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Families covered: Sayer of Bourchiers (Bourcher's) Hall, Sayer of Colchester, Sayer of Pett, Sayer of Worsall

We show 2 different Sayer families below. We have no reason to associate them together other than convenience.
John Sayer of Workesale (Worsall)
1. John Sayer 'of Worsall'
  m. Margery Conyers (dau of _ Conyers of Thornaby)
  A. William Sayer 'of Worsall'
  m. (Margaret) Fairfax (dau of (Sir Thomas) Fairfax of Gilling)
i. John Sayer 'of Worsall' (b c1521, d 12.03.1584)
  Visitation (Yorkshire, 1612, Sayer) identifies John's wife as Dorothy, dau of William Aske of Aske, who also married Sir Ralph Bulmer. Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (Bulmer) makes it clear that Dorothy was actually ...
  m. Dorothy Bulmer (b c1533, d 04.06.1574, dau of Sir Ralph Bulmer by Anne Aske)
  a. John Sayer of Worsall (a 1612)
  m. ?? Conyers (dau of Sir George Conyers of Sockburne)
  b. George Sayer 'of Worsall & Marrick'
  m. Anne Dodsworth (dau of Rowland Dodsworth) apparently wife of George, presumed mother of ...
  (1) Dorothy Sayer apparently the Dorothy who married ...
  m. William Bulmer of Marrick Park Hall (bpt 17.11.1601, bur 23.01.1681/2)
c. Richard Sayer
  m. Ellinor Busby
  (1) Laurence Sayer (b c1598)
  Possibly the Laurence of Worsall who was father of ...
  (A) Dorothy Sayer
  m. Richard Beilby, younger of Micklethwaite Grange (dvp 1650)
  d.+ other issue - Thomas, William
  One of these was father of ...
  (1) Dorothy Sayer
  m. John Errington
  B. Margaret Sayer apparently of this generation
  m. Robert Pennyman of Stokesley (d 1534)
  C. Jane Sayer possibly of this generation
  m. Hugh Westhroppe of Corneburgh



Commoners & BLG1886 report that the following family was "settled at a very early period in the county of Essex".
John Sayre of Colchester (d 1509, alderman)
m. Elizabeth or Isabella (d 1530)
1. George Sayre or Sayer of Colchester & Bourcher's or Bourchiers Hall, Essex (d 19.05.1577, alderman)
  m1. Agnes Wesden (dau of Thomas Wesden or Wesdene or Westden of Lincolnshire)
A. William Sayer (dvpsp)
  B. Richard Sayer (dvp?)
  i.+ issue - son (d young), daughter
  C. George Sayer of Bourchiers Hall (d 03.07.1596) this generation omitted by Visitation (1612)
  m. Rose Cardinal (dau of William Cardinal of Great Bromley)
i. Sir George Sayer of Bourchiers Hall (d 03.1630)
  m. Dorothy Higham (d 1651, dau of Sir John Higham of Barrow Hall)
  a. John Sayer of Bourchiers Hall (b 1589, d 1658)
  m. Hester (Esther) Honywood (dau of Robert Honywood of Mark's Hall)
(1) Sir George Sayer of Bourchiers Hall (b c1615, dvp 11.07.1650)
  m. Jane
  (A) Esther Sayers (b 09.1650, d 1716)
  m. (18.03.1675) Sir John Marsham, Bart of Caxton (b 09.09.1637, d 31.12.1692)
  (2) Sir John Sayer of Bourchier Hall (d 04.09.1677, Colonel)
  The following is supported by CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p496).
  m. Katherine Van Hesse Van Piershill (dau of John Van Hesse Van Piershill of Wena, Zetland)
  (A) George Sayer of Pett, Charing, Kent (b 1654/5, d 21.05.1718)
  m. Frances Honywood (b 1662-3, d 02.08.1731, dau/heir of Sir Philip Honywood of Pett)
  (i) George Sayer of Pett (b c1691, d 1733)
  Berry identifies George's wife Mary as dau of Sir Daniel Godfrey of Faversham, Bart, but we can find no Baronet of that name. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. Mary Godfrey (sister of Daniel Godfrey of Feversham)
  (a) George Sayer of Pett, Sheriff of Kent (d 17.09.1778)
  m. (1750) Mary Greenhill (dau of John Greenhill of Maidstone by Mary, sister of Matthew Chandler of St. Radigund's in Polton)
  ((1)) George Sayer of Pett (d 05.1814, rector of Egglescliffe)
  m. (1786) Catherine Wakely (dau of James Wakely of Charing)
  ((A)) George Edward Sayer of Pett (b 1795, d unm 28.05.1871)
  ((B)) Mary Sayer
  m. Henry Egerton of Lincoln's Inn
  ((C))+ other issue - Catherine, Charlotte of Pett (d 08.1874), Selina, Jane, others (d young)
  ((2)) John Sayer (Major)
  m. (1786) Charlotte Van (dau of Charles Van of Llanwern)
  ((A)) John Sayer (b 1786/7, d 28.12.1836, vicar of Arlingham) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Hodges (dau of Rev. Thomas Hodges of Slowwe in Arlingham)
  ((3)) Catherine Sayer
  m. Rev. William Gregory (son of John of Edinburgh)
  ((4))+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (d 04.1829), Frances (d 03.03.1829)
  (b)+ other issue (d unm) - Mary, Catherine
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, John, Charles, Adolphus
  (3) Dorothy Sayer (a 1614)
  m. John Barnaby of Colchester
  (4)+ other issue (a 1634) - Elizabeth, Hester
  b. Richard Sayer (5th son)
  m. Susan Jermin (dau of Edmond Jermin of Rushbrooke)
  c. Susan Sayer
  m. Robert Throgmorton (son of Sir George of Fulbrooke)
  d.+ other issue - Higham (bur 01.03.1658), Francis, Ann
  ii. Thomas Sayer of Bowton, Suffolk
  m. Catherine Shorte (dau of John Shorte of Thornedon)
  a.+ issue - William, John, Rosse, Francis, Phillip, Catherine
  iii. Mary Sayer
  m. John Prettyman of Thorndon, Suffolk
  iv. Frances Sayer
  m. Robert Browne of Colchester
  D. Elizabeth Sayer
  m. Henry Smyth of London
  m2. (sp) Frances Sammon (dau of Thomas Sammon)
2. John Sayer, Mayor of Colchester (d 1563)
  A John (d 1563) is shown by Commoners as father of the above George, an intermediary generation between him and the first John shown above. BLG1952 mentions that the first John had 3 sons but mentions only George. This John is named in BLG1886 along with his brother Robert. The following comes from Visitation (1612) with some support from BLG1886.
  m. Jayne Wesden (dau of Thomas Wesden or Wesdene or Westden of Lincolnshire)
  A. Richard Sayer of Colchester (b c1530?, bur 07.09.1601, 2nd son)
  m1. Alice Sponer
  i. son (dsp)
  m2. Elen Sallows (dau of _ Sallows of Brickellsey (Brightlinsea), she m2. John Markham)
  ii. Jane Sayer
  B. Margaret Sayer
  m. Lawrence of Saffron Walden
  C. Ann Sayer
  m. John Spencer of Colchester
  D.+ issue - William (dsp), Jane
3. Robert Sayer (a 1545) had issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Yorkshire, St. George 1612, Sayer of Worsall)
(2) For lower section : Commoners (vol 3, Sayer of Pett), BLG1886 (Sayer of Pett Place), BLG1952 (Sayer formerly of Pett Place) with some support/input from Visitation (Essex, 1612+1634, Sayer or Sayre)
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