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Families covered: Franke of Alwoodley, Frank of Campsall, Franke of Knighton, Frank of Pontefract (Pomfret), Ashton of Clubcliffe

William Franke
1. William Franke
  a. Nicholas Franke of Alwoodley
  m. Ellen Ellis
  i. William Franke (d infant)
ii. Agnes Franke
  m. William Gascoigne of Gawthorp
  B. William Franke of Alwoodley
  m. (Jane) Paslewe (dau of (Thomas) Paslewe of Ridlesden)
  i. Anthony Franke of Alwoodley
  m. Rosamund Tempest (dau of Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell)
  a. Robert Franke of Alwoodley (a 1612, 2nd son)
  m. Alice Arthington (dau of Robert Arthington of the Lanes)
  b. Bryan Franke
  m. Ann Jackson (dau of Francis Jackson of Sharleston)
  c.+ other issue - Anthony, Richard
  ii. Dorothy Franke
  m. Thomas Ricard of Heck
2. Percival Franke
  A. Henry Franke of Pomfret (Pontefract)
B. John Franke of Pomfret (Pontefract) (d c1624, alderman) the first mentioned by Dugdale, Commoners & BLG1886
  m. Dorothy Balne (dau of _ Balne of Balne (Bawne of Bawne Town))
  i. Richard Frank of Pontefract & Campsal (b 1593)
  m. Anne Ellis (dau of Bernard Ellis, recorder of York)
  a. Ann Frank
  m. (10.02.1652-3) Edward Ashton of Clubcliffe @1@ below
  b. Jane Frank
  m. John Pelham of Hull
  (1) Anne Pelham
m. Edward Ashton, later Frank of Campsal @2@ below
  ii. Robert Frank of Pontefract (d 1663)
  m. Elizabeth Abbott (dau of Richard Abbott of Purston Jaylin)
There is, we think, some confusion between the next 2 generations. Dugdale shows Robert & Elizabeth as parents of Robert, John (b c1633, father by Mary Harbred of Robert (b c1660) & Mary), Dorothy, Elizabeth & Debora. Commoners shows them as parents of Robert (b c1660), Dorothy, Elizabeth & Deborah with no mention of the intervening generation of John. We follow Dugdale.
  a. John Frank of Pontefract (b c1633)
  m. Mary Harbred (dau/coheir of William Harbred of Wistow)
  (1) Robert Frank of Pontefract (b 1660, d 1738, recorder, MP)
m. Elizabeth Lowther (dau of Ralph Lowther of Ackworth Park)
  (A) Elizabeth Frank
  m1. Samuel Savile of Thribergh ('of Darrington')
  m2. John Hoare 'of Pontefract'
  (i) Catherine Hoare (heir)
  m. Bacon Frank of Campsal @3@ below
(B) Catherine Frank
  m1. John Smyth of Heath (d 31.05.1731)
  m2. Thomas Standish of Duxbury
  (C) Margaret Frank
  m. Richard Frank of Campsal @4@ below
  (2) Mary Frank (a 08.1665)
  c. Dorothy Frank
  m. (sp) (William) Busfield
  d. Elizabeth Frank
  m. William Scrimshire of Cotgrave
e. Deborah Frank
  m. Robert Ryther of Ryther Hall
  iii. Charles Frank
  m. Jane Keeling (sister of Serjeant Keeling)
  a.+ issue - John, Martha
  iv. Matthew Frank (d unm)
  v. Jane Frank
  m. John Gale
  vi. Isabel Frank
  m. William Oates of Pontefract
  vii. Alice Frank
  m. Nathaniel Eyre of Bramley (d 1659)
  viii. Elizabeth Frank
  m. John Wood of the Lanes
  ix. Anne Frank
  m. William Wakefield of Pontefract
  x. Rosamund Frank
  m1. John Booth of Glossop
  m2. William Savile



"issued out of the family of Ashton of Bamford, co. Lane" was ....
Edward Ashton, 1st of Clubcliffe in Methley, Yorkshire (bur 08.07.1618, rector of Middleton)
m1. Elizabeth Belfield (dsp 01.1593, dau of Ralph Belfield of Clegg)
m2. Dorothy Pratt (bur 30.12.1650, dau of Oswald Pratt of Terrington)
1. Edward Ashton of Clubcliffe
  m. Mary Beckwith (dau of Thomas Beckwith of Ackton)
  A. Edward Ashton of Clubcliffe (bur 21.05.1674)
  m. (16.02.1653) Ann Frank (dau/heir of Richard Frank of Campsall) @1@ above
  i. Edward Ashton, later Frank of Campsall (d 1746)
  m. (1675) Anna Pelham (dau of John Pelham of Kingston-upon-Hull by Jane Frank) @2@ above
  a. Ann Frank (d 1746)
m. (19.10.1694) Sir George Tempest of Tong, Bart
  ii. Matthew Ashton of Leeds & Hamburgh, later Frank of Campsall (b 08.05.1655, d 22.03.1717)
  m. Ann Ashwin (b c1669, d 07.10.1745, dau of Thomas Ashwin of Hamburgh)
  a. Richard Frank of Campsall (b 1698, dsp 22.05.1762, recorder of Pontefract & Doncaster, antiquarian)
  m. Margaret Frank (d 1768, dau/coheir of Robert Frank of Pontefract) @4@ above
  b. Francis Frank (d 1773)
  m. Elizabeth Bacon (dau of Walter Bacon of Earlham)
  (1) Bacon Frank of Campsall, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 1739, d 04.04.1812)
  m. Catherine Hoare (d 1826, dau/heir of John Hoare of Pontefract by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Robert Frank of Pontefract) @3@ above
  (A) Edward Frank of Campsall (rector of Alderton, 2nd son) had issue
m. (1800) Mary Frances Sowerby (dau of Colonel James Sowerby)
  (B) Margaret Frank
  m. Rev. John Francis
  (C) Mary Frank
  m. Charles Mainwaring (Captain RN)
  (D) Charlotte Frank
  m. Thomas Bellamy
  (E)+ other issue - Bacon (b 1770-1, d 15.06.1789), Catherine, Elizabeth
  (2) Richard Frank (dsp, rector of Alderton)
  m. Elizabeth Drake (dau of William Drake of Shardeloes)
  (3)+ 2 daughters (d young)
  c.+ other issue - Mary (d unm 1774), Gertride, Anne, Dorothy (d unm 1773), Elizabeth (d unm 1757)
  iii. Margaret Ashton
iv. Anne Ashton
  m. Rev. William York of The Belfry, York
  B. Barbara Ashton
  m. Thomas Scudamore of Leeds
  C.+ other issue (d young) - Thomas, Dorothy
2. Isaac Ashton (dsp)
3. Dorothy Ashton
  m. Edward Hopwood of Hopwood
4. Mary Ashton
  m1. (22.09.1630) Edward Slater
  m2. Daniel Ambrose (d 29.03.1650, rector of Methley)
5. Katherine Ashton
  m. George Chetham of Turton Tower
6. Jane Ashton
  m. Charles Jackson of Carleton



We suspect that the following family was connected to the above family but we do not know how. We show them on the same page primarily for our convenience. The 2 sources for this section both start with the generation before Marmaduke (father of Leonard). Foster starts with Sir William of Knyton (temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377) but we suspect that he was an ancestor rather than father of Marmaduke. Dugdale starts with ...
Sir Leonard Franke of Knighton, Yorkshire
m. _ Grantore (dau of Thomas de Grantore of Flaseby)
1. Marmaduke Franke of Knighton Foster suggests that he was the 7th son and d 1564/1584, aged about 100
m. _ Danby (dau/heir of _ Danby of Leake)
  A. Leonard Franke of Knighton
  m. Alice Metcalfe (dau of John/James Metcalfe of Nappa)
i. Henry Franke of Knighton
  m. Margaret Butler (dau of John Butler of Nunnington)
  a. George Franke of Knighton (d c1607)
  m. Elizabeth Beckwith (dau/coheir of William Beckwith of Clynt)
  (1) Marmaduke Franke of Knighton
  m1. Catherine Ingleby (dau of John Ingleby, brother of Sir William of Ripley)
  m2. Sarah Teasdale (dau/coheir of Robert Teasdale of Marsham)
  m3. Mary Scargill (dau of Francis Scargill of Tunstall)
  (A) Elizabeth Franke
  m. Nicholas Salkeld
  (B) Prisca Franke probably the Prisca who d 1695 having married ...
  m1. Robert Wormley
  m2. Ancotel Bulmer (b 1634, bur 30.11.1718)
  (2) Thomas Franke
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (d unm), Christopher in Sussex, Joane
  ii.+ other issue - Richard of London (a 1576, draper), William, Marmaduke

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, Franke of Alwoodley and Pomfret), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, Franke of Pomfret), Commoners (vol 2, Frank of Campsal)
(2) For middle section : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Ashton of Methley, Wapentake of Agbrigg), Commoners (vol 2, Frank of Campsal), BLG1886 (Frank of Canmpsall)
(3) For lower section : Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1576 ('Additional pedigrees'), Franke of Knighton), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, Franke of Knighton)
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