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Families covered: Bulmer of Elmeden, Bulmer of Levening, Bulmer of Marrick, Bulmer of Wilton
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Sir William Bulmer of Wilton, Sheriff of Durham (b c23.04.1465, d 18.10.1531)
m. Margery Conyers (b c1469, d 10.05.1524, dau of John Conyers, younger of Hornby)
1. Sir John Bulmer of Wilton, Sheriff of Durham (b c1490, d 25.05.1537)
  m1. Anne Bigod (a 10.1531, dau of Sir Ralph Bigod of Settrington)
  A. Sir Ralph Bulmer of Sutton (d 09.10.1558)
  m. (before 01.10.1531) Anne Tempest (d 25/4.1555, dau of Sir Thomas Tempest of Holmside by Elizabeth Borough)
i. Joan Bulmer (b c1534, dsp)
  m1. Francis Cholmeley (bur 28.04.1586/dsp 1579, son of Sir Richard of Roxby)
  m2. Sir Francis Hildesley of Barthorpe
  ii. Frances Bulmer (b c1539)
  m. Marmaduke Constable of North Cliff (d 10.04.1614)
  iii. Dorothy Bulmer (b c1546)
  m1. (28.07.1561) Ralph Williamson of St. Helen's Auckland (d 10.11.1594)
  m2. John Welbury
  iv. Millicent Bulmer (b c1547)
  m. Thomas Grey of Barton (a 1584)
  v. Bridget Bulmer (b c1550)
  m1. Sampson Norton of Wath (d before 17.11.1574, son of Richard by Susan, dau of Richard, Lord Latimer)
  m2. James Leyburne (son of Nicholas of Cunswick by Elizabeth)
  v. BabaraBulmer
  m. Reynold Farley of Farley
  a. Ann Farley (2nd dau)
  m. Henry Bulmer of Levening @@ below
  vii. Anne Bulmer
  m1. Anthony Welbury of Castle Eden (d 05.11.1596)
m2. (c1598) Sir Gerard Lowther of Lowtherstown (dsp 14/6.10.1624, judge)
  vi. Mary Bulmer
  m1. _ Morton
  m2. Thomas Clark
  Possibly an illegitimate son of Sir Ralph was ...
  vii. Thomas Bulmer or Larke of Nonnehouse
  B. William Bulmer 'of Levening' (a 1543, dsp)
  m. Joan Acworth (b c1519, dau of George Acworth of Toddington by Margaret, dau of William Wilberfoss of Egleston)
  Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Bulmer of Wilton and Pinchinthorpe) shows William as ancestor of the Bulmers of Leveninge by the daughter/heiress of Margaret Wilberfoss. The following comes from Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Bulmer of Leavening) with support from Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Bulmer of Levening). We show it here but note that Walker does not make the connection between the William (who married Joan Acworth, son of Sir John) and the William who starts the article on this branch, there identifying William merely as "a relation of William Chamberlain, whose Will was dated 1489". Although the dates appear just about possible, somehow, the number of different generations on this branch compared with the above lead us to be uncertain on this connection and so to put the following into italics so as to highlight that uncertainty.
i. Robert Bulmer of Levening & Langton
  m. Elizabeth Green of Naburn
  a. Francis Bulmer of Levening (b c1515, d 08.12.1547)
  m. Anne (Agnes) Oglethorpe (dau of Matthew Oglethorpe of Thornton)
  (1) Thomas Bulmer of Levening (b c1538, d c1602?)
