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Families covered: Hamilton of Milburne (Millburn)

'HamiltonHistory' reports that, according to Anderson, Baillie suggests that "this family was descended from Thomas Hamilton of Darngaber, a son of Sir John Hamilton of Cadzow, whereas Crawfurd says it derived from Robert, son of John Hamilton of Whistlebery, son of Sir James Hamilton of Cadzow ... (but that) neither is likely".
Robert Hamilton of Milburne (a 03.1504/5, 06.1529, Sheriff depute of Lanark)
1. Mathew Hamilton of Milburne (dspl)
  p. Agnes Livingstoun (m. _ Robertson?)
  A. Henry Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 05.03.1561/2) Agnes Livingstoun (dau of Alexander Livingstoun of West Quarter, m2. Nichol Ramsay (brother/heir of James of Cockpen))
  B. Libra Hamilton or Robertson
  m1. (mcrt 04.08.1557) Alexander Home (grandson/heir of William Home of Lochtulloch & Prendergast)
  m2. (before 20.06.1575) William Home (brother of George of Aytoun)
  C. Janet Hamilton or Robertson
  m. John Hamilton of Grange of Linlithgow
  D.+ other issue - Michael, John, Henry
2. John Hamilton of Millburn (d Langsyde 14.05.1568)
  partner unknown
  A. Mariote Hamilton (a 1597)
3. Elizabeth Hamilton
m1. Quintin Weir in Kirktoun (d before 12.11.1537)
  m2. William Weir of Stanbyres
4. daughter
  m. _ Little?
partner(s) unknown
5. Robert Hamilton of Houstoun & Mylnburne or Mylneburne (d 03.1576/7)
m. Margaret Hamilton a 07.1595, (dau of John Hamilton of Stanehouse, m2. Patrick Hamilton)
  A. Robert Hamilton of Milburne (b c1576, d before 31.07.1643)
  m1. Isobel Hamilton (d 01.1616, dau of Gavin Hamilton of Raploch)
  i. Robert Hamilton of Millburn (d 12.1654)
  m. Isobel Hamilton (dau of Sir James Hamilton of Broomhill, m2. James Hamilton of Dalzell)
  a. Robert Hamilton of Millburn (b c1640, d 07.1668)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Dalzell, widow of Patrick Bell of Glasgow, m3. John Pettigrew in Auldtoun)
(1)+ issue (all dvp?)
  b. Margaret Hamilton
  m. William Stevensoun of Herdmanscheills
  c. Anne Hamilton
  m. John Hamilton of Boggs ## see here ##
  d.+ other issue
  ii. Archibald Hamilton (d 1651-2, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Howard (m1. _ Alford, m3. _ Griffin)
  a. George Hamilton of Millburn (Co. Derry) & Coleraine (d c1728, Colonel)
  m. Lettice Newburgh (d 1741, dau of Arthur Newburgh of Co. Tyrone)
  (1) Ann Hamilton
  m. Henry Cary of Dungiven (b 1697, d 1756)
  (A) Edward Cary
  (B) Frederick Cary
(i) Henry Cary
  m. (1750) Elizabeth Cochrane
  (ii) George Cary, later Hamilton (Rev.)
  m. (1756) Jane Downes (b 1737, d 1765, dau of Richard Downes, Bishop of Raphoe)
  b. Sir Frederick Hamilton of Milburn (Lanarkshire) & Walworth (co. Derry) (d 1732, Lt. General, MP for Coleraine, Judge)
  m. Jane Beresford (d 1716, dau of Sir Randal Beresford)
  (1) Jane Hamilton (bpt 18.03.1701, d young)
  c.+ other issue - Sydney, Elizabeth, Mary
  iii. Jean Hamilton
m. (mcrt 09.1636) William Broun of Dolphintoun (son of Andrew of Carmahen)
  iv. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 164*) John Muirhead, younger of Braidenhill
  v.+ other issue - Gavin (a 1623), William (a 1623), Isobel (a 1638)
  m2. Marion Lockhart (d 10.1624, dau of James Lockhart of Lee, widow of John Qhuitford of Milton)
  viii. James Hamilton, later in Edinburgh (Captain)
  m. Agnes (dau of Allan Bruntoun or Bryntoun of Edinburgh, relict of James Lin of Edinburgh)
  a.+ issue - Charles (bur 1664), child (bur 1666)
  ix.+ other issue - John, Thomas
  m3. (29.01.1629) Bethia Guthrie (d(sps?) 1645)
  partner unknown
  xi. Isobel Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 25.01.1653) John Steill of Castelbrekit
  B. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 12.1604) James Maxwell (son of William of Newlands)
6.+ other issue - Walter of Millburn

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' ('Millburn (Parish of Dalserf)', p585+)
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