1762, d 01.06.1810)
  B. daughter
  m. _ Grimshaw of Padiham
3. Grace Gibson
  m1. (sp) (John) Grimshaw of Little Ewood (son of William of Howarth by dau of John Lockwood of Little Ewood)
  m2. (John) Sutcliffe of Hoo Hoile (m1. Ellen Cockcroft)
  m3. (John) Cross (vicar of Bradford, m2. ??)
4. Susanna Gibson (dsp)
  m. William Lockwood of Little Ewood
5. daughter (dsp)
  m. _ Welch (curate of Sowerby)
6. Ann Gibson
  m. _ Cockcroft of Stocks
7.+ other issue - John (dsp), William (d unm)

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