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Families covered: Gilby of Everton, Gilby of Stainton, Gilby of West Ravendale

Thomas Gilby of Ashby juxta Partney & Spilsby
1. Richard Gilbie (a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
  A. Nicholas Gilbie
  i. Thomas Gilbie (3rd son)
a. John Gilby (2nd son)
  (1) John Gilby
  (A) Thomas Gilby
  m. _ Craycrofte (dau of _ Craycrofte of Craycrofte)
  The above comes from the 1562 Visitation. FMG, Maddison and the 1592 Visitation all start with ...
  (i) John Gilby of West Randal (Ravendale), Lincolnshire
  m. Agnes Brough (dau of Robert Brough of Brough Hall)
  (a) George Gilby of Stainton-le-Hole, Lincolnshire (d 04.1583, 2nd son?) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Hansard (a 1583, dau of Henry Hansard of Cuxwold)
  (b) Thomas Gilby
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Thomas Castleford or Castleforth of Bolton or Beltoni)
  (c) Ellen Gilby
  m1. William Flemers or Fernars or Farmery
  ((1))+ issue - William, Jane
  m2. William Wentworth of Gossall
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas, Christopher
  (d) Alice Gilby
  m. Edward Edmondson
  ((1))+ 7 daughters
  (e) Katherine Gilby
  m. Thomas Bell of York
  ((1))+ issue - John, Thomas, Christopher, George, William
  (f) Dorothy Gilby
  m. Bryan Yarburgh of Witherne (Withhorne)
  ((1))+ issue - George, Elizabeth, Ursula
  (g)+ other issue - Edward, William (dsp), Matthew (dsp)
  (2) Elizabeth Gilby (nun)
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - William, Robert
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Richard



George Gilby 'of West Ravendale' of Stainton-le-Hole, Lincolnshire (d 04.1583) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Hansard (a 1583, dau of Henry Hansard of Cuxwold)
1. John Gilby 'of Ravendale' (b c1550, dvp 15.11.1580)
  m. (16.12.1570) Magdalen White (dau of William White of Louth)
  A. Thomas Gilby of Stainton (a 1611)
  m. (16.04.1596) Elizabeth Bolle (dau of Charles Bolle of Haugh)
  i.+ issue - John (bpt 22.12.1597), Charles (bur 09.02.1598-9), William (a 1606), Thomas (bpt 16.08.1612), Mary (bpt 10.12.1601), Jane (bur 20.01.1614-15), Faith (bpt 24.09.1615), Martha (bpt 17.11.1618, bur 21.11.1618)
  B.+ other issue (a 1583) - George, Edward (a 1638)
2. Sir George Gilby of Stainton & Bole (d 08.03.1608-9)
  m. (1584) Elizabeth Fitzwilliam (dau/heir of Charles Fitzwilliam of Bole (son of Humphry of Clayworth), m2. Richard Bolle of Gayton Grange)
  The 1592 Visitation shows 3 children: John, Thomas & Elizabeth. Maddison names John, Thomas, George, Margaret, 2 Elizabeths & Mary. FMG names Thomas, William, Charles, Theophilus, Emanuel, Anthony, unnamed daughter (Mrs. Naylor), Ann (possibly Mrs. Williamson), Elizabeth (possibly Mrs. Gustard) & Frances (m. John Garlick of Hayton).
  A. Thomas Gilby of Bole, Nottinghamshire (bpt 24.06.1590, 2nd son) possibly father of ...
  ## Maddison shows Thomas as possibly father of the Anthony of Everton who m. Elizabeth Scroggs. We follow FMG in showing that Anthony below but note that FMG does query whether or not he does in fact fit here.
  B. Charles Gilby (clerk, 4th son?)
  i. John Gilby
  C. Sir Theophilus Gilby (a 1660)
i. John Gilby
  D. Anthony Gilby of Everton, Nottinghamshire (youngest son)
  m. Ruth Rogers (dau of Robert Rogers of Everton by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Hercy Sandford of Thorpe Salvin)
  i. Anthony Gilby of Everton, Nottinghamshire (d 09.06.1676) see note ## above
  m. Elizabeth Scroggs (b 1648-9, d 12.05.1724, dau of Chief Justice Sir William Scroggs (by Ann, dau of Edmund Fettiplace of Danahworth), m2. Charles Hatton (son of Lord Christopher))
  a. William Gilby of Everton (b 1668-9, d 10.05.1744, recorder of Lincoln)
  m. Elizabeth Bluck (dau/coheir of Matthew Bluck)
  (1) Lovelace Gilby of Everton
  m. Margaret Midgeley of Beverley (d 13.03.1790)
  (A) Margaret Gilby (b c1740, d 1749)
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Scott
  (3) Elizabeth Gilby
  m1/2. (sps) _ Foss (vicar of Everton)
  m2/1. (01.08.1722) Thomas Welch ??
  (4) Ruth Gilby
  m. (08.06.1723) William Welch
  (5) Bridget Gilby (b c1705, d 1779)
  m. (04.06.1726) Robert Fretwell of Gringley
  b. daughter
  m. (sp) _ Heron (rector of Haxey in the Isle of Axholme)
  c. daughter
  m. ?? (vicar of Clown)
  E. Margaret Gilby shown by Maddison
  m. (17.01.1628-9) William Lacy (minister of Bole)
  F.+ other issue - John (bpt 02.01.1588, dvp unm 30.01.1608-9, of Gray's Inn), William (a 1631), Emanuel of Wakefield (d 24.03.1660), Elizabeth (bpt 10.1591, bur 03.1632-3?), Mary (bpt 18.06.1595, bur 03.01.1639-40), Elizabeth (bpt 25.03.1599), Ann, Frances
  See the note above.
3. Thurstan or Tristram Gilby (bur 08.06.1611)
  m. Anne (bur 22.08.1617)
  A. John Gilby of Waltham then West Theddlethorpe (bpt 18.05.1594, bur 11.02.1646-7)
  m. (08.10.1618) Mary Ustwayte (b c1601, bur 31.07.1659, dau of Francis Ustwayte of Westminster)
  i. John Gilby (2nd son?)
  m. (18.01.1643-4) Frances (widow of _ Skittle)
  a. Frances Gilby (bpt 17.03.1644-5)
  ii.+ other issue - William (bpt 01.09.1619), Edward (bpt 03.1626-7), Robert (bpt 21.11.1631), Thomas (bur 17.04.1637), Mary (bpt 31.05.1624), Elizabeth (bpt 10.10.1634)
  B. Anne Gilby (bpt 01.07.1593)
  m. (c01.1617-8) Richard Overton of Waltham
4. William Gilby of Louth (dsp before 08.11.1611)
  m1. (21.12.1591) Anne Langton (b c1545, bur 03.1600, widow of Thomas Broxholme)
  m2. Mary (a 1611, dau of _ Stoke?)
5. Margaret Gilby
  m. Ralph Barde of North Kelsey
6. Agnes or Anne Gilby
  m. William Goodhand of Kormond-le-Mire
7.+ other issue - Anne (bpt 10.08.1595), Susan

Main source(s): Visitation (Walter Metcalfe (1881-2), Lincolnshire, 1562 (1 section) & 1592 (2 sections)), Maddisons' Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903, 'Gilby of Stainton-le-Hole', p401+), FMG (vol IV, MS572, 'Gilby', p1227+)
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