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Families covered: Swanzy of Avelreagh

(1) BFR reports that "The name of this family has been variously spelt, Swansey, Swaney and Swanzy" but uses the latter spelling throughout. Visitation (St. George, Lancashire, 1613, 'Chorley') shows several generations of a family called Swansey but we have yet to find a connection to it in our database and so do not (yet) include it. We hope to in due course.
(2) BFR, which identifies the arms of this family as "Gu. a fess arg. and in chief a unicorn couran or", starts with 2 brothers, whom we show as sons of ...
?? Swanzy
1. Henry Swanzy of Avelreagh, Clontibret, co. Monaghan (b 1666, d 07.08.1742)
BFR identifies Henry as "The earliest ancestor to go to Ireland".
  m. Elizabeth (d 14.11.1744)
  A. Janes Swanzy of Avelreagh, Celaghy & Ballinahonboy (d 18.06.1784)
  m. Mary (widow of _ Johnson of Killaneal)
  i. Henry Swanzy of Avelreagh & Harrymount (b 1744, d 25.03.1792)
  m. (c1765) Anne Nixon (b c1737, d 04.02.1822, dau of Rev. Andrew Nixon of Nixon Lodge)
  a. Adam Swanzy
  m. (c07.1785) Rebecca Walker of co. Cork
  (1) Mary Jane Swanzy
m1. William Glenny (d 23.12.1818)
  m2. (01.01.1821) John Boyd
  b. James Swanzy, Governor of Annamaboe (b 1767, d 23.02.1823)
  m1. Anne Biddall (d 14.09.1807, dau/heir of Thomas Biddall of Hoxton)
  (1) Thomas Biddall Swanzy of Newry (b 09.1797, d 31.01.1836) had issue
  m. (14.01.21825) Anne Erskine (d 12.02.1885, dau of Rev. Josiah Erskine of Knockbride, cousin)
  (2) Elizabeth Swanzy (d 21.11.1884)
  m. (08.08.1838) Hugh Swanzy of Connaberry House (cousin) @1@ below
  (3)+ other issue - Henry (b c11800, d unm, RN), James (d 20.09.1842, Governor of the Gold Coast), John (d 11.07.1824), Anne (d unm 01.03.1870)
  m2. ??
  (7) Francis Swanzy (b 1816, dsp, Commandant in the Gold Coast)
  m. Catherine Dawson (dau of Joseph Dawson, Governor of Cape Coast, widow of Robert Jackson)
  (8) Andrew Swanzy of Sevenoaks, Kent (b 21.12.1817, d 03.02.1880) had issue
  m. (15.08.1850) Emma Jones (dau of William Jones)
  (9) Amelia Swanzy
  m1. _ Armstrong (Major)
  m2. Edward Collett Homersham
  (10) Mary Anne Swanzy
  c. Andrew Swanzy of Millmount (Carrickaderry), co. Monaghan (b 1770, d 27.03.1862, captain)
  m. Elizabeth Drope (d 07.01.1857)
  (1) John Swanzy (2nd son)
  m. (05.01.1824) Anne Hamilton (niece of William Hamilton of Castle Blayney)
  (2) James Swanzy (b 16.12.1807, d 22.06.1865, MD) had issue in America
m. (13.06.1835) Catherine Milling (dau of John Milling)
  (3) Elizabeth Swanzy (d 07.04.1861)
  m1. (23.11.1826) Rev. Isaac Wood Slemmon (d 23.12.1831)
  m2. (08.12.1835) Humphrey Jones of Carrickaderry (d 11.05.1869)
  (4)+ othe issue - Henry (b 1799, dsp), Margaret Jane, others (d infant)
  d. Henry Swanzy of Avelreagh (or Rockfield) & Mullinagoan (b 1774, d 14.03.1843)
  m. (14.05.1799) Rose Rosborough d 20.03.1856, dau/heir of Hugh Rosborough of Mullinagoan by Anne, dau of Jason Hassard of Skea)
