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Families covered: Hassard of Beer, Hassard-Short of East Keal, Hassard-Short of Edlington, Hassard of Gardenhill, Hassard of Levaghy, Hassard of Lyme, Hassard of Mullymeskar, Hassard of Skea, Hassard of Toam
[There is quite a bit of confusion within the following pedigree. It is arguable that it should be shown as Draft. However, we have no expectation of being able tomake a significant improvent to it in the near future and so release it into the database with this caveat.]

(1) BLG1858 identifies the arms of this family as "Gu., two bars, arg., on a chief, or, three escallops of the first".
(2) BLG1858 reports that "The family of Hassard is of Norman extraction, and of considerable antiquity. The orthography was originally "Hassart". The long extinct title of Duke de Charanté was in this family. Two members thereof visited the Holy Land as Crusaders. Soon after the Conquest a branch became seated in Gloucestershire, and afterwards removed to Dorsetshire. The first English ancestor from whom an unbroked succession can be traced was " ...
John Hassart or Hassard of Seaton (a 1469)
This appears to be the same person as the John Hassard of Seaton (a 1465) who is the first mentioned by BFR. However, there appears to be confusion between different Johns and also between different Roberts around this and the next few generations. Noting that several members of the family were MPs, an attempt was made to clarify the position using HoP but that made things worse as that work (as it was at 11.12.23) appears also to be confused on certain Johns & Roberts. BLG1858 shows this John to be father of John (father of John, Mayor Robert & Anne) and Gilbert (rector of Trusham), apparently missing out ...
1. Robert Hassard (MP)
  A. John Hassard, Mayor of Lyme (b 1498, a 1557)
  This was possibly the Mayor John (d 1557) who was father of ...
  i. Robert Hassard, Mayor of Lyme (b 1552, d 1627, MP)
  m. Agnes
  a.+ issue - Peter, 3 other sons, 1 daughter
  B. Gilbert Hassard (a 1541, rector of Trusham)
  C. Robert Hassard of Beer & Bridport (d c1543)
  m. Agnes
  i. John Hassard, Mayor of Lyme (b 1531, d 07.11.1612, MP) 
  m. Thomasine Parrot (dau of John Parrot of Lyme Regis)
  a. John Hassard of Beer (b 1555, MP)
  m. Josephine
(1) John Hassard of Beer, Chamouth & Lyme
  (A) ?? Hassard
  BFR jumps from the just-above John to the following John, not naming this generation.
  (i) John Hassard of Bloomsbury Square, Middlesex
  The following comes from BLG1952 ('Hassard-Short formerly of Edlington') & FMG (vol 4, MS545, 'Short-Hassard', p1190+).
  m. (1714) Elizabeth Short (dau of Joseph Short of East Keal, aunt/heir of John Short of East Keal & Edlington)
  (a) Henry Hassard of London (b 1720-1, d 07.1796)
  m. Anne FitzHugh of London
  ((1)) Henry Hassard, later Short of East Keal & Edlington (b 09.04.1742, dsp 1807)
  m. (1796) ?? (Mrs. Whitby)
((2)) Richard Samuel Hassard, later Hassard-Short of East Keal & Edlington (b 24.04.1754, d 24.10.1826, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1808) Mary Anne Kendall (d 19.10.1851, dau of John Kendall of Hatfield by Honor, dau of John Raper of Abertord & Lotherton)
  ((3))+ other issue (d unm) - John Gabradd (b 1743, d 11.07.1807), Robert Fitzhugh (b 1750, d 1782, Cmdr. RN)
  (B) Robert Hassard
  (C) Mary Hassard
  m. Roger Hill (son of William Hill of Poundsford?, probably not son of Leonard of Hill Court )
  (D) Alice Hassard
  m. Alexander Hill of Poundsford (brother of Roger)
