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Families covered: Gordon of Gordon, Gordon of Huntly

Because of similarities between their coats-of-arms, it is thought not unlikely that the Gordons were originally a cadet branch of the family of Swinton. There are many Gordons mentioned in early records. The following pulls together the information shown in TSP (Huntly) but is not 'secure' until the Sir Adam of Gordon who was Justiciar of Lothian in 1305 and was one of the Ambassadors who carried the famous 'Declaration of Arbroath' to the Pope in 1320. That Sir Adam was the first to be named in BP1934 (Huntly).
?? of Gordon
1. Richard of Gordon
  A. Sir Thomas of Gordon (d c1233)
  i. Sir Thomas of Gordon (dspm c1259)
  m. Marjorie
  a. Alicia of Gordon (d 1280) --
  m. Sir Adam of Huntly @@ just below --
2. Adam of Gordon (a 1190)
A. Alexander of Huntly
  i. William of Huntly (d Crusade)
  ii. Adam of Huntly
  a. Sir Adam of Huntly
  m. Alicia of Gordon (d 1280, dau of Sir Thomas of Gordon) @@ just above
  (1) Adam of Gordon (d by 1296)
  m. Marjorie
  (A) Sir Adam of Gordon (d c1328, Justiciar of Lothian, Ambassador)
  TSP names Sir Adam's wife but reports that her "family is unknown". A contributor (CD, 16.09.08) has kindly drawn our attention to the fact that some web sites tentatively suggest that she was daughter of Sir David of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl, by Isabella Chilham some of whose lands eventually came to this family and formed the basis of the earldom of Huntly. We have not seen this supported by any reputable source.
  m. Amabilla
  (i) Sir Adam Gordon of that ilk (d 1351)
(a) John Gordon of that ilk (d before 02.1360-1)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((1)) Sir John Gordon of that ilk (d unm before 11.10.1395)
  p. Elizabeth Cruickshanks (dau of the laird of Aswanley)
  ((A)) John Gordon of Scurdargue
  m. Margaret Maitland (dau of Robert Maitland of Netherdale)
  ((i)) John Gordon, 1st of Auchleuchries
m. Elizabeth Abernethy (dau of Laurence Abernethy, 1st Lord Saltoun)
  ((ii)) William Gordon of Tillytermont (b c1405, d c1480) --
  m. dau of Sir John Rutherford --
  ((iii)) James Gordon (of Methlic)
  p. Henault (dau of McLeod of Harris)
  ((iv)) Alexander Gordon ancestor of Gordons of Buckie
  m. dau of Macleod of Harris
  ((v)) Adam Gordon
((B)) Thomas Gordon of Ruthven
  m1. _ Hay (sister of Sir Thomas Hay of Enzie)
  m2. _ Innes (dau of Sir Walter Innes of that ilk)
  m3. _ Chisholm (dau of Chisholm of Strathglass)
  ((2)) Sir Adam Gordon of that ilk (d Homildon Hill 14.09.1402)
  m. Elizabeth Keith (d c1436, dau of Sir William Keith, Marischal)
  ((A)) John Gordon of that ilk (dsp before 07.03.1407-8)
  m. Agnes Douglas (a 1422, dau of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Gordon of Gordon (d 16.03.1438-9) --
  m. (1408) Sir Alexander de Seton, Lord Gordon (d 1440) --
Their issue is shown in 'Seton02', obtainable through the above link. The eldest son Alexander became the 1st Earl of Huntly. His children by his second marriage (but not his son by his first marriage) changed their name to Gordon. The eldest son of that second marriage became the 2nd Earl of Huntly (see 'Gordon02').
  (ii) William of Gordon of Stitchill (d c1370) --
  (iii) John Gordon
  (iv) Thomas Gordon (b after 1300, a 1351)
  (v) Mary Gordon --
  m. Walter FitzGilbert de Hamilton, 1st of Cadzow (a 1296, 1323) --

Main source(s): TSP (Huntly), BP1934 (Huntly)
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