  (1) Henry Swanzy of Avelreagh & Newberry House in co. Cork (b 06.04.1803, d 20.02.1887, canon of Subulter, rector of Kilshanning, rural dean) had issue
  m. (21.07.1835) Elizabeth Green (b c1808, d 21.09.1895, dau of Edward Green of Nelson Hill by Alice, dau of John Allin of Youghal by Susan, dau of John Lander by Alice, dau of James Pratt of Carricknashinny & aunt of Lt. General Sir Charles Pratt & General John Pratt))
  (2) Hugh Rosborough Swanzy of Connaberry House, Castle Blayney (b 20.06.1806, d 02.08.1889) had issue
  m. (08.08.1838) Elizabeth Swanzy (d 21.11.1884, dau of Governor James Swanzy, cousin) @1@ above
  (3) John Swanzy of Dublin (d 16.05.1881) had issue
  m. (28.09.1841) Margaret Frances Mills (d 14.02.1891, dau of Francis Mills, son of Rev. Richard of Annaclone)
  (4) Elizabeth Irwin Swanzy
  m. (09.02.1837) Isaac Butt (QC, MP, son of Rev. Robert of Stranorlar (by Berkeley, dau of Rev. R. Cox) son of Isaac of Adare)
  (5) Margaret Jane Swanzy (d 18.07.1874)
  m. (04.09.1845) John Evans Lewis (rector of Ardmore, son of William by _ Evans of Mount Evans, cousin of Lord Carbery)
  (6)+ other issue - Anna (b c1801, d 30.03.1889), Rosa (b c1812, d 03.02.1829), Maria
  e Elizabeth Swanzy
  m1. (11.1785) Daniel Simpson
  m2. (28.07.1812) William Robinson
  f Marianne Swanzy (d 05.07.1852)
  m. (1799) Josiah Erskine (d 01.02.1819, rector of Knockbridge)
  g Margaret Swanzy (d 05.1834)
  m. Joseph Mather of Maytone (son of William of Twyford by dau of Josiah Holmes of Twyford by dau of _ Kirkman of Ingress Park)
  h. Anne Swanzy (d 22.03.1845)
  m. John Wilson (d 06.04.1828)
i+ other issue (d unm) - John (d 22.10.1807, Governor of Accra), Francis Lucas (d 19.09.1823)
  ii. Elizabeth Swanzy (d 07.01.1808)
  m. _ Irwin
  a. Margaret Irwin
  m. Richard Jackson, Sheriff of co. Monaghan (a 1826)
  iii. Rose Swanzy (b 1732, d 16.01.1814)
  m. William Swanzy (cousin) @2@ below
  iv. Sarah Swanzy (b 1736, d 20.05.1817))
  m. Robert Boyd
  v. Mary Swanzy
  m. Alexander Henry
2. Wildman Swanzy
  Wildman's line is not shown as other than to note that from him descended Samuel, shown below as grandson of Samuel of Bellagh. We assume that Wildman was father (rather than grandfather) of ...
  A. Samuel Swanzy of Bellagh, co. Monaghan (d before 19.1754)
  i. ?? Swanzy
  a. Samuel Swanzy
  (1) Samuel Swanzy (d 15.09.1859, clerk of the Crown, co. Cavan) had issue
  m. (15.08.1815) Anne Maria Young (dau of Rev. James Young of Baillieborough by Jane, dau of Patrick Smyth)
  (2) Rose Anne Swanzy
m. _ Veitch (major)
  (3)+ other issue - John (a 11.1796), Margaret (b 1794), Elizabeth (b 1796)
  B. ?? Swanzy could have been Samuel?
  i. William Swanzy
  m. Rose Swanzy (b 1732, d 16.01.1814, cousin) @2@ above
  a. ?? Swanzy
  (1) Maryanne Swanzy
  m. (10.1801) Thomas White of White Hall

Main source(s): BFR ('Swanzy', p569+)
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