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Families covered: Griffith of Madryn Issa, Griffith of Tryfan, Griffith of Ymwlch

Robert ap Meredydd ap Evan ap Meredydd (Abbot of Bardsey)
m. Angharad (dau of Dafydd ap Llewelyn ap Dafydd, of Cefnmelgoed)
1. Dafydd
  m. Catherine (dau of Rhys ap Howel, of Bron y Foel)
  A. Richard 'of Madryn Issa'
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Gruffydd ap John ap Gruffydd ap Dafydd Vychan, of Cefnamwich)
  i. Gruffydd 'of Madryn Issa'
m. Ellen (dau of Griffith ap Richard Fletcher, of Treborth Issa)
  a. Rowland Griffith
  m. Elin (dau/heir of Morgan ap Hugh ap Lewis ap Dafydd ap Howel ap Thomas ap Rys ap Dafydd ap Rhys Vychan ap Rhys ap Ednyfed Vychan, of Hafod y Wern)
  (1) Hugh Griffith 'of Madryn Issa'
  m1. Jane (dau of Robert Griffith of Brynodol)
  (A) William Griffith 'of Madryn Issa', Sheriff of Carnarvonshire (dsp by 1693)
  m1. Jane (dau of Hugh Hughes of Cefn Llanfair)
  m2. Margaret (dau of Owen Wynn of Glascoed)
  (B)+ other issue (d young) - Rowland, Morgan
  m2. Gaynor (dau of Griffith Hughes of Cefn Llanfair)
(2) Margaret
  m. John ap Robert Lewis
  (A) Elin Jones
  m. Henry Edwards
  (i) Mary Parry
  m. Robert Roberts of Carnarvon (a 1727)
  b. John 'of Madryn Issa' of Tryfan (5th son)
  (1) Dorothy
  m. Owen Griffith of Tryfan @@ below
  c. Elizabeth
  m. Simon Thelwall
  (1) Simon Thelwall
  d. Grace
  m. Robert ap Gruffydd
  e.+ other issue - Thomas, Hugh, Alban, William, Humphrey, Henry, Robert, Richard, Ffoulk
  ii. Lowry
  m. Gruffydd ap Robert ap William ap Gruffydd
  iii. Gwen
  m. Thomas ap Hugh ap James, of Bodnithoedd
  iv. Catherine
  m. Robert ap Hugh ap Robert
  v.+ other issue - son (Captain), Annes (d young)



Owen Griffith of Tryfan
m. Dorothy (dau/heir of John Gruffydd of Madyn Issa) @@ above
1. John Griffith 'of Tryfan'
  m1. Elizabeth (bpt 08.02.1677, dau of Hugh Wynn of Pengwern)
  m2. Dorothy (bur 14.11.1689, dau of Robert Wynn of Penllech)
  A. Owen Griffith 'of Tryfan'
  m. Grace Morris (bur 13.03.1719, dau of William Morris of Ymwlch)
i. John Griffith 'of Tryfan' (bpt 02.08.1691)
  m. Lowri (dau of Samuel Jones of Bryn Felin by Margaret, dau of John Roberts of Trefgraig)
  a. Owen Griffith
  m. Margaret (dau/heir of John Parry Wynn of Anelwog)
  (1) John Griffith 'of Tryfan', Sheriff of Carnarvonshire (b c1749, d 27.12.1831)
m. Catherine Price (bpt 10.03.1758, d 22.04.1851, dau of Hugh Price of Wern)
  (A) Owen Griffith 'of Tryfan' (b 1788-9, d 26.01.1865)
  m. Ann Price (dau of William Price of Wern)
  (B)+ other issue - John (b 1791-2, d 21.04.1822), William (b by 06.1796, d 1831), Hugh (bpt 10.07.1797, d 11.08.1797), Hugh (bpt 03.06.1800, d 11.07.1831), Mary (b 1787-8, d 02.08.1861), Ann (bpt 11.04.1794, d 22.12.1891), Ellen (bpt 10.11.1798, d 11.01.1830)
(2) Eleanor (bpt 04.12.1760)
  m. John Price of Mona Lodge
  (3)+ other issue - Hguh of Cadnant (bpt 26.04.1751, bur 11.05.1751), Margaret (bpt 12.1752)
  b. Edward Griffith of Carnarvon, later of Ymwlch (b c1710, d 10.09.1778)
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Ymwlch, p382).
  m1. (08.10.1753) Grace Morris (dau/heir of John Morris of Plas Du, son of John of Ymwlch)
  (1) William Griffith 'of Ymwlch' (bpt 02.09.1755, dsp 10.09.1784)
  (2)+ other issue - Edward in Bristol (bpt 16.06.1759), Catherine (bpt 17.07.1754, d 21.05.1764)
  m2. (15.11.1764) Ann Evans of Llanwada
  c. Margaret
  m. Hugh Wynn (son of Thomas of Coedcae Gwyn)
  d.+ other issue - William (bpt 09.03.1722, bur 30.04.1774), Margaret (bpt 20.02.1714, d young)
  ii.+ other issue - William (bpt 20.02.1695), Ellen, Mary, Dorothy (bpt 16.02.1689), Jane (bpt 25.10.1699)
  B.+ other issue - Griffith, Margaret
2. Elin
  m. John Roberts of Trefgraig
  A. Robert Griffith in London

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Griffith's Pedigrees (Madryn Issa, p243)
(2) For lower section : Griffith's Pedigrees (Tryfan, p160) with some input as reported above
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