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Families covered: Beckwith of Beckwith, Beckwith of Clint, Malbie of Cowton

Sir Symon Malbie of Cowton
m. dau of John, lord of Methley
1. John Malbie
  m. _ Zouch (dau of Sir Alan Zouch)
  A. John Malbie of Cowton
  m. _ Aldbury (dau of Sir John Aldbury of Aldbury)
  i. John Malbie of Malbie
  m. _ Willstrope (dau of Sir Edward Willstrope)
  a. Margaret Malbie
  m. Thomas Fairfax of Walton
  c.+ 2 daughters
2. Roger Malbie
  m. _ Haigh (dau of Sir Hugh Haigh)
  A. Ambrose Malbie
  m. Timothea (dau of Sir John Pensux)
  i. Edward Malbie (dsp)
  m. _ Coyney (dau of Sir Hugh Coyney)
3. Hercules de Malbie
  m. _ Ferrers (dau of Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth Castle)
A. Hercules de Malbie
  m. Beckwith Bruce (dau of Sir William Bruce of Uglebarby)
  i. Nicholas Beckwith
  m. _ Chaworth (dau of Sir John Chaworth)
  a. Hamon Beckwith of Beckwith, Clint and Uglebarby (a 1339)
  m. _ Tilney (dau of Sir Philip Tilney)
  (1) William Beckwith of Beckwith (a 1364)
  m. (Jane) Uffleet (dau of Sir Gerard Uffleet of Wighill)
  (A) Thomas Beckwith of Clint (a 1381)
  m. _ Sawley (dau of John Sawley of Saxton)
(i) William Beckwith of Clint
  m. _ Baskervile (dau of Sir John Baskervile)
  (a) Thomas Beckwith of Clint
  m. _ Hasterton (dau of Sir William Hasterton or Haslerton)
  ((1)) Thomas Beckwith of Clint (dsp 1478)
  m. Elizabeth Ingleby (dau of Thomas Ingleby of Ripley)
((2)) Sir William Beckwith of Clint (dsps)
  m1. Elizabeth Plumpton (dau of Sir William Plumpton of Plumpton)
  ((A)) Thomas Beckwith (dvpsp 1476)
  m. Janetta Beckwith (dau of William Beckwith)
  m2. (sp) _ Ratcliffe (dau of Sir John or William Ratcliffe)
  ((3)) John Beckwith of Clint
  m. _ Ratcliff (dau of Thomas Ratcliff of Mulgrave)
  ((A)) Thomas Beckwith of Clint
  m. Maud Pudsey (dau of Henry Pudsey of Rickmansworth)
Burke's Commoners reports that Thomas had 2 daughters and 7 sons, including the following William, and shows William as father of Thomas (who married Elizabeth Tyrell) rather than his brother, which we show as we provisionally follow BEB1844 on this matter.
  ((i)) William Beckwith of Clint (dsp)
  m1. Anne Lancaster (dau of Sir John Lancaster of Westmoreland)
  m2. _ Mallory (dau of Sir John Mallory of Studley)
  ((ii)) Thomas Beckwith of Clint
  m. Elizabeth Tyrrell
  ((a)) Thomas Beckwith of Clint (d 1575)
  m1. Maud or Mary Palmes (dau of Bryan Palmes of Linley)
  (((1))) William Beckwith of Clint (d 1607)
  m1. Joanna Tancred (dau of William Tancred of Boroughbridge)
  (((A))) William Beckwith (d young)
  m2. Mary Salmon (dau of Anthony Salmon of Ansley Woodhouse)
(((B))) Huntingdon Beckwith
  m. (19.02.1589) Margaret Meering (dau of Thomas Meering)
  (((C))) Katherine Beckwith probably the Katherine who married ...
  m. George Franke (d 1607)
  (((D)))+ other issue - William, Henry, Isabel
  (((2)))+ other issue - Francis, Roger, Elizabeth, Isabel, Frances
  m2. Catherine Tancred (dau of William Tancred of Boroughbridge)
  ((B)) Robert Beckwith of Broxholm or Bloxhalm
((4)) Adam Beckwith 'of Thurcroft' (dsp)
  m. Amy Redman (dau of William Redman of Harwood Castle)
  ((5)) Robert Beckwith
  m. Barbara Leventhorp (dau of John Leventhorp of Leventhorp)
  ((A)) John Beckwith
((i)) ?? Beckwith
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  ((a)) ?? Beckwith
  (((1))) Sir Leonard Beckwith 'of Selby', Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1553)
  m. Elizabeth Cholmley (dau of Sir Roger Cholmley)
  (((A))) Elizabeth Beckwith
  m. William Vavasour of Weston
  (((B))) Frances Beckwith
  m. George Harvey of Markes
  (((C)))+ other issue (dsp) - Roger, Rancy
  ((B)) Mary Beckwith
  (b) Jeanetta Beckwith possibly of this generation
  m. (1465) William Gascoigne, 3rd of Lasingcroft (d before 08.09.1476)
  (ii) John Beckwith
  m. Anne Chambers (dau of Arthur Chambers)
  (a) Amye Beckwith
  m. John Padslew
(iii) Margaret Beckwith shown by Commoners
  m. Richard Hulse
  (iv) Anne Beckwith shown by Commoners and BEB1844
  m. John Chancy
  (v) Amye Beckwith shown by Commoners
  m. Thomas Stanton
  (vi) Ellen Beckwith
  Ellen is shown here by BEB1844 but 2 generations later by Commoners. We provisionally follow BEB1844. The generations are too close to give a clear lead.
  m. John Vavasour of Weston
  (B) Hercules Beckwith
  m. _ Walgrave (dau of William Walgrave)
  (C) John Beckwith
  m. _ Ratcliffe (dau of John Ratcliffe of Cross)
  (2) Thomas Beckwith
  (3) John Beckwith ancestor of Beckwiths of Scough
  (4) daughter
  m. Sir William Culthorpe
  (5) daughter
  m. William Constable
  (6) Anne Beckwith
  m. William Frevile or Greville

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Beckwith of Aldborough), Commoners (vol ii, Beckwith of Thurcroft and Trindon)
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