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Families covered: Pennyman of Ormesby, Pennyman of Stokesley

Thomas Pennyman of Stokesley, Yorkshire
m. Ann Gatenby or Gatonby
1. Ralph Pennyman (3rd son)
  m. Jane or Anne Saltmarsh
  A. Robert Pennyman of Stokesley (d 1534)
  m. Margaret Sayer (dau of John Sayer of Worsall by Margery Conyers)
  i. William Pennyman of Stokesley & Ormesby
  Ord identifies William's wife as Ann, dau of Thoams Stainsby, but BLG1952 identifies her as ...
m. Anne Cleasby (dau of Thomas Cleasby of Cleasby)
  a. James Pennyman of Ormesby (a 1599)
  m(2). Anne Burnett of Breakhouse
(1) James Pennyman of Ormesby (b c1580, d 18.10.1655)
  m1. (18.10.1603) Catherine Kingsley (sister (not dau) of William Kingsley, Archdeacon of Canterbury)
  (A) Sir James Pennyman, 1st Bart of Ormesby (b 06.03.1607/8, d 24.04.1679/80, eldest son)
  m. (26.12.1632) Elizabeth Norcliffe (bpt 21.10.1612, bur 08.04.1678, dau of Stephen Norcliffe of Langton)
(i) Sir Thomas Pennyman, 2nd Bart of Ormesby, Sheriff of Yorkshire (bpt 29.08.1642, d 03.08.1708, Lord Privy Seal, 3rd son)
  m. (by 1661) Frances Lowther (dau of Sir John Lowther, 1st Bart of Lowther)
  (a) Sir James Pennyman, 3rd Bart of Ormesby (b c1661, d 17.11.1745)
  m. (07.11.1692) Mary Warton (dau of Michael Warton of Beverley by Susanna Poulett)
((1)) James Pennyman (bpt 17.01.1693/7, dvpsp 12.1743)
  m. Dorothy Wake (b c1699, d 02.12.1754, dau of William Wake, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  ((2)) Sir William Pennyman, 4th Bart of Ormesby, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 1695, d unm 16.04.1768)
  ((3)) Sir Warton Pennyman, later Pennyman-Warton, 5th Bart of Ormesby (b c1701, d 14.01.1770)
  m. (31.03.1725) Charlotte Hotham (d 07.06.1771, dau of Sir Charles Hotham, 4th Bart of Scarborough by Bridget Gee)
  ((A)) Mary Pennyman or Pennyman-Warton
m. W(illiam) Berry 'of Beverley' (m1. ??)
  ((i)) Mary Pennyman Berry probably of this generation
  m. (by 1787) Henry Ellison of Beverley (b 1761)
  ((B)) Margaret Pennyman or Pennyman-Warton
  m. H. Maister
  ((C)) Harriot Pennyman or Pennyman-Warton 
  m. (1765) H(enry) Stapleton
  ((D)) Caroline Pennyman or Pennyman-Warton (bpt 13.10.1740, d 24.12.1811)
  m1. Roger Gee
  m2. Peter Acklam or Acklom
  ((E)) Diana Pennyman or Pennyman-Warton (d 17.07.1817)
  m. (16.12.1769) George Hotham (b 07.01.1741, d 07.02.1806,General)
  ((F)) Charlotte Pennyman or Pennyman-Warton
  m. Francis Boynton (son of Sir Francis, Bart)
((G))+ other issue (d unm) - James (dvpsp, Major), Charles (d infant), Philippa, Dorothy, Gertrude
  ((4)) Ralph Pennyman (b c1694, d 1762)
  m. (Bridget) Gee (dau of William Gee of Bishop Burton)
  ((A)) Sir James Pennyman, 6th Bart of Ormesby (bpt 06.12.1736, d 27.03.1808)
  m1. (by 1763) Elizabeth Grey (dau of Sir Henry Grey, 1st Bart of Howick)
  ((i)) Sir William Henry Pennyman, 7th Bart of Ormesby bpt 21.01.1764, dsp 1852)
  m. (before 1802) Charlotte Robinson (b 1775-6, d 03.05.1848, dau of Bethel Robinson of Calwick)
  ((ii)) Charlotte Pennyman (d 11.09.1832) probably the Charlotte who married ...
  m1. (28.02.1805) Charles Robinson (d 08.05.1805)
  m2. (15.06.1814) John George Boss (Captain RN)
((iii)) Frances Harriott Pennyman
  m1. (29.11.1808) Charles John Berkeley of Beverley (MD)
  m2. (26.08.1820) J.W.C. Robinson
  ((iv))+ other issue (dsp) - James, Ralph, Henry Grey, Charles, Frederick, Elizabeth (dsp?), Hannah (dsp?)
  m2. (14.05.1801) Mary Maleham or Matcham (d 19.09.1815)
  ((5)) Catherine Pennyman shown by Ord as sister of James, 6th Bart
  m. William (not R*) Bethell of Rise
((6)) Dorothy Pennyman (d 14.11.1811) shown by Ord as sister of James, 6th Bart
  m. (17.12.1761) James Worsley of Stonegrave (bpt 28.08.1722, d 19.08.1777, rector)
  Their grandson inherited Ormesby Hall and took the name Pennyman.
  ((7)) Lydia Pennyman (d unm)
  (b)+ other issue - John (b c1663), Thomas, William, Charles, Henry, Elizabeth, Catherine
  (B) Thomas Pennyman of Stokesley (bpt 10.04.1614, bur 25.10.1688, rector of Stokesley, prebendary of York)
  m. (23.10.1631) Sarah Turner (dau of J. Turner of Kirkleatham)
  m2. Joan Smith of London
  (B) William Pennyman
  m. Joan Tockets of Kent
  (C) John Pennyman
  (D) Joane Pennyman
m. J(ohn) Gibson of Welburne
  Ord indicates that the following William was James's eldest son by Anne Burnet. TCB (vol 2, Pennyman of Marske', p36), supported by BEB1841 ('Pennyman of Marske'), suggests that he was illegitimate.
  partner unknown
  (E) William Pennyman of St. Albans (master in Chancery)
Ord reports that William married Ann, dau of John Atherton by dau/coheir of Christhoper Conyers of Hornby Castle, and that his son married Ann, dau of Robert Ask of Aughton. We follow TCB which identifies the wives as follows.
  m. Ann Tottle (dau of Richard Tottle)
  (i) Sir William Pennyman, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Governor of Oxford, Bart of Marske (b c1607, dsp 22.08.1643, Bencher, MP)
  m. Anne Atherton (dsp 13.07.1644, dau/heir of William (sb John?) Atherton of Skelton)
  (2) Ellen Pennyman 
  m. Alan Certaine of Redcar
  (3) Mary Pennyman 
  m. T. Pilley of Skelderskew
  (4) Anne Pennyman 
  m. H(enry) Yoward of Westerdale (b c1576, d c1626)
  (5) Eliza Pennyman 
  m. S. Bradshaw of Upsal
  (6)+ other issue - John, Reginald, Thomas, Gilbert, Robert 
2.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, George

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Pennyman of Ormesby Hall'), 'The History and Antiquities of Cleveland' (John Walker Ord, 1846, 'Pedigree of Pennyman of Ormesby', p555+) with some support from TCB (vol 3, 'Pennyman of Ormesby', p287+)
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