  (2) Robert Hassard (a 1623, MP)
  BFR shows a Robert in this generation as MP in 1623 with nothing further on him. This is possibly the Robert of London (b 1582, d 01.09.1624) shown by HoP as 3rd (twin) son by Agnes of Robert (d 1627), shown here as grandson of Robert & Agnes. HoP then shows Robert as having 5 sons + 2 daughters by Anne, dau of Philip Moys of Banstead (m by 1610). Provisionally, we presume that to be wrong and speculate that this was the Robert (b 1582), shown by BLG1858 as:
* son of John (1531-07.11.1612) and elder brother of John (vicar of Awliscombe, not mentioned by BFR) and also Mary (m. Roger Hill) & Alice (m. Alexander Hill) who are shown by BFR as his nieces (just above);
* father of John ("ancestor of the Hassard-Shorts of Edlington Grove", whom we show above as this Robert's elder brother) and elder brother of George (ancestor of the Hassards of Skea, co. Fermanage, whom we show just below); and
* having another son, Jason, by ...
  m. Elizabeth Clarke (dau of Peter Clarke of Suffolk)
  (A) Jason Hassard
  BLG1858, which shows Jason as elder brother rather than nephew of George, implies that Jason was an MP for Lyme (no Jason Hassard is mentioned as an MP by HoP) and went to Ireland at the same time as George. However, BFR suggests that that George "went to Ireland about 1600") whilst the Jason mentioned by BLG1858 was born in 1617. We show that Jason ## just below ##.
  (3) George Hassard (to Ireland c1600, Captain, 4th son)
  (A) Jason Hassard of Mullymeskar, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (d by 10.1692)
  (1) We presume that this is the Jason, born c1617, shown by BLG1858 ## just above ##.
(2) BFR reports that Jason "left Mullymeskar to his nephew Jason. He left a son Richard, who was ancestor of the Hassards, of Garden Hill and Waterford."
  (i) Richard Hassard of Gardenhill & Toam (b 1671)
BFR does not follow this Richard's line. We presume that this was the Richard shown by BLG1858 as married to ...
  m. (1706) Mary Enery (dau of John Enery of Ballyconnel)
  (a) Richard Hassard of Gardenhill & Toam (b 1709)
  m. Jane Little (dau of James Little of co. Fermanagh)
  ((1)) Jason Hassard of Gardenhill (b 1734, d c1812)
  m. (1777) Anne Montgomery (dau of Alexander Montgomery of Clontarf)
  ((A)) Richard Hassard of Gardenhill (b 1778, d unm, Captain)
  ((B)) Jason Hassard of Gardenhill (b 1780, d unm)
  ((C)) William Hassard of Gardenhill (b 1781, d unm 13.11.1847)
  ((D)) Alexander Hassard (d 09.1845, captain) had issue
  m. (1836) Elizabeth Bolton Hassard (dau of Jason Hassard)
  ((E)) John Hassard of Bawnboy House, Sheriff of co. Cavan (d 1830) had issue
  m. (1818) Charlotte Deey (dau of Robert Deey of Ravensdale & Dublin)
  ((F)) Francis Hassard of Rockwood, co. Cavan
  ((G)) Mary Hassard
  m. (1819) Rev. Henry Cottingham of Holywell
  ((H)) Anne Frances Hassard
  m. William Deey of St. Marks
  ((2)) John Hassard of Toam (b 1736) 
  The following is supported by BLG1858 ('Hassard of Waterford') which starts with John, 2nd son of Richard of Gardenhill & Toam.
  m1. (1767) Elizabeth Bolton (dau of Cornelius Bolton of Ballycanvan)
  ((A)) Richard Hassard (b 1768) had issue
  m. (1812) Frances Marguerette Dobbyn (dau of Michael Dobbyn of Waterford)
  ((B))+ other issue - Jane, Elizabeth (d unm)
  m2. (1778) Samuella Barker (dau/coheir of Samuel Barker of Waterford)
  ((D)) Sir Francis John Hassard (b 1780, d 1822, recorder of Waterford) had issue
  m. (1816) Anne Hudson (dau of Charles Hudson of Stackenny, widow of James Johnston of Carrickbreda)
  ((E)) John Hassard (b 1782, d unm 1825, captain)
  ((F)) Jason Hassard (b 1785, d 1842, captain) had issue
m. Eliza Marshall (dau of Hugh Marshall of Waterford)
  ((G)) William Henry Hassard (b 1799, recorder of Waterford) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (1828) Catherine Jane Hewson (dau of John Hewson, widow of Vapt. Roger Sheely)
  ((H)) Samia Hassard
  m. James Burkett (MP)
  ((3)) William Hassard
  ((4)) Catharine Hassard (d 1782)
  m. (1771) Alexander Young
  ((5)) Anne Hassard
  m. Thomas Stewart of Enniskillen (MD)
  ((6)) Frances Hassard
  m. Beresford Burston (KC)
  (ii) John Hassard had issue
  BLG1858 shows a John (son of Jason & younger brother of Richard) in this generation, being "the supposed ancestor of the family of the late Major-General Hassard, of the Royal Engineers".
  (B) William Hassard (d c1665) whose line is followed by BFR
  (i) Jason Hassard of Skea & Mullymeskar, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (d c1722, Captain)
m. Catherine Acheson of Armagh
  (a) Jason Hassard of Skea & Levaghy, last of Mullymeskar (d 1772)
  The following is supported by BLG1858 ('Hassard of Skea') which starts with this Jason ("a descendant of Capt. Jason Hassard).
  m. Anne Johnston (dau of Colonel _ Johnston)
  ((1)) Robert Hassard of Skea & Levaghy (b c1728, d 1802)
  m. (22.03.1765) Jane Nixon (dau of George Nixon of Nixon Hall)
  ((A)) Jason Hassard of Levaghy (b 1769, d 09.12.1840)
  m. Elizabeth Murray (dau of Rev. William Murray of Dungannon)
  ((i)) Robert Hassard of Desertcreat (d 10.07.1875) had issue
  m. (14.11.1828) Frances Forster (d 28.11.1872, dau of William Forster of Ballynure)
  ((B)) George Hassard of Skea, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (b 05.1775, d 10.08.1847) had issue
  m. (1799) Jane Maguire (d 03.1846)
((C)) Catherine Hassard (d 17.121839)
  m. Gerard Irvine of Killadeas (Captain)
  ((D)) Rose Hassard
  m. (05.1798) Richard Adkins
  ((E))+ other issue - Robert (b 1780, d 1798), Anne, Letitia (d 24.06.1862)
((2)) Anne Hassard
  m. (04.12.1772) Hugh Rosborough of Mullinagoan d 1809, (son of John of co. Fermahahm)
  ((A)) Rose Rosbotough (b 1778)
  m. (14.05.1799) Henry Swanzy of Rockfield or Avelreagh
  ((3)) Rose Hassard
  m. Andrew Johnston of Littlemount, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh
  ((A)) Margaret Johnston (d 15.10.1824)
m. (21.03.1809) Rev. Alexander Johnston Montgomery of Beaulieu
  ((4)) Nicolina Hassard (d 01.1821)
  (b) Alice Hassard
  m. Robert Crawford of Oakley Park
  (C) Robert Hassard shown by BFR as father of ...
  (i) Robert Hassard of Mount Hassard, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (a 1719, Captain)
  m. Anne King (dau of Rev. Thomas King of Swords, m2. Robert King of Drewstown)
  (a) John Hassard
(4)+ other issue - Samuel, Matthew


Robert Hassard (b 1553?)
  This is possibly the Robert of Lyme Regis (b 1553 in title but 1531 in text, d 07.12.1627, Mayor & MP) shown by HoP as father of 1 son 2 daughters by Thomasine, dau of John Parrot. That seems to be confusion with his father.


Richard Hassard


Susan Hassard
  m. _ Hardye
  ii. Amys Hassard
  m. Richard Tygin
  iii.+ other issue - William, Nicholas, George, Alice, Joan
  D. Anne Hassard
  m. (1525) Robert Yonge of Collyton (son of John of Axminster)
2.+ other issue - John of Winchester, Radulphus (vicar of Portisham)

Main source(s): BFR (Hassard', p300+), BLG1858 ('Hassard of Gardenhill') with input/suppoert as reported above
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