  m. (before 1577) Jane Thompson (dau of James Thompson of Thornton)
  (A) Henry Bulmer (b 1577, d 01.07.1629)
  m. Anne Farley (dau of Reynold Farley of Filey by Barbara, dau of Sir Ralph Bulmer of Sutton) @@ above
  (i) Francis Bulmer of Levening (b 1604)
  (B) Thomas Bulmer
  (2) Ralph Bulmer
  (3) Elizabeth Bulmer
  m. Myles Noddell of Howden
(4) Margaret Bulmer
  m. John Jackson of Fenton
  b.+ other issue - William, Jenne
  C. Elizabeth Bulmer
  m1. Henry Nalton or Newton of Grimston
  m2. Francis Constable of Sherborne
  D. Mary Bulmer (d unm)
  E. Anne Bulmer
  m. Mathew Boynton of Acclam & Burton Agnes
F. Agnes Bulmer
  m. Lancelot Layton of Sexhow
  m2. Margaret Stafford (d 25.05.1537, dau of Henry Stafford, widow of William Cheyne)
  G. Anne Bulmer
  m. _ St. Pole of Lincolnshire
  H.+ other issue (born before marriage) - Francis, Martha
2. Sir William Bulmer of Gisburne (b after 1491, d before 13.12.1546, Marshall of Berwick)
m. (before 1505) Elizabeth Elmeden (b c1494, d 1558, dau of William Elmeden of Elmeden by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Richard Conyers of South Cowton by Alice)
  A. Francis Bulmer of Elmeden (d before 03.07.1578)
  m. Katherine Norton (d 06.04.1596, dau of Richard Norton by Susan Neville, dau of Lord Latimer)
  i. Anthony Bulmer of Tursdale & Elmeden (b 1553, d 03.08.1584)
  m. Diana Metham (b c1561, d before 25.04.1639, dau/heir of Francis Metham (son of Thomas of Metham by Grace Pudsey) by Diniosia, dau of Sir Thomas Waterton of Walton by Joan, dau of Sir Richard Tempest of Bracewell)
  a. Sir Bertram Bulmer (b 1579, bur 06.05.1638)
  m. (30.07.1600) Isabel Tempest (dau of Sir Nicholas Tempest of Stella by Isabel Lambton)
  (1) William Bulmer of Marrick Park Hall (bpt 17.11.1601, bur 23.01.1681/2)
  m. Dorothy Sayer (dau of George Sayer of Worsall & Marrick, son of John of Worsall by Dorothy, dau of Sir Ralph Bulmer by Anne Aske)
  (A) Thomas Bulmer of Startforth then Durham then Marrick (bur 19.10.1728)
  m. Phyllis (bur 26.06.1719)
  (i)+ issue - Thomas of Startforth (b c1659, bur 01.08.1749), Bertram, Dorothy (bpt 15.02.1670/1), Barbara (bpt 16.09.1680)
  (B) George Bulmer of Hett (bur 25.03.1665)
  m. Lucy
(C)+ other issue - Bertram (d unm before 1688), John of Hett (d unm bur 11.04.1686), Ralph (dsp), William of Silksworth (dsp before 1680), Anthony (dsp before 26.03.1680), Martha
  (2) Anthony Bulmer of High Embleton (bpt 02.12.1602, bur 27.04.1663, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (29.06.1625) Priscilla Hopewood (widow of Tobias Tunsal)
  (A) Diana Bulmer (a 1662)
  m2. Mary Wyville (bur 02.07.1684, dau of Christopher Wyville of Osgodby, widow of John Wild of Ketton)
(B) Ancotel Bulmer (b 1634, bur 30.11.1718)
  m. Prisca Frank (bur 22.06.1695, dau of Marmaduke Frank, widow of Robert Wormley)
  (C)+ other issue - William (bur 23.03.1711), John
  (3) John Bulmer of Butterby (bur 02.02.1678)
  m. Jane (bur 30.07.1641)
  (A)+ issue - Bertram (bur 09.09.1639), Mary (bur 01.04.1639), Elizabeth (bur 17.07.1634), Jane (d 12.10.16424)
(4) Nicholas Bulmer of Marrick (d before 12.03.1671/2)
  m. Isabel
  (5) Troth Bulmer
  m1. John Brandling of Felling
  m2. Richard Vincent of Seamer
  (6) Dorothy Bulmer (bur 12.02.1620)
  m. _ Grey
(7) Margaret Bulmer
  m. John Smyth of Esh
  (8)+ other issue - George of Trafford (d before 06.03.1671/2), Ralph (bpt 12.09.1616, a 1663), Henry of Firle (bpt 01.01.1617, d before 04.03.1671/2), Richard, Katharine, Elizabeth (bur 16.06.1610), Isabel (bur 22.02.1609), Mary (bpt 28.08.1606)
  b. Katherine Bulmer
  m. Sir George Conyers of Sockburn
  c. Margaret Bulmer (d 1663)
  m. (1595) Sir Arthur Grey of Spindleston (d 1636)
  d. Frances Bulmer of Claxton
  m. (23.02.1598/9) George Reavely of Ancroft
  ii. Henry Bulmer of East Merton
  m. Elizabeth Atherton
  iii. Francis Bulmer
  m. Elizabeth
  iv.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Joyce, Margaret of Mowgrave in Lythe
  B. Anthony Bulmer (a 1531, 1578)
  i. Henry Bulmer
C. Mary Bulmer of Darlington
  m1. _ Conyers
  m2. _ Lazenby
  D. Ann Bulmer
  m. Robert Ayton
  E.+ other issue - Cuthbert (a 1549), Dorothy
3. Sir Ralph Bulmer (d before 27.10.1558)
  m. Anne Aske (b 1503, d by 1553, dau of Roger or Robert Aske of Aske by Margaret, dau of Humphrey Sigiswicke of Walbarum)
  A. Dorothy Bulmer (b c1533, d 04.06.1574)
  m. John Sayer (b c1521, d 12.03.1584, son of William of Worsall by Margaret, dau of Sir Thomas Fairfax of Gilling)
4. Margery Bulmer
  m. George Salvin (son of Sir Ralph of Newbiggin by Elizabeth Hastings)
5. Jane Bulmer
  m1. William Warren
  m2. George Heron

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Bulmer of Bulmer and Wilton) with a little support from TCP (Bulmer